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Late Summer 2018

Needle Notes
Late Summer - Savoring the Harvest

Late summer, also known as the earth element, is here in all its glory and fullness, and before we know it we will have done our harvesting and will begin the gathering in for fall and winter. This is the season of savoring and a time for sharing. The tables at the local farmers' market seem to literally overflow with produce; we're buying tomato "seconds" to make and can salsa, we've processed our pesto for the season and are making plans for soups and stews to be frozen for winter suppers. Our garlic was pulled out of the ground last week, and not too soon! The foliage of the plants was starting to turn yellow, a sure sign that the bulbs had reached their maturity. I have noticed the yellowing at the road's edge too - deciduous trees have a light yellow cast, and the wild parsnip has just passed its bloom.

In Chinese Medicine the late summer is all about transition and transformation. And that applies to our physical bodies, as well as to our emotion and mind. Good digestion and clear thought can be signs of a healthy earth element. The ability to give and receive emotional support and nurturing is also indicative of health in this season.

In people who struggle with the Late Summer season, thoughtfulness may show up instead as worry, bossiness and small mindedness.
Suggestions for the Late Summer

  • Savor the plenty of the season. Eat peaches, corn, tomatoes, melons, kale and squash. We have been getting all this produce by supporting our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). There is still time to buy a fall share and support local farmers!
  • Think in terms of abundance rather than scarcity.
  • Practice giving. Give someone a present that involves little to no cash, and a lot of thoughtfulness - an object or favor that shows you really know deeply who this person is. It may be as simple as a phone call or a card.
  • Practice receiving. Accept the thoughtfulness of others. You may be surprised at how many times a day you receive help. A stranger may hold open a door for you or let you into traffic. Be sure to say thank you to express your gratitude.
  • Give yourself a present - of free time, a bike ride, a nap or a swim at the lake.
Acupuncture Point of the Season

ST 36 - Leg Three Miles
Each meridian has a certain number of Acupuncture points. The Stomach channel has 45 points. ST 36 is on the anterior surface of the leg. It is at the juncture of the bottom of the lateral side of the patella (knee cap) and the head of the tibia. Leg Three Miles is selected to increase stamina and energy. It provides stability and grounding when there is a tendency to overthink or worry. It is also an empirical point for alleviating "morning sickness" and the nausea associated with chemotherapy treatment.
Seasonal Recipe - Blueberry Slump

My new favorite summer dessert recipe is so easy to make and is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Here is the link to this season's best slump.

Make it a Sweet Season!
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