April 2016
Financial Tip of the Month : File your taxes on time! While this might sound simple, sometimes life gets in the way and we can't seem to get all our documents together.  No matter what, file on time, especially if you owe money.  Penalties start at 5% of what you owe, and go up from there.  If you have filed late numerous years, then the penalty can be double!  On top of this, you are charged interest.  So, don't mess with CRA.
Need an accountant to help. I work with many and I'm happy to refer to one that is a good fit for you.

What's Your Credit Rating?
 It's worth knowing.

Good credit is critical in getting the best rates for mortgages and lines of credit, and also for getting access to credit.  With the new rules for mortgage approvals, financial prudence is key, especially for entrepreneurs. To read more about this, I suggest you sign up for Heather Keeling's newsletter- great credit and home buyer's tips.  For information on getting approved, here's a recent article- The Mortgage- Start With Proof of Your Income 

Thank you for taking the time to vote.  
I'm honoured to have been awarded 
Richmond Hill Liberal "Reader's Choice" Award
"Best Financial Advisor"

 As well, I have earned a place on Assante Wealth Management's "Chairman's Council", which recognizes the top financial advisors across Canada for their service and business achievements in the past year.  Thanks for the confidence you have placed in me and my team.    

Events to Attend in April

As you know I'm a big supporter of our community, and I'm thrilled to be a sponsor for the following event.  I invite you to come out and join us.

April 28th:  Avante High Notes Gala in support of Mental Health .  This special evening features classical music, poetry and stories to promote awareness and discussion about this difficult subject. For tickets, click here 

Cash Flow Planning

What do you want?  What is your focus?

Whether it is retiring 5 years earlier or buying a new car, cash flow planning can help you get there. Check out this link on RogersTV on the importance of cash flow planning especially in times of volatile markets. (Video)

Federal Budget

Quote of the Month:
"The promises of yesterday are the taxes of today.
William Lyon Mackenzie King.
This feels very true after the last Federal Budget.  For information on that budget .. 

New OAS mandates?

Taking OAS eligibility back to age 65 makes Canada the odd one out when it comes to global pensions. Continue Reading

In this podcast, Robert Swanson, Principal and Chief Market Strategist at Cambridge Global Asset Management discusses events during the first quarter of 2016, improving currency and equity markets and a decrease in oil inventory. Listen  

Portfolio Construction: Is our investment process still working?   Continue Reading 


Last Chance for Taxes
Tax Help Needed?
Check out our tax organizers to keep you on track.
If you need an accountant, give me a call, I can refer accountants to you, as we hear what works from all our clients.  Happy to help!
If you do your own taxes, you can use the TurboTax program available through our website link here to save 20% on TurboTax.
Tax Receipts:
All tax receipts are now mailed.   If you suspect you are missing any receipts, please let us know as we can usually provide a copy to you very promptly.
Favourite Website or Newsletter: 
Listen in on Wednesday, May 4th at 2 p.m. ET for second quarter webcast of Wealth Matters featuring:
  • Changing tax benefits of Life Insurance
  • Growth potential for international equity markets
I can't say enough about the exceptional support the entire team provides and the wealth of information which is always available to keep me in the 'know'- Linda Klym
We thank Linda for her testimonial and we promise to continue providing service and support that you expect.

Janine Purves, CFP, CPCA
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