Friday, May 5, 2023
A Note from Our National Executive Director
Chuck Parker
The strike that has been called by the Writers Guild is now upon us in full force. It is a job action that is a response to what the writers feel is an existential crisis they have been calling attention to for years and now threatens their very livelihood as a profession.

Many of their proposals are similar to those that we in the IA have been asking the employer to address for multiple contract cycles, such as fair residual compensation for re-use of product on streaming platforms.

The writers are struggling with reduced annual incomes due to the shorter seasons that the streaming model provides. So are we. We in the Art Department all struggle with the streaming business model as it has become more challenging to put a decent year’s worth of employment together when the projects are only 8-12 episodes instead of the 22-24 that existed in prime-time television shows.

The writers have introduced proposals requesting minimum staffing and length of prep time for pre-greenlight rooms (the notorious “mini rooms’), which has allowed the employer to save money by shortening the time they have to pay for fully staffed writers rooms. We too have faced similar challenges when presented with increasingly truncated prep times.

They’re asking for more money just as we ask for money. The employers maintain that they cannot afford to pay for increases that could minimize the effects of inflation, yet continue to add more producers with no end in sight.

I bring these up to demonstrate that their fight is our fight.  

Individuals who wish to support the WGA can get up-to-date information about WGA picket locations and times HERE.

For anyone who wants guidance on your rights and obligations related to the ongoing picket lines, here are the recent emails we sent last Friday and this past Tuesday, along with the letter of guidance from the IATSE for anyone working in the film and television production industry.

And for good measure, here is an additional memo from the IATSE released today about remote work, virtual picket lines, and picket sign language.
Entertainment Community Fund’s Social Services and Emergency Financial Assistance
We realize that ADG 800 members may be impacted in challenging ways by the WGA strike. The IATSE wishes to highlight the Entertainment Community Fund as a resource that can help with resources and information to help manage financial and emotional challenges during times of unemployment.

Click HERE to go to their Social Services and Emergency Financial Assistance webpage. In addition, here are more links related to:


DEI Committee AAPI Heritage Month Panel

Our ADG 800 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee invites all ADG members, as well as members from other IATSE locals, to join "Entertainment Careers for Bad Asians."

The Zoom panel is presented Sunday at 11AM PT in honor of AAPI Heritage Month.
Celebrate AAPI Month with the IATSE
May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, and the IATSE is spotlighting Asian American and Pacific Islander members who have worked and continue to work at the intersection of civil and labor rights in the United States. 

Search on IATSE social media channels using the hashtag #AAPIHM to see regular profiles of members like Costume Designer Michael Fong. Michael has been a proud IATSE member for 12 years and dedicates his spare time supporting and volunteering as a DJ for local LGBTQ+ events in Hawaii.