March 29, 2018
F&B credit and no one comes into my room? Sold
By Bryan Wroten of

More hotels are offering F&B credits and loyalty points in exchange for guests foregoing daily housekeeping—something hoteliers should have made common long ago.

More and more hotel companies are starting to do something I wish could have become more widespread years ago: allowing guests to decline daily housekeeping in exchange for different perks.
The New York Times reports a growing trend of hotels and resorts offering guests different extras if they choose to  skip daily visits from the housekeeping department. Some offer a daily F&B credit, others give bonus loyalty program points, and one even plants one herb a day per participating guest in an onsite organic garden. To think, all these years I’ve just been hanging the Do Not Disturb sign on the doorknob my entire visit and I could have been getting a free drink for it. Talk about missed opportunities, man.

It makes a good amount of business sense, at least on paper. The housekeeping crew would have fewer rooms they need to clean on a daily basis, allowing them to keep on schedule and not get overworked. Changing sheets and towels less often means reduced water bills for those with onsite laundry and potentially lower bills for those who outsource it. It should also mean less wear and tear on sheets and towels, too.

Late Again! How to Manage Absenteeism and Tardiness
Absenteeism and tardiness are probably two of the most common, yet difficult to manage employee behaviors to manage. Oftentimes, a supervisor must make a judgment call about the seeming justification for absences or tardiness. Factors that come to play include the employee’s performance and value to the organization, their length of service and absences protected by law.
Some employers implement a simple standard for non-acceptable absenteeism standard that clearly defines the number of acceptable absences and tardy incidents allowed during a defined time period. There are specific circumstances that may determine if a specific incident should be recorded against the employee. Overall, an objective standard of measurement can prevent other problems.

However, there are some absences that are protected by law, including:

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In San Francisco, hotels welcome bees as honored guests
By Bailey Bischoff, brought to you by the Christian Science Monitor
Urban beekeeping has been on the rise for the past decade and some hotels are taking part, using apiaries to promote sustainability to the public and to incorporate honey into their menus.
March 26, 2018 San Francisco—At the Fairmont San Francisco, the well-heeled visitors arriving through the front door aren’t the only guests staying at the five-star hotel. On the hotel’s rooftop terrace, above the rush and bustle of San Francisco’s city streets, a fainter hum can be heard – the buzz of bees.

Beekeeper Spencer Marshall pries open a white, wooden box that houses thousands of bees and pulls out a frame that vibrates with life. The makeshift hive sits nestled among garden boxes overflowing with lavender and rosemary, a delicate contrast to the jagged skyscrapers that loom in the distance.

Bees have become more commonplace residents at hotels, especially in San Francisco where ten hotels maintain hives on terraces and rooftops. Urban beekeeping allows hotels to market sustainability, harvest honey, and raise awareness for the particular challenges bees face. Rooftop apiaries have been popping up across the country in the past decade, from San Francisco to Chicago to New York.

“When companies have honeybees, it helps in a few different ways ... by bringing awareness to the fact that our bees need flowers that are clean and free of pesticides in order to feed and that our bees need habitat,” says Becky Masterman, extension educator and program director of the University of Minnesota Bee Squad in St. Paul.

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