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 & Healthy 2018 to all of you!
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New Children's Book from a Mother of a VT Patient
Just in time for the holidays! The mother of a vision therapy patient in Malaysia wrote this great book, in English, about her son’s experience gaining 3D vision and doing vision therapy (before and after). It is simple and easy to understand, as it is written for children. Here is a sample:
"THE FAN IS FALLING!! THE FAN IS FALLING!!" screams Caleb early one morning. Join this little boy as he unlocks a new super power that inevitably plunges him into the enchanting 3rd Dimension.
In the US, Amazon will deliver the book before Christmas. Click below to read more and to buy the book.
 There is no Age Limit - Vision Therapy is for People of All Ages
In addition to working with children, we also have helped a lot of adults who struggled their whole lives with reading, learning, sports performance and a variety of other issues relating to undiagnosed eye coordination and eye movement disorders. Whether you have had a head injury, stroke or have always struggled with reading or driving, have an eye turn or lazy eye WE CAN HELP. 
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