Gallery Show Limited Time - Don't Miss
May 3 through 19
Clay Program
Open Clay Studio- Every Week
Manzanita Film Series
Documentary Art & Mind- May 17
Manzanita Writers Series
Making Characters Come Alive- May 18
Manzanita Writers Series
A uthors in Conversation - May 18
Art of Dying
 A Better Way of Dying- May 22
Annual Fund-Raising Book Sale
Library Friends - May 24/25
Manzanita Writers' Series
Emotion in the Body - May 28
Visual Arts Program
Mixed Media Beaded Painting - June 1
Manzanita Writers' Series
NC Squid Submission Opens - June 7
Live Music Performance
Turnback Boyz - June 8
Clay and Gallery Volunteer
Thank You Kathleen Larson!

594 Laneda Avenue
Manzanita, OR 97130