August 5th Performance Rescheduled


Dear Cast, Parents and Supporters,

I write with regret, that due to circumstances surrounding Mark's kidney stone and associated difficulties, we are postponing the August 5th performance of Last at Bat.


As I had eluded to at Dress Rehearsal, he did end up of having surgery this past Friday.  We had anticipated an out-patient procedure, however, his condition was severe enough that this man, who has never spent a night in the hospital all his life, ended up in there for three.  


Mark sends his profuse apologies and many thanks for your contributions thus far, and sincerely hopes that you will all still be willing and able to participate in bringing Last at Bat to the stage once an alternate date has been set.  


While he is home now, and continues to heal, it will take longer than originally hoped.  Up until early this evening, he was still insisting on going forward with the August 5th date, but has reluctantly agreed to listen to his doctors, Marsha, and me, that going forward just for the sake of doing so could result in a 'half-way event' not to mention set back his recovery.  That would be a disservice to all of you, who have worked so hard and have given so much of your time to us.  


Your collective dedication deserves a showcase that matches or exceeds the energy and enthusiasm you have demonstrated, which, unfortunately Mark is just not physically able to deliver right now.  This has indeed, to his deep disappointment and regret, been the very worst of times to be ill-"I picked a bad time to be sick".


You are the handpicked cast out of hundreds who tried out, we have come so far, and are so close, we cannot adequately express our gratitude to you all, and look forward to getting back in the saddle-or on the ball field-as soon as possible.


This is NOT a cancellation, we will reschedule the reading for another date, and you will all be notified and kept up to date as we have more information.


Linda Jordan
August 2, 2015