Starting Line Up!
Message from Mark Donahue
Hello Everyone!


We can now confirm that our first Scripted "table read" will take place on Wednesday, August 5, 2015, 7 p.m., at Bellbrook High School in Bellbrook, Ohio.  The read itself will take about two hours, although we have learned there is usually at least an hour of Q&A from the audience after the read.

The purpose of Scripted is to provide us the opportunity to not only see potential actors on stage reading their lines in front of a live audience, but also to get feedback from the audience as to the story line, characters, plot, back story, etc.  However, given time restraints we cannot read the entire script, but instead we will read 15-20 scenes under the direction of a narrator who will help move the story along.

Our goals for Scripted in terms of casting are, by necessity, different than casting for the film.  For instance, a very good baseball player we found during tryouts may not have the acting skills to go on stage in front of 300 people and read lines, but will be outstanding as Dylan, an opponent or teammate in the film.

At the same time, a very good actor we can use in Scripted may not have the baseball skills we can use in the film.  Of course we are always looking for someone who can do both.  Actually, we may have found a few!

As a result of the above, do not be disappointed if you are not asked to appear in Scripted.  The fact is you may be invited to be in the film as a player at a later date.  At the same time, being in Scripted does NOT ensure a part in the film.

We are going to be needing over 100 ball players for the film and many of you will be selected as players and opponents, but that final selection process for players will not take place until we complete our national tryouts later this year.

The following are our preliminary selections and their roles: 


Dylan/Players/Opponents (10-12)

James Altenburg, Dayton, OH

Andrew Brock, Cincinnati, OH

Andrew Brownley, West Chester, OH

Max Dunaway, Tipp City, OH

Henry Haag, Cincinnati, OH

Adrian Hainline, Oxford, OH

Jackson Higgason, Liberty Township, OH

Griffin Hobbs, Milford, OH

Luke Presta, Elizabethtown, KY


Dylan/Players/Opponents (13-18)

Chase Buttery, Bellbrook OH

John Lawrie, Park Hills, KY

Lucas Meinerding, Liberty Township, OH  

William Wurzelbacher, Hamilton, OH


Dylan and/or Randy (22-25)

Justin Charlton, Springboro, OH

Braydon Gomes, Urbana, OH

Lucas Leesen, Minneapolis, MN

Cory McKinney, Eaton, OH

Liam Sallquist, Cincinnati, OH


Eric Patterson and/or Drew

Robert Baker, Cincinnati, OH

Ronald Young, Marysville, OH


Arthur Robbins

Chris Keiser, Hillsboro, OH

Robert Walker, West Chester, OH


Young female (14) who strikes out Dylan

Olivia Bricker, Batavia, OH



Lester Charlton, Carlisle, OH



David Kettlehake, Lebanon, OH



Grace Brown, Centerville, OH


Radio Broadcaster

Chris Welsh (last seen in a Reds TV booth)



We are in the process of filling an additional 10-12 roles, many of which will be played by local professional actors.  Those selections will be made this coming week, so stay tuned to our website for the latest.

*Please note we are having a difficult time finding someone to play Bonnie--in her late 30's, early 40's and whose complete description can be found in the book.  Let us know if you know "our Bonnie."


Each of you selected to appear in 
Scripted/Bellbrook, will be given 2 free tickets to give to family or friends to see you read and be directed on stage.  If you tried out (player and/or actor) Dayton, Cincinnati, or Bellbrook but were not selected for this first round of 
Scripted in Bellbrook, you will receive 2 tickets for yourself and a guest so you can see your "teammates" in action on stage in Bellbrook.  You might even be selected to come on stage and try your hand in a scene!

Please note that the tickets that we do not give to those who attended (and their guests) are on sale for $15/ea or two for $25, so please let us know if you and a guest will be attending so we can have an idea of the number of seats we can hold back for sale.   You have until noon, July 25th, to RSVP for free tickets--seating is limited!

Email us at, with "Scripted Tickets" in the Subject Line.  Include your name, the city and date of your initial tryout, the total number of tickets you would like, and the name(s) of your guest(s).






Scripted performances offer audiences a behind-the-scenes look at how a film/play is cast and insight into how a script is developed.  It will also show how directors and writers work with actors to maximize their performances.  In short, I think you and your guests will have a fun evening "seeing how the sausage is made." Hope you can join us!


Mark Donahue


July 17, 2015 

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