Wednesday, June 7, 2017
Annual Student Exhibition 2017 Closes This Weekend

The End of Year Show is a tradition at The Cooper Union that is not only a record of the year's production, but also a creative act in itself. Each year, the faculty and student body self-organize to bring the various stages of their pedagogies to the public. The drawings and models exhibited become an extension of the speculations that mark the intellectual work of the semester.

The Cooper Union Foundation Building, 7 East 7th Street, and 41 Cooper Square.

Exhibition Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday, 12 - 7 p.m. 
Closed Sundays and Mondays

Free and open to the public.

Jan Palach Memorial: Extended through July 23

Through an exhibition and an installation, The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture proudly celebrates the work of 1950 Cooper Union graduate, architect and Dean Emeritus, John Q. Hejduk.

The exhibition  Hélène Binet - John Hejduk Works will present seven of Hejduk's built works as photographed by Hélène Binet, a renowned London-based photographer who was Hejduk's photographer of record. Binet's photographs of both permanent and temporary structures will be presented, including the Berlin Tower, Wall House 2, The Collapse of Time, Security and Object/Subject. The exhibition will also include a chronology of the numerous realizations of Hejduk's design for the Jan Palach Memorial, which was permanently installed in Prague in 2016. Comprised of two structures - House of the Suicide and House of the Mother of the Suicide - this work honors the Czech activist and dissident Jan Palach, whose self-immolation in protest of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 served as a galvanizing force against the communist government then in power.

As a companion to the interior installation, the School of Architecture will install  the  Jan Palach Memorial on the plaza outside The Cooper Union's Foundation Building. These structures, first constructed at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta in 1990, represent an architectural manifestation of a powerful socio-political act, the ultimate personal sacrifice at a critical moment in the ongoing global struggle for individual freedom against autocracy and centralized control.

This exhibition is free and open to the public. 

Image:  Jan Palach Memorial. Atlanta, 1990. Photo by  Hélène Binet.

Nader Tehrani, Current Work: Schools of Thought

In addition to his role as Dean of The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture, Nader Tehrani is the principal of  NADAAA, a practice he founded in 2011 with Katherine Faulkner and Daniel Gallagher. The firm grew out of Office dA, a practice he formed in 1986 with Rodolphe El Khoury, which later expanded to include Monica Ponce de Leon in 1991. With offices in New York and Boston, NADAAA is dedicated to "the advancement of design innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and an intensive dialogue with the construction industry."

He organizes his lecture around three projects for schools of design: the  Hinman Research Building at the Georgia Institute of Technology, the  Melbourne School of Design at the University of Melbourne, and the  Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto. These projects explore the relationship of these buildings to spaces of scholarship, making, and the accidents that happen in between these moments and, "some kind of reciprocity between the institutions we [as architects] try to cultivate, and the spaces they foster."

The lecture is followed by a discussion with Florian Idenburg, a founding partner of  SO-IL and Associate Professor in Practice of Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

This lecture took place in the Great Hall of The Cooper Union on April 5, 2017. You may watch it here


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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS | Van Alen Institute: Gateways to Chinatown is a design competition in collaboration with The New York City Department of Transportation, and Chinatown Partnership seeking innovative proposals to plan, design, and construct an iconic contemporary neighborhood marker at the nexus of Manhattan's Chinatown and the southern entrance to Little Italy's historic Mott Street. Deadline: June 19, 2017. Learn More...

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS | The Plan Journal Vol. 2, Issue 2: Resilient Edges is collecting proposals including investigations, strategies and designs for the ecological resilience of coastal and delta areas around the world. Deadline: June 19, 2017. Learn More...

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS | What's Your Sign?: Retail Architecture and the History of Signage The University of Iowa Museum of Art seeks proposals for papers considering the history of retail architecture signage for its upcoming symposium taking place on September 9. Send abstracts of up to 300 words for 20 minute papers with a CV to Vero Rose Smith at veronica-smith@uiowa.edu. Deadline: July 1, 2017. 

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RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP | M+ / Design Trust Research Fellowship Program supports an original research project investigating issues relating to design and architecture in the Greater Pearl River Delta region, and between the region and other parts of the world. In addition to expanding the current body of knowledge in these areas, the findings from the fellowship will inform future acquisitions and other programs at M+. Deadline: July 24, 2017. Learn More...

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS | The Journal of Technology, Architecture and Design (TAD): Open represents inclusion exploration and open-mindedness. For this issue, TAD seeks original research from scholars, practitioners, architects, scientists, and engineers who engage with technology, architecture, and design. Manuscripts are to demonstrate a connection, translation, or integration between technology and design. Deadline: August 1, 2017. Learn More...

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FELLOWSHIP OPPORTUNITY | Storefront for Art and Architecture seeks an individual for a one-year fully funded fellowship position to research and develop a global project related to architecture, design, and technology. The Program and Strategy Fellow will primarily support Architecture Conflicts, a high priority project of Storefront.    Learn More...

NADAAA (Nader Tehrani, Arch dean/fac, principal) | Article | "Residential Interiors Entry 2017: Rock Creek House," WIN Awards 2017

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| Lecture | Public and Private in the Platonic polis: Utopian space from  Filarete to the Occupy Movement, Institute of Czech Literature, June 6, 2017, Prague, Czech Republic

Diana Agrest, Arch fac | Article | "Filme Sobre Instituto Americano de Arquitetura Terá Sessões Gratuitas em SP," Casa Vogue, Brazil, June 4, 2017 | Article | "Convite | The Making of an Avant-Garde: The Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies 1967-1984," Arq. Futuro, May 29, 2017 | Article | "Arq. Futuro e FAU-USP Exibem Gratuitamente Filme Sobre o The Instutite for Architecture and Urban Studies (IAUS)," Made, June 5, 2017 | Article | "Arq. Futuro e FAU-USP exibem filme sobre IAUS," Archdaily.com.br, May 31, 2017

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Alexander Gorlin, AR '78  | Article | "Names in the News," eOCULUS, May 31, 2017

Shigeru Ban, AR '84 | Article | "Record Houses," ARCHITECTURAL RECORD, June 1, 2017

Martin Finio, AR '88 | Speaker | "Renovating the KMAC Museum: Translating Programmatic Ambition into Architectural Form," 2017 MAAM Building Museums Symposium, February 24-26, Washington, D.C. | Article | "2017 American Architecture Award Winners Announced," Arch Daily, 18 April, 2017 | Award | 2016 American Architecture Award, KMAC Museum Renovation, Louisville Kentucky


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