Major changes are being proposed by Commissioner Rodney Ellis to the Commissioner Precinct boundaries. Here's what you should know:
If Ellis's proposal passes, Precinct 3 would be forced to lose:
  • 500,000 current constituents
  • Approximately 50% of roads, bridges, and drainage maintenance responsibilities
  • 29 parks and 5 community centers
How Ellis's proposal impacts Harris County as a whole:
  • Will disrupt more than 25% of the County's population in terms of services due to the transition
  • The unincorporated area (the source of growth for Harris County) will be underserved
  • During a storm event, it was be impossible to respond effectively to communities 60 miles apart (distance from Baytown to Katy)
  • Voter demographic unfairly represented
  • Hundreds of County Employees could be displaced or potentially let go
  • The votes and influence of Barrett Station, a historic minority neighborhood, will be marginalized
My proposal:
  • Causes minimal disruption to the County and the services we offer
  • Meets the population requirements and standards of Precinct 3
  • Keeps communities together
  • Allows for fair voter representation across the County
Important Note:
There are two other proposals also on the table. One is titled Jara Demonstration Map and the other Enright Demonstration Map. Both of these proposals are problematic because they pose similar issues to Ellis's plan.
County Commissioner Offices are primarily responsible for the public roads, bridges, parks, and community centers that are not within city jurisdictions. (Areas not within city jurisdictions are referred to as "unincorporated.")

In order to do work outside of county-maintained areas, Commissioners' Offices partner with local cities, HOAs, MUDs, schools, and other entities. There is a formal agreement and contribution from all parties involved.

If Ellis's plan passes, the majority of unincorporated Harris County will be the responsibility of Precinct 4.
Although they would bear the majority of the maintenance, funding will be limited, which means infrastructure maintenance and programs will suffer, and voices will not be heard.

If one precinct fails, the entire county fails.

It looks like there are plans to approve a map as early as the end of the month. I urge you to come in person to the public hearing and let your voice be heard. Below are the details:

Thursday, October 21 at 4 PM
1001 Preston St. 9th Floor
Houston, TX 77002

To participate, click here to sign-up. Keep in mind, if there are more than 25 speakers signed up, you'll only have one minute to make your case.

You can share your opinion by calling my office at 713-755-6306 or emailing You can also call your county elected officials below:

County Judge Lina Hidalgo: 713-274-7000
Precinct 1 Commissioner Rodney Ellis: 713-991-6881
Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia: 713-274-2222
Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cagle: 713-755-6444

For more information on the redistricting, as well as the proposals, click here.

Now is the time to act.

-Commissioner Tom S. Ramsey, P.E.