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June 13, 2017

As most of you know, there was a huge glitch with the image host on the website this past week and I have finally finished sorting it all out. I have moved all the website pictures onto a Dropbox site and the entire Topaz Spirits site has been updated with a Dropbox link to pictures. As it turns out, this was painful, but fortuitous ... every crystal in stock on the site will now have a folder on Dropbox that is publically available ... and no more pop-ups! You can view the pictures one at a time or, by clicking on one of them, you can view a slideshow that features a magnification button, so if you want a closer look, just click until it's big enough for you. Use the back button on your browser to return to the listing.
Further, beginning with the June listings, the write-up will be available as well. In the upper right hand corner, there is a download where you can either download the write-up and the pictures directly to your Dropbox or to any other file on your computer that you designate. As a note, all the out of stock items older than 3 months have been deleted and those within the 3 months have no picture links as it was already a marathon job getting all the new links in, so I opted to not do these sold ones. All folders will be left up for three months for any of the recent listings and for two weeks beyond the purchase date for any older than three months. This will enable you to keep complete files (if you choose) for the crystals you buy. The write-ups are in Word format (.docx) and the pictures are all jpg. As a reminder, these are all my copyrights, so my express written permission will be required for anything other than personal use of either the write-ups or the pictures.
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Tektite, Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass
Last week, I was taking a picture of the sky over where I live and there were some neat clouds that were pretty fast moving. Some of you may know that I post many of my pictures on Pixabay under the name "Leoleobobeo" and I wanted to post these clouds. As I edited the five pictures, the first two were fine as were the last two but right in the center of the middle one was a round object ... not a bird, not a plane and not Superman! I magnified it but since the camera was focused on the clouds, the round object was fuzzy. So it got me to thinking about UFOs, space, Star Visitors, starbraries, etc. Many things have come from space! Scientists believe that meteorites containing ice were responsible for introducing water to a primitive Earth ... and also the building blocks for life to form.

This in turn led me to think about tektites ... Tibetan tektite, moldavite and Libyan desert glass. Scientists now believe that all three are actually impactites composed of black, green, brown, gray or golden natural glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during meteorite impacts. Per Wikipedia, tektites are characterized by:  
  1. a fairly homogeneous composition
  2. an extremely low content of water and other volatiles
  3. an abundance of lechatelierite (silica glass aka cristobalite)
  4. a general lack of microscopic crystals known as microsites and chemical relation to the local bedrock or local sediments
  5. their distribution within geographically extensive strewn fields 
Interestingly, they also contain iridium, some in minute amounts and others in quantity. Iridium is not found naturally on Earth - the only source of it is space! And it is proof of a space origin!

The black or brown tektite is well-distributed found in various locations on Earth, largely concentrated in Asia, Australia and Antarctica from meteorites striking the Earth 14-15 million years ago. They have four forms: splash-form, aerodynamic, layered (Muong Nong-type) and micro and all have a similar composition to volcanic obsidian but contain substantially less water.
The splash-form is the most common and is generally described as spherical, dumbbell, disc, oval or teardrop. They are formed from rotational solidification of molten materials and the strewn field is throughout Southeast Asia. The aerodynamic forms are concentrated in Australia and are often described as buttons, rings or layered disks. These are more rare and as such are the most expensive. The Muong Nong (also Southeast Asia) ones are large and blocky (up to 50 lb in weight!) and may include minerals like cristobalite, zircon, rutile, chromite, etc. Antarctica is the host to many, many meteorites offering one of the richest meteorite areas on Earth, particularly the microtektites (those 1mm or less).

Moldavites are from a massive meteorite strike some 14-15 million years ago in Eastern Europe and are found in The Czech Republic, Germany and Austria with Moldavia lending its name moldavite. These are a beautiful green in shades ranging for yellow green to emerald to brownish green and they have trace amounts of a beryllium isotope. Moldavite has been known as a sacred stone since man discovered it. It is said to be the Stone of the Holy Grail (not emerald as most believe) and has been widely carved and faceted for use in jewelry for about 1200 years. The bubbles and mossy look are characteristic and the Czech government is now strictly regulating collection and export of moldavite. Because of high demand and low supply, sadly inexpensive fakes made in Asia are being sold on eBay and other sources.

Libyan desert glass is yet another impactite with characteristic golden color. Dark veins of iridium are present in some pieces along with inclusions of cristobalite and occasionally grains of Sahara sand. Libyan desert glass is said to be 26 million years old and is found in the eastern Sahara comprising Libya and Egypt. Pieces are generally small ... larger pieces are rare with the largest found being about 60 lb. Early man actually knapped pieces for tools and weapons during the Pleistocene era. The Egyptians used pieces to carve scarabs and other jewels and King Tut's pectoral plate even features a nice desert glass scarab. This too is being strictly regulated and pieces are becoming rare and expensive now.
These gifts from the stars have amazing and varied energies:

Tibetan tektite:
Tektites are the humble cousins of the lofty moldavite. They are a type of glass similar in composition to obsidian but their elevated iridium levels not only confirms that they did not come from the Earth but gives them a far different energy from obsidian. Yet, each has an earthy energy - I like to compare it to the kind of energy you feel when you belong - truly belong. They connect us to All That Is on a universal scale so that we can truly understand our roots. They bridge us seamlessly to total awareness.
Years ago, my husband gave me a piece for Christmas and I could feel the energies without opening the box. The meditations after revealed star connections that helped me explain my feelings at times that this world wasn't my Soul's origin.
Time, as we know it, is not linear - it happens all at once: past, present and future. With some practice, we all have the capability of slipping "between" time and going "back" or forward. Because of the belief that time is linear, we always go back, but let me assure you, it is possible to go both ways. My Navajo friend (Fred Begay, a PhD physicist and Navajo medicine man, now passed into the next realm) knew that and traveled frequently. You'd often see him sitting in the library where we worked, clearly somewhere else. His abilities took years of practice, but with this Spirit, you will be able to "jump start" the process. Begin by making short hops to get used to the process. Moldavite provides kind of an "umbilical cord" so that you can easily extend and then safely return. Please be advised that this sort of travel is NOT for personal gain so that you can see what stocks will go up or what numbers will be drawn for the lottery. It is for serious Spiritual purpose so that you can integrate important lessons and experiences into your Spiritual advancement. For serious travelers only ...
Libyan desert glass:
This too is a personal piece - my first is like a long-lost friend, reunited and welling with the emotion of reunion. Libyan desert glass (LDG) helps to more fully awaken the light of our Soul essence within us, a profoundly moving and comforting sensation. The golden energy fills your aura and you feel more alive and aware, as if your radar had been turned on. I am struck with the manner that they enable you to connect with ALL levels of your expression. LDG presents herself for special Keepers who are undergoing a Spiritual awakening and who feel like they are strangely out of step with this world. Although not truly a starbrary, LDG is a rare and wonderful connection to the stars, reminding each Keeper of ancient memories and distant worlds.
Each of these special emissaries from the stars brings important energies for us as Keepers to use now. These are wonderful used alone or with other crystals to bring out special traits of the energies. Whatever you chose, enjoy the secrets they will share!

Enjoy the Spring!


Enjoy the coming summer and the Solstice!