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Its that time of year where the rest of us have finally launched our boats for the long awaited SAILING SEASON ! Geez, it feels good to finally be out on the water again. On the other hand, for some of our friends, the sailing season is ending. They are heading North after having a glorious winter in F L A. Here is a little report on their last sail before putting the boats away.
Last Fun Sail of the Season
In this post season activity in April, as many of our fleet 6 members have put their boats away and headed North for the summer, 27 of our members took six Harbor 20s on a cruise/race for lunch. They gathered at the channel exit from the Isles Yacht Club and raced across the Peace River in Charlotte Harbor to have a luncheon at the Charlotte Harbor YC. It was a picture perfect day.


Northern Sailing
Beckons All SUMMER !
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