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Walk for a Cause
Looking to challenge yourself by taking your daily walking or running routine to the next level? Learn how by signing up for the TeamQuest Nessy Step Challenge at IDA's 2017 Annual Conference. Join us so together we can help the more than 10 million school-aged children and adults struggling with dyslexia. Sign up with TeamQuest and the Stridekick step app today!

Get READy for Halloween
Halloween is creeping up on all of us... Join in the spooky decoration fun!  Host a "Best Carved Pumpkin" contest at work as a 50/50 fundraiser. Coworkers must donate $10 per pumpkin to enter the contest. The winner will receive 50% of the funds raised and the remaining 50% will go to educator training, information, and support services. Be creative and make your pumpkin as spooky as possible so you can showcase it around the workplace!


Stay Healthy

Eating a variety of low-calorie, low-fat foods will provide you with essential nutrients for wellness, growth, and disease prevention. Keep your body strong and healthy for race day by getting daily nutrients such as calcium, folate, and iron. 

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