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America's Unofficial Ambassadors has a limited number of positions remaining for the 2016  Summer Service Internship Program!   Interested in working in a grassroots NGO? Teaching in a high-need school? Earning academic credit for your service? Read through the descriptions  below, and start your application today! 

1.  ACTED (Tajikistan)

ACTED, a French NGO, is committed to  providing humanitarian relief to those most in need, including refugees. With a staff of over 5,000 people, ACTED provides aid to at-risk populations in 34 countries using a multidisciplinary and context-based approach. In Tajikistan, ACTED's strategy is focused on promoting holistic disaster management, sustainable economic development, and inclusive local governance within each of the country's four provinces. ACTED seeks an outreach intern  to support the creation of issue-based advocacy materials, and the promotion of ACTED's work in Tajikistan.  The intern will also manage the ACTED website for Tajikistan, producing English content for the site based on project reporting. 

2.  ZAYEDESA (Zanzibar)

The Zanzibar Youth Education Development Support Association (ZAYEDESA) is a non-profit organization focused on  tackling socioeconomic problems facing youth, such as unemployment, school drop-out rates, drug abuse, HIV, and the abuse of the environment. ZAYEDESA also offers training and support to promote entrepreneurship, and provides supplies and rehabilitation to schools in-need. ZAYEDESA seeks an 
intern to produce a documentary about the organization's projects.  They are also seeking an outreach and development intern to manage social media and draft funding proposals. 
Relevant skills and experience are necessary for both roles. 

3. Civil Internet Policy Initiative (Tajikistan)

CIPI works with government organizations, NGOs, and local stakeholders  to advocate for internet freedom and run computer literacy classes for young adults. CIPI seeks two interns: a  programmer and a communications and development associate . The programmer will code for CIPI's website, and teach others to write code. The communications and development intern will write and edit English language content for CIPI's website, manage outreach, and write funding proposals in English. 

4.  Zanzibari Public Schools (Zanzibar)

Public schools throughout Zanzibar provide English language instruction, as well as math, history and science education to students at the elementary and secondary levels, often with limited resources.  Public school in Zanzibar are seeking unofficial ambassadors with teaching or tutoring experience for English, Science (biology, chemistry, and physics) or computer literacy. In addition to regular classes, these placements will involve running after-school or extracurricular activities, such as English discussion groups, American culture clubs, and/or debate clubs.

5.  The Mualimin Boys School (Indonesia)

Established in 1920, this school in Yogyakarta has 1,150 students and 89 full-time teachers. Students at the school learn English, Arabic, Indonesia's national curriculum and Koranic studies. The school also has a multilingual program teaching English and Bahasa to 180 high school and junior high school students. The boys school is seeking two unofficial ambassadors to teach conversational English and support the school's English teachers. They will also lead extracurricular activities and provide tutoring to students. Prior experience teaching or tutoring required. 

Interested in one of these opportunities?   Click here  to download an application. Visit our website to learn more. 

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AUA is a citizen diplomacy initiative, which builds mutual understanding and enhances people-to-people partnerships between America and the Muslim World. We do this by placing Americans in volunteer positions in the Muslim World and helping them share their experiences upon their return.

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