Only Two More WAVR-21 Trainings in 2023

Upcoming Offerings
WAVR-21 Training with Dr. Stephen White
Advanced Threat Assessment & Management with Dr. Reid Meloy

Introduction to Assessing and Managing Workplace and
Campus Violence Risk with the WAVR-21 V3
Conducted by Dr. Stephen White
September 6th & 7th: Portland, Oregon
New case material presented for the first time
Violent Extremism in Organizational Settings 
Presented by Dr. Phil Saragoza
A 1.5 hour virtual presentation

Available both in-person and virtually
Discounts for "TAP" members and law enforcement
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For all trainings, attendees are strongly encouraged to purchase a copy of the WAVR-21 manual and the accompanying forms before the workshop if not already in possession of them. They are available through the publisher, Specialized Training Services:

This introductory course conducted by Dr. White, co-developer of the WAVR-21 with Dr. Reid Meloy, is now expanded to one and a half days, allowing more time for in-depth case studies. After summarizing the rationale and scientific basis for the WAVR, the focus of the training will be the application of the instrument in dynamic assessment contexts common to workplaces and campuses. Pursuing case data in silos and integrating it with professional or clinical judgment will be demonstrated, and how this process informs the challenging case management decisions faced by threat assessors. More.
A 3-day Event in Wisconsin
Hosted by Specialized Training Services and American Family Insurance

October 3rd: WAVR-21 Training with Dr. Stephen White
October 4th & 5th: Advanced Threat Assessment & Management with Dr. Reid Meloy

To register, contact the host: Specialized Training Services. 
Register for October 3rd only, October 4th and 5th only, or for all three days, in-person or virtually.
Discounted early bird registration expired on July 15th, but other discounts apply. 

Click Here to learn more about Assessing Threats and Violence Risk on Campus, in the Workplace & Community with the WAVR-21

Click Here to learn more about Advanced Threat Assessment and Threat Management: Front Line Defense for Evolving Threats.

Please place your order for the WAVR-21 Manual, which comes with 5 coding packets, prior to September 15th to ensure timely receipt. Orders placed later may require priority shipping.

The in-person trainings will be held at the American Family Insurance Headquarters, located at 6000 American Parkway Madison, WI 58783.

5% discount code for active law enforcement and active members of ASIS, ATAP, or international TAP organizations: AmFam5
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