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Late Summer 2017

Needle Notes
Late Summer - The Earth Element

Late summer is the pivot point of seasonal transitions.  It correlates with the Earth element.  Late summer, or "Indian summer," is that time at the end of the summer and before autumn when there is often a glorious hot spell.  In this neck of the woods, given the wetter and cooler summer we have had,  I think there might be a lot of people quite happy about that happening!  Nature is abundant and full.

Late summer is a short season and it can be a time of great change in nature and in ourselves.  This period of time has some aspect of all seasons and the weather might get very hot or cold, or some other extreme.  During this transitional period, it is important to stay centered, grounded and rooted to the earth.
                                      Wellness                                 Out of balance                                
                                      mental clarity                            worry
                                      good digestion                         abdominal pain
                                      thoughtful / sympathetic          self-centered                                  
                                      mindful eating                          overeating                                                                              
                                      breathing easily                       allergies
Acupuncture Point of the Season

ST 40 - Abundant Splendor
Each meridian has a certain number of Acupuncture points.  The Stomach channel has 45 points.  ST 40 is found on the lateral side of the leg, halfway between the ankle and the knee.   Abundant Splendor is one of our favorite points as its very name points to the lush and full nature of our inner landscape.  It is a reminder of the splendor of life, when things are almost ready to harvest.  
Seasonal Recipe - Nut Milk

Nut milks are a great substitute for those who wish to avoid dairy.  Dairy tends to produce dampness or phlegm in the body and these conditions can be exacerbated by the heat and humidity of the late summer.  Nut milks are high in calcium and provide other rich nutrients, and they are easy to make!

1/2 - 1 pound of nuts - almonds, cashews, or coconut
Cover with twice as much water
tablespoon of honey or maple syrup
Dash of sea salt

Blend and strain keeping the liquid and re-use the nuts with the same amount of water again, and blend.  Strain once again and add the two liquids together and refrigerate.  This is nut milk!

Have a Sweet Season!
If you know anyone who might benefit from Acupuncture treatment, please pass along our information.  We would be happy to work with your family and friends to help them discover how well they can be! 
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