We're up against it! This is the final weekend to order products from our online store if you want to get them in time for Christmas!

Do you want some original art? Well, we've got a VERY limited supply of work you can purchase right now! Plus, we talk about holiday modules, our new shipping boxes, Stefan Poag's The Yellow Sign, and the release of a new module on Fantasy Grounds. Not to mention (which we're doing) a recap of PAX Unplugged, an Adventure in Fiction about Leigh Brackett, news on the Goodman Games forums, and a notice about submitting events for Gen Con 2020.

For newsletter subscribers, we've also got a few exclusives you can check out: The Forgotten Treasure of Metamorphosis Alpha, the new Starship Warden Kickstarter, news about a Michael Moorcock interview, and a sneak peek at The DCC RPG Annual!

Let's get to it!
IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to order at our online store in by December 14th (for USA shipping) to get your package in time for the festive season.
We've put them in one place to make them easy to find!
Are you looking for the perfect gift for your dungeon master or the perfect module to play with your gaming group over the holiday season? Well, we have the solution for that! Here at Goodman Games, we have a whole page dedicated to  Holiday modules .

We have everything from the brand new DCC Lankhmar #10: Unholy Nights in Lankhmar Mutant Crawl Classics  ( Home for the Holideath ),  X-Crawl  ( New Year’s Evil ),  DCC  ( Advent of the Avalanche Lords  &  Trials of the Toy Makers ), and the third-party release  World-Quest of the Winter Calendar .

So whatever  horrible tortures  glorious gifts you would like to lay upon your players we have you covered.
The latest online adventure is a horror-filled funnel!
If you use Fantasy Grounds, we’ve put Creep in your hands. More specifically, we’ve put  Creep, Skrag, Creep  into your online game.

Creep, Skrag, Creep  is now available on Fantasy Grounds! One of the newest  Dungeon Crawl Classics  adventures,  Creep, Skrag, Creep  is a great adventure to keep your Fantasy Grounds game going strong.

Here’s what  DCC Horror #5: Creep, Skrag, Creep!  offers:

A level 0 funnel adventure for  DCC RPG .

The ship is adrift and a crew is dead. When the passengers of the Star of Nostro awaken, drugged and bound, and discover the crew is missing, a desperate race for survival begins. The vessel was meant to transport your group of humble villagers to a brighter future. It is now a coffin ship filled with mysterious deaths, dark plots, and a stalking horror that will not stop until it has feasted on every last soul.

Will your characters’ ingenuity be quick enough to find a means to survive, or will you too fall victim to what creeps in the shadows?

The line of  Dungeon Crawl Classics  material on Fantasy Grounds is growing at a steady pace!  Be sure to check all of our material at their site , and you can add  Creep, Skrag, Creep  to your library today!

Creep, Skrag, Creep  is available for Fantasy Grounds on both their home site and through the popular Steam online engine. Take your online game to the next level, and see what  Creep, Skrag, Creep  might have in store!
An illustrated adaptation of a classic tale of the macabre
Stefan Poag’s illustrated horror comic,  The Yellow Sign , is now for sale alongside  The Hobonomicon !

Many of you know about Doug Kovacs’ under-the-radar web site where he sells copies of  The Hobonomicon  and his sketchbook,  The Drain Chamber . Stefan Poag has joined the revolution and you can now buy copies of Stefan’s illustrated horror comic,  The Yellow Sign , on the same site!

Stefan Poag’s illustrated horror comic,  The Yellow Sign , is based on a story by Robert Chambers. While you are there, you can pick up a  Hobonomicon , too! You may have heard references to Carcosa and “The Yellow King” in TV shows like  True Detective . Chambers was the originator of these horror themes in his highly original book of short stories,  The Yellow King , published in 1895. H.P. Lovecraft considered Chamber’s work to be a major inspiration.

Stefan Poag’s illustrated adaptation of  The Yellow Sign  is 16 pages plus cover, digest-sized, and signed by the artist. Stefan Poag regularly contributes illustrations to many of your favorite Goodman Games publications—including the  Dungeon Crawl Classics  line.

Click the button below to head over and grab a copy of Stefan’s latest!
Three-packs of artwork available for a limited time
Late-breaking news! All copies of the Stefan Poag art packs have sold out! We still have a few remaining copies of the Brad McDevitt art pack - but order now, they’re going fast!

Looking for a Christmas gift for that special someone? Give them original art by  Dungeon Crawl Classics  artists Brad McDevitt and Stefan Poag! For a limited time, both of these experienced artists are offering three-packs of original interior illustrations for only $25!

Both Stefan and Brad have been working on the  DCC  line for many years, with their works appearing in dozens (possibly hundreds) of Goodman Games titles. For the dedicated gamer—or your tireless judge—original art makes a unique and special gift.

As you may know, Goodman Games is committed not just to classic gaming, but also to classic art techniques. All art in the  DCC  line leaves behind a physical artifact—there is “actual original art” on which the image is based. We don’t publish digital “ghost art” in the  DCC  line. What this means for you is that you have the chance to buy this original art.

As a limited-time offer, Brad and Stefan have selected sets of original art three-packs that are value-priced at only $25. Each pack has three pieces of original art, ranging from 1/8 to 1/4 page pieces. These are black and white images, mostly inkwork with some brushwork. All of them are published images, mostly from the  Dungeon Crawl Classics  line, with some from  Original Adventures Reincarnated  or other lines we publish.

For $25 you will get three pieces of original art by Brad or Stefan, all of them from published works and at least one from a published  DCC  product by Goodman Games!

We have a fixed number of these packs prepared. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!
Head on over and pick up your original  DCC Three-Pack by Stefan Poag  or  DCC Three-Pack by Brad McDevitt  today!
Get your orders shipped in style
If you’ve ordered something from our online store over the last few months, you already know this secret—but if you haven’t, we’re letting you in on it!

Any order large enough for a box (which really means orders of hardcovers or “a lot of modules”) now ships out in our custom-printed shipping boxes! Plus of course, we throw in freebies—Goodman Games Gazette or posters or whatever else we have handy!
newsletter exclusive!
A look inside our Annual!
The DCC RPG Annual was year's in the making. Yes, we know how that sounds.

With all of the work that was put into it, we thought you might like to get a peek at the insides of this fabulous volume!

The DCC RPG Annual  was originally conceived as an annual publication that would exist in some form to showcase the brilliance of the  DCC RPG  community. This would be The   DCC RPG Annual , published each year to distribute these gaming creations.

The best of things happened: The   DCC RPG Annual  was never needed. The DCC  community burst forth a verdant jungle of inspiration, with ripe fruit on every limb. Blogs and personal posts; zines; community publications; the Gongfarmer’s Almanac; officially licensed third-party works: there is a vast supply of inspiration from whence the DCC judge can draw and iterate.

Still, we had a wealth of material that needed a home, so  The DCC RPG Annual  became a reality.

Here’s what you’ll find in this hardcover volume:
  • New Magic
  • New Quests and Journeys. Explore the lost continent of Mu!
  • New Judge’s Rules
  • New Magic Items
  • New Monsters
  • And Magical Moustaches. Yes, you read that right—there are rules for moustaches in this book. You know you need it.

Below you will see some of the fantastic artwork that is included inside the book, as well as a few pages of the insides. Click the images and the link, and give it a look!
newsletter exclusive!
An expanded video recap!
Goodman Games just got back from their last convention of the year, PAX Unplugged! It was a fabulous show and we had an amazing time.

Two of our convention crew—Judge Brendan and Pandabrett—recently took to our brand new Twitch channel to give a video recap of the show! So if you want to find out about the items that sold out in a flash or the effects of a 99 point Magic Missle, you will want to watch them give their recap!

Head on over to our brand new Twitch channel today!
newsletter exclusive!
A podcast about the fiction that inspired D&D and how we use it in our gaming today
The folks over at The Appendix N Book Club Podcast have been doing great work for years. And right now they have a great interview that you need to check out.

Michael Moorcock is the last living member of Appendix N. He is also the creator of Elric of Melnibone and many other great characters in the annals of fiction. This month, Moorcock celebrates his 80th birthday, and he took time out to speak with members of the podcast.

Head on over and check out this great interview with a legendary author!
newsletter exclusive!
A new adaptation of Metamorphosis Alpha for the StarSiege RPG
Another week, another new game based on the works of James M. Ward ! This time out, the folks over at Troll Lord Games have put together a new role-playing experience inspired by the classic game, Metamorphosis Alpha .

Here's what they have to say about it:

Your ship, the Goya, has just found the massive Starship Warden. Clattering around the junk and debris of your bridge, you manage to hail the beast of a ship, but receive no answer. You do however, manage to open the starboard forward bay doors. It's time to see who or what controls this massive ship...

The Starship Warden is a sandbox adventure setting written by James M. Ward and Christopher Clark. It is intended for use with the StarSiege RPG , a Siege Engine game, (Free with this Kickstarter). But, if you are loyal to the old MA , don't despair, the Starship Warden is written to allow you to use your original Metamorphis Alpha rules and begin a lifetime worth of play. An interstellar starship, set adrift, with 17 monstrous decks to explore, hordes of creatures and mutants, treasures both fantastic and scientific, it is a world within a ship. A setting like no other.

  • All 17 Fully detailed Decks with all environmental conditions
  • The dome, or 18th level
  • 16 Levels set between the decks
  • Legacy Humans the descendants of the original crew
  • Cryogenically frozen humans
  • Mutated Plants and animals
  • Surviving but evolved species 
  • Robots, Androids and new tech
  • A host of maps (18 deck and dome maps, 16 crawlway maps, and scores of smaller maps
  • Monsters and mutants
  • Weapons and equipment
  • The Crawl-ways

The Starship Warden  is a project long in the works. Originally the Starship appeared in James M. Ward's  Metamorphis Alpha RPG , published in the bygone days of the 1970s. It has seen many iterations since then. Appearing in countless books and pubs, however, it has never been presented fully fleshed out and as its creator, James M. Ward, envisioned it. 

The Starship Warden is already funded and well on its way to every stretch goal originally listed. So head on over to Kickstarter and show your support for them today!
We still have a few copies left in stock of this highly collectible volume !
In light of the new Kickstarter for The Starship Warden , we wanted to re-present the classic version of Metamorphosis Alpha in all its glory!

The tiny speck of the first colonization starship moved sluggishly through the cold depths of space. There was much mankind didn’t know about the stars, and one of those mysterious effects slashed into the starship Warden 300 years ago. Now the ship drifted through the darkness, lost and in trouble. While many intelligences move about its decks, none of them work to help the starship find its way.

Generations later, you are a native on the starship Warden. As a true human, mutant, or robot, you fight to survive, unaware that the radiation-saturated world around you is in fact a starship, one of mankind’s greatest achievements. Can you uncover the secrets of the starship Warden and steer it back on course, or will you simply try to live another day?

The very first sci-fi RPG returns in a deluxe oversized hardcover featuring the original 1976 rules plus loads of extras and new material! This is a 136-page compilation of the original 1976 edition of Metamorphosis Alpha , plus the supporting articles from Dragon magazine, introductions by Tim Kask and Jon Peterson, all-new monsters and NPCs by James M. Ward, and new adventure modules by James M. Ward, Michael Curtis, and Jobe Bittman. It features the very first publication ever of Mr. Ward’s original playtest notes for the 1976 edition of the world’s most first science fiction RPG!

The Deluxe Collector’s Edition includes:
  • Oversized hardcover printed at 10.5″ x 14″.
  • Easier-to-read enlarged original MA reprinting.
  • 136 pages of content.
  • Jim Ward’s original playtest notes.
  • “Coming of Age” adventure.
  • Expanded encounter tables.
  • Appendix N section.

This hardcover is available in limited supplies. If you are wanting to see James M. Ward's original classic, this is the best time ever to check it out while we still have it in stock!
We are coming to the close of 2019, which means that it is time to look forward towards 2020…and specifically Gen Con!

Events running under the Goodman Games flag should be  submitted directly to us via email . This helps us make sure that everything is submitted using the same standards and keeps the event in the Premiere category. Plus, it makes sure that we are able to promote it properly before the con arrives!

This year, we are specifically looking for kid-friendly games. Not every game has to be kid-friendly, but if you are able to run at least one session that accommodates teenage or younger games, please let us know!

Event submissions are due by February 8, 2020, so if you are planning to run a Goodman Game’s event—whether it be  Dungeon Crawl Classics Mutant Crawl Classics , Xcrawl Metamorphosis Alpha , or any other Goodman product—get us the info! You need to  email us directly  so that we can get you into our system and submit the event under the Goodman Games banner!
The sad truth is that Appendix N is overwhelmingly a boys’ club. Much of the blame can be assigned to the fact that science-fiction and fantasy writers prior to 1960s were by and large white men. It was a tough club for a woman to break into, resulting in many female authors with an interest in writing science-fiction and fantasy to work under either pen names (such as Andre Norton) or their initials (like C.L. Moore). A few managed to find success and publication without obscuring their femininity, proving that gender is meaningless when it comes to writing rollicking good sci-fi and fantasy. Leigh Brackett was one of these women who earned her place in the club without needing to hide her identity.

The future “Queen of the Space Opera” was born on December 7th, 1915 in Los Angeles, CA. By her mid-twenties, Brackett had her first science-fiction stories published in John W. Campbell’s magazine, Astounding Science Fiction . She would bang out a number of science fiction stories for both  Astounding Science Fiction and  Planet Stories magazines, often exploring social issues against a backdrop of interstellar adventures...
Judge Brendan was running games all weekend and had a huge number of players wanting to play in his games. At one point there were 17 people for a single game—and all of them got to play thanks to help from some fellow Judges who stepped in to make it three games instead of one! And on Sunday, he ended up running a non-stop action-fest for nine players at once!

The booth was just as busy! A huge thanks to Chris Doyle who stopped by the show and lent a helping hand with the crowd. Hundreds of fans came through the booth, and cleaned us out of several of our releases, including this year’s holiday adventure,  DCC Lankhmar #10: Unholy Nights in Lankhmar .
For all those wondering: yes, we know the forums are down…but they are not gone! We are working on some back-end website infrastructure to get them back and better than ever!

We hope to have everything resolved soon. In the meantime, thank you for your patience!

We will let you know when the forums are back!
Great new product both online and in stores now!
We’ve got a quartet of releases for the holidays that are almost too good to be true—almost. Including the book that you—as a reader of this weekly email—found out about last week!

All of these releases are now available both online and at your FLGS!

If you’ve been waiting for  OAR #3: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks , we’ve got it. If you have been looking forward to  The Chained Coffin  hardcover edition, it’s out. If you were hoping to one day be able to purchase a copy of the  Egyptian Lich  cover of the  Dungeon Crawl Classics Core Rulebook , we’ve met your holiday wish. And for all the Lankhmar fans, we’ve got this year’s brand-new holiday adventure, set in the City of the Black Toga:  DCC Lankhmar #10: Unholy Nights in Lankhmar .

Let’s take a closer look!
An adventure for levels 8-12

Goodman Games expands its partnership with Wizards of the Coast with the third release in the Original Adventures Reincarnated line!

From a mysterious cave high in the Barrier Peaks, they come: savage raiders of unknown origin laying waste to castle and keep, leaving no survivors. The land is in turmoil and only a band of stalwart heroes dares to launch an expedition into the soaring mountains to stamp out this vile menace. What they discover in those lofty peaks is something beyond their comprehension. A danger spawned from the very stars above.

A crashed starship, buried for centuries beneath the Barrier Peaks, has awoken, and now its alien inhabitants—crazed robots, eerie androids, and even stranger things—endanger the world. The adventurers must confront these threats and navigate the unearthly interior of the wrecked starship, puzzling over and mastering alien technology to defeat their foes. If you’ve ever had the urge to zap an umber hulk with a laser rifle while commanding a robotic servant, this adventure is for you!

This tome is an homage to the original fantasy and science-fiction dungeon expedition that began decades ago with  S3: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks . Herein you will find high-quality scans from multiple printings of the original first edition adventure module, plus commentary by gaming luminaries.

A full fifth edition conversion of the original adventure is included, as well as brand new additional adventure locations and a dungeon level to expand and develop the spaceship and the surrounding environs. This is the perfect framework for a fully playable extended dungeon delve, suitable for taking your fifth edition campaign in out-of-this-world directions, with a distinct old-school vibe.
Our Holiday Module for 2019!

A level 2 holiday adventure set in Lankhmar!

An unnatural night cloaks Lankhmar in perpetual gloom as unknown killers perform ritual murders on its rooftops!

When a specialist in the employ of the party turns up dead, they must investigate the murder to retrieve what is theirs. Unfortunately for them, doing so leads them into the web of a fiendish plot. Vile sorcery strives to resurrect one of the most feared Mingol warlords in Nehwon’s history!

Can the heroes stop this foul rite before it is too late or will unholy night reign forever in the City of the Black Toga?

Officially licensed from the estate of Fritz Leiber.
DCC #83: The Chained Coffin  was originally released way back in 2014. The boxed set proved immensely popular, and not just for the spinning map puzzle. The Appalachian-style fantasy setting of The Shudder Mountains, inspired by the works of Appendix N author Manly Wade Wellman, provides a unique place for your characters to adventure. Michael Curtis did a wonderful job of bringing The Shudder Mountains alive, and several supplemental volumes were published.

Now we are offering a hardcover book that compiles all material from the original  DCC #83: The Chained Coffin  boxed set, including all the stretch goal booklets, as well as much, much more:
  • All content from DCC #83.1: Tales of the Shudder Mountains and DCC #83.2: Death Among the Pines
  • The Shudder Mountain material published in several Gen Con Program Guides
  • Moon Eyes and Fire-Flies, a new adventure set in the Shudder Mountains
  • Buzzard Hollow, a new Shudder Mountains mini-setting
  • Ma Bigginty’s Book of Backwoods Wisdom, a collection of inspiring material that will bring The Shudder Mountains to life in your game

And yes, the hardcover DOES come with the spinning puzzle wheel!

The hardcover edition features new art by fantasy legend Ken Kelly.
As above, save this limited foil edition features cover art by Doug Kovacs.
Return to the glory days of fantasy with the  Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game . Adventure as 1974 intended you to, with modern rules grounded in the origins of sword & sorcery. Fast play, cryptic secrets, and a mysterious past await you: turn the page…

New with the 7th Printing:
  • Free PDF with print purchase
  • Sewn-in satin ribbon bookmark in hardcover edition
  • A new mini-adventure in the back, Yddgrrl’s Maze, which replaces The Abbott of the Woods mini-adventure from the previous printing
  • 24 new pages at the back (bringing total length to 504 pages), which include a DCC photo gallery including photos of our Gen Con tournament winners, 8 pages of quick-reference tables, plot summaries for the DCC module line, and more

This VERY limited edition has previously only been available at shows and to members of the Road Crew! We have now released it to the public at large, but they will NOT last long! Get yours while you can!
Looking for a great game this weekend? Always remember to check out our Events Page! Below is an excerpt of what is available in the next few days, but for the full schedule click on the image!