The "Forty Man" Roster
                                            --Mark Donahue
Hello Last at Bat Fans,
First of all, I want to thank those of you who took the time to extend your get well wishes to me and even give a shout out to those of you who said I was a wuss and should not have let a little kidney stone (doctor said it is 7 mm; I say it's the size of a Buick), stop the show last week in Bellbrook.
I truly wanted to be there but my wife Marsha, Linda Jordan, my son Matt and my Dr. all said I was an idiot for even considering "going on with the show."  Actually what  convinced me to finally acquiesce to common sense was I felt I could not give all of you who were going to be part of the show the attention you needed and deserved while on stage.
As soon as my next procedure is completed on Aug. 20th, I will be in a better position to estimate when we can put on our show which I am betting will be sometime in mid-September. Stay tuned to our web site and Linda's updates for more info.
Even though we were not able to put on our Scripted performance last week, we have nonetheless moved forward in evaluating the baseball talent from our Dayton, Cincinnati and Bellbrook baseball tryouts. As you are aware some of you were better actors than players. Some better players than actors. A few were pretty good at both.  At this point I want to announce those players we feel can fill some of the on-screen roles of players in our film given their baseball ability, look and required age.
Every player that tried out was given a baseball "grade" that ranged from 0-20. To be as fair and as objective as possible we did not consider a player unless they scored at least a 17 on our evaluation form. As a result, the following players were our selections:

James Altenberg
Brandon Bennett
Olivia Bricker
Andrew Brock
Andrew Brownley
Brian Burkhart
Chase Buttery
Chris Carson
Daniel Cyphers
Christian Demko
Max Dunaway
Christopher Fisher
Tyler Forest
Tanner Griffin
Raheem Hasan
Tyler Hicks
Nolan Holliday
Zachery Holliday
Will Holt
Deeirow Howard 
Noah Howell
Marcus Howell
Tanner Juett
Logan Kaas
Christopher Kennedy
Jordan Kiger
Connor Larkin
Ben McGrew
Eric Morris
Joel O'Brien
Bryce Plitt
Danny Rodriquez
Joshua Rogers
Sam Runyan
Joseph Schaffer
Carter Scheben
Nick Tackett
Noah Vincent
Justin from Lord's Gym         
I think it appropriate that those players who received a score of 19.5 or 20 should be recognized, they are:
Andrew Brock
Deeirow Howard
Raheem Hasan
Sam Runyan
Carter Scheben
Tyler Forest
Zachery Holliday
Our goal in identifying players for our film is based on a simple premise: Do the players on the field playing Dylan's teammates or opponents look like real baseball players? The answer to that question based on the above group is yes...hell yes. This group can play ball at a high level and we are confident that will be reflected on the screen.
The next step in this process is taking place this week-end when we will be finalizing our IndieGoGo Crowd Funding initiative. This effort will be reflected in a new structure for our web site which will explain our Crowd Funding plans and direct visitors to go to IndieGoGo and find Last at Bat the Movie. Predicated on the amount of donations and the timing of those donations, we could begin filming as soon as Fall of 2015. If not, I would expect we will begin filming in the Spring of 2016.
Each one of you has already donated to our effort in one way or another and we sincerely thank you. That is why we decided to include as many of you as we can in this process as players, actors, extras, stand-ins etc., etc. You may not all make it as movie stars, but we bet you will all have a good time being part of this film making event.
Thanks again,
Mark Donahue