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   2017 TAX REFORM
With the recent passing of the massive" Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,"  there is much concern regarding last-minute actions to be taken by taxpayers.  For most of you, our recent newsletter's tips are still the best advice we can offer at this time.  The easiest deductions for 2017 are (1) making charitable donations, and (2) paying outstanding tax return preparation bills due to us - as long as your check is postmarked by December 30 (our office is closed December 29 and January 1).

Remember that most of the changes will go into effect next year, affecting your 2018 tax returns.  Regarding state and property tax paymentspre-paying for 2018 is deductible on your 2017 returns only if the  tax has already been assessed.  Most states have not yet prepared any 2018 tax assessments or bills. Read more from this IRS Special Edition.

Unfortunately, the law is so new and so complex that we cannot make other general recommendations at this time. For those of you with more complicated tax situations, you may want to read this  client letter regarding year-end moves to reduce tax liability next year.  

 Visit our website for more Tax Tips under the Tools tab!

: Please make sure we have your current email address and other contact information before the end of the year, and remember to change your Client Portal email if necessary (we prefer that it's the same as your contact email)

That will help us a lot when sending your Tax Organizers - thank you!
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  • Attackers have been targeting WordPress sites using Captcha (version 4.3.7) and brute-force tools to install ransomware
  • A UK man pleaded guilty to stealing user credentials from Uber, Groupon, T-Mobile and other websites 
  • Now that people are catching on to phishing emails, scammers are using text messages - when in doubt, delete!
  • Medicare card scam - new cards will be issued in April 2018 without social security numbers on them, but Medicare will never call you to verify your number or ask for payment (the cards are free)

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