Moving Forward
Last call nears for Census 2020 responses

With a self-response rate of 68.2%, Sierra Vista is ahead of the county, state, and U.S. 2020 Census rates so far but we can still do better!
Census workers are now conducting non-response follow up visits, phone calls, and mailings to households across the country. As part of a variety of operational changes due to COVID-19, the deadline to respond to the Census was extended to September 30.

Fortunately, filling out your 2020 Census survey has never been easier, thanks to the option to complete it online. Just head to to get started. 
And it's not just easy, completing your Census survey is vitally important to your community, county, and state. It ensures we have the resources and representation we need. Statewide, it's estimated that Arizona stands to lose about $60 million for each percentage point below 100 percent in Census response, so it's vital that residents make a final push.
Census 2020 Self-Response Rates (as of Aug. 28)
  • United States - 64.6%
  • Arizona - 61.1%%
  • Cochise County - 59.3 %
  • Benson - 55.1%
  • Bisbee - 57.7%
  • Douglas - 56.0%
  • Huachuca City - 60.5%
  • Sierra Vista - 68.2%
  • Tombstone - 44.8%
  • Willcox - 48.3% 
City Spotlight
Drivers reminded to heed speed limit near sports fields

The Sierra Vista Police Department recently arrested two drivers for traveling more than 20 mph over the speed limit near City ball fields and reminds all motorists to drive slow in areas where children may be present.
"With many children getting a chance to resume sports like baseball and soccer, it's extremely dangerous to speed through areas where kids are at play," SVPD Public Information Officer Cpl. Scott Borgstadt says. "Children are excited to be out playing with their friends again and may cross into the roadway suddenly. Parents should remind children to always check both ways, but sometimes kids forget."
The speed limit along East Tacoma Street and Las Brisas Way near the Stone and Domingo Paiz sports complexes is 15 mph because children are often present. Last weekend, SVPD officers arrested two drivers for criminal speeding in this area. One driver was traveling 27 mph over the limit, while the other was driving 22 mph over the limit.
SVPD officers will continue patrolling these areas and will take appropriate action when they observe a violation. Please help keep children in our community safe by obeying the posted speed limit.
Extraordinary Vigilance
To provide a safe experience for everyone, the Sierra Vista Area Chamber of Commerce is going virtual this year with its Home, Health & Business Expo on Saturday, Aug. 29, from 10:00 a.m. to noon. 
The event is free and attendees will be able to visit vendor tables, network, shop, receive discounts, and get giveaways - all in a virtual environment! Save your spot
Uncommon Community

Did you know yard trimmings like branches and weeds can be recycled into high quality compost at no charge? Arrange to have your green waste picked up at the curb on a Wednesday by calling (520) 458-7530 or using our online form. Just be sure to schedule by 5 p.m. on the Monday prior. 

City refuse customers can also drop off green waste at the City of Sierra Vista Compost Facility, located at 7201 E. Hwy 90, Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 
City Announcements

City facilities will be closed on Monday, Sept. 7, in observance of the Labor Day holiday. Monday's trash pickup will shift to Tuesday and Tuesday's pickup will occur on Wednesday. No special pickups will be available on Wednesday. 

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City Council meetings

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Head to our website to stream City Council meetings live or watch previous meetings.

For any special needs or accommodations, please notify Jill Adams 72 hours prior to the meeting date. Reach Adams at (520) 458-3315 or through the Arizona Relay Service at 7-1-1.