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  A Focal Point 2016 Interview

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Neil Darin is senior project manager at HAVI Global Solutions. Ahead of his presentation at Focal Point 2016, we asked him to comment on HAVI's approaches to food packaging design and innovation. You can read a quick preview of all the scheduled Focal Point presentations on the conference website. Short speaker bios and the conference schedule is also online. Plan to be in Stevens Point on October 18 for this valuable one-day conference.
WIST:  In a packaging landscape that desires low cost, light weight, high performance, low environmental impact products, how does HAVI innovate paper-based packaging to hit all these criteria?   
Neil Darin
Neil Darin:  Often times a customer may very well have some of the aforementioned desires or requirements. However, at HAVI, we begin by identifying how does the packaging integrate and express a customer's brand. The packaging is intrinsically connected to brand and the product it's supporting. So we begin with those connected inspirations, and then we proactively identify and invest into innovative technologies based on the anticipated future needs of our clients. By anticipating the future needs of our clients and their customers, we are in a better position to meet all of their requirements and connect the packaging as an ultimate representation of the customer's brand. HAVI uses a combination of trend analysis, supply chain assessments, strategic planning and alignment, technology scouting, and commercialization tools to deliver the right product at the right time at the right scale and in the right place.

WIST: HAVI serves the packaging industry from concept development through to the end of product life. Can you describe how you work with customers to offer these solutions throughout a product's life cycle? 
Neil Darin:  There are so many layers to consider in today's complex supply chain. We assist customers with thinking beyond just one piece of it. For example, it's not enough to simply say, I'm going to make a cup recyclable. You have to consider, is the material from a sustainable source, am I as an organization considering sustainable manufacturing practices to create the cup, once the cup is at end-of-life are there facilities to actually support recycling that cup? This is just a simple example but you have to think more broadly beyond just, am I making the cup recyclable. HAVI engages closely with every customer to understand what defines value to their business and their consumers, both now and in the future so we have a better understanding of their complete supply chain, not just in pieces. HAVI then aligns its service lines to provide a holistic solution that maximizes value creation. For packaging, this can encompass strategy development, consumer research, design, material selection, compliance, establishing a supply chain, quality management, data analytics, to end of life management and optimization.

WIST:  Innovation in food packaging is seen as an opportunity to help manage and mitigate food waste. What is HAVI doing to help customers reduce spoilage of its packaged goods?  
Neil Darin:  Food waste is a growing concern of our clients that is managed in a number of ways. First, HAVI helps minimize the potential for food waste by enabling companies to have a complete vision across the supply chain through better tools, planning, and management.  Some tools that we use include specification and quality control points, traceability, temperature and abuse logging, ERP, data analytics and forecasting services, inventory control devices, etc. We also help customers develop sustainable packaging solutions that maintain the quality of products throughout the supply chain at the right price. These solutions may incorporate novel barrier technologies, strength additives, quality indicators, etc. Next we want to ensure the packaging enables efficient use of the products they contain.  This may be through the incorporation of dosing and measurement tools, re-close features, single-serve packaging, cook-in packaging, and materials and surfaces that promote product release. Lastly, we help our clients divert their food waste to outlets where such waste can be re-purposed into useful products such as bio-fuel and compost. 

Attend Focal Point 2016 to hear  accomplished industry professionals
  • Highlight the recovery of fiber from coated board and describe 
    food-contact-compliant recycled fiber
  • Present brand-owner perspectives on paper-based food packaging 
    and serviceware items
  • Provide insights from leading converting companies about future needs 
    and trends in paper and paperboard packaging
  • Describe a number of innovations targeting superior performance
  • Share insights on regulatory aspects of food contact papers
  • Update on standards and labeling for compostable paper products
New speaker added: Jean Manuel Gomes, director of marketing and product development at Retec will present on "The Future of Barrier Packaging."

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