The Process Has Begun!
Message from Mark Donahue
Hello Everyone!

As many of you already know, we have begun our call backs for the Scripted performances of Last at Bat which will take place in Dayton and Cincinnati beginning in early August. We will be confirming venues in the next week and will let everyone know ASAP when the locations and dates are finalized.


As previously explained, Scripted is in fact a "table read" of parts of the script that are performed in front of a live (we hope) audience. Those selected to read these parts need to understand there could be as many as 100-200 people in the audience as well as a director, writer, and several producers all evaluating your performance.


Given a 2 hour performance window we will be selecting 15-20 scenes from the script that will be read. We simply don't have enough time to read the entire script which is why we have a narrator fill in the gaps of the story for the audience as we move from scene to scene.


At this point we are looking to fill the following speaking parts for our Scripted performance:

  • Bartender age 25
  • Bonnie age 35-40
  • Cara age 25-40
  • Dylan's father age 35
  • Female baseball player age 14
  • Flo (nurse) age 60
  • Luke age 50-60
  • Marie age 25
  • Matt Wolf age 27-40
  • Nat age 60
  • Pauly age 60
  • Radio and TV play by play announcers
  • Randy age 35-60

Obviously, the above roles do not represent the entire cast we will need in the film, so don't be disappointed if you are not called back to read the scenes in the Scripted performances. Don't forget we will be needing other smaller speaking parts, teammates and opponents of Dylan and scores of other walk-on/or non-speaking roles.


For those of you who have already been contacted or will be in the next two weeks, understand we will probably ask 2-3 actors to play each role over the course of each performance.  In addition to the actual performances, we will have at least one and maybe two rehearsals prior to each performance.


You may be asked to come to one or both performances in Cincinnati and Dayton locations.


Given the fact this is a "performance" of sorts, we will be allocating 10% of our ticket, merchandise sales and donations received to our "cast."  We will be selling seats to each performance for $25. While you may not get rich, hopefully we can raise enough $ to pay for your gas money. 


Okay that's it for now, but the process is under way and the next step is seeing many of you on stage!


Mark Donahue

Happy Independence Day!

July 4, 2015 


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