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Leadership Meetings
August 14-15
Planning Week Aug 29 - Sept 8
Presentation by Sr. Carol Zinn SSJ
August 16 - Allegany
Issue 6.15
August 13, 2018  

   In our gospel today we hear how Jesus warns his disciples about what is to come: his suffering, death, and resurrection. Once again the word 'delivered' or 'handed over' is used. It is clear that his disciples were overwhelmed with grief. Who wants to hear of the terrible events to come? Who wants to know of coming hardships, suffering, and pain?
   How we live today creates our possibilities for how we will live our lives in the future. If our lives this day and everyday are filled with attentiveness, love, patience, and goodness then we are walking with the presence and goodness of God's Divine Love.
   May we walk this day and every day in deep faith and trust in the love and compassion of our God.

LCWR Assembly, St. Louis, Missouri: "Being in Communion: Standing against racism" 
By: Margaret Magee OSF, Associate Minister  
   During last week's Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) assembly, leaders unanimously recommitted to the 2016 assembly resolution, which states:
"In the presence of constant and painful reminders of the deep roots of racism in our country, we the Leadership Conference of Women Religious reaffirm the 2016 assembly resolution and pledge to go deeper into the critical work of creating communion, examining the root causes of injustice and our own complicity, and purging ourselves, our communities, and our country of the sin of racism and its destructive effects."
   Following the passage of the resolution, the participants demonstrated their commitment by leaving the meeting area and walking outside to the steps of St. Louis' Old Courthouse, where Dred Scott sued for his freedom in 1846. There, the nearly 800 members stood in silent prayer to remember victims of racism and to pray for the systemic elimination of racism throughout the country and the world.
   Links are available to all the keynote addresses and the presidential address. Go to

St. Clare of Assisi - Heart of Franciscan Spirituality 
By: Denise Bunk-Hatch, Communications Director  

   On Thursday, August 2 - the Feast of the Portiuncula - Sr. Margaret Magee presented Clare of Assisi - Heart of Franciscan Spirituality via webinar to a number of Sisters, Associates, and Partners in Ministry.
   This webinar is the first in what is planned to be a series of educational talks from the Franciscan-Clarian Spirituality Committee focused on diving deeper into our spirituality and what it means for us today.
   Sr. Margaret gave a biographical history of St. Clare, and the time in which she lived. She explained how the Poor Clares came to be, and how different the communities Saints Francis and Clare were from religious institutions of the time.
   The presentation was repeated on Friday, August 3, for the Sisters of St. Elizabeth Motherhouse.
   This webinar is now available on the Spirituality page of the Congregation's website, at the bottom of the "resources" tab. You can click here to view it, as well as the accompanying outline.
Dwelling Place Blessed by Bridal Shower  
From the Dwelling Place Facebook page

  Last week, Amanda, her sister, Dana, and her future sister-in-law, Moriah, visited The Dwelling Place with a special, unique gift!
   Amanda and her fiance, Brett, will celebrate their wedding on Saturday, September 8, 2018. Like many brides-to-be, Amanda's family planned a bridal shower for her. Amanda did not want a traditional bridal shower, but she loved the idea of having all of the important women in her life come together to celebrate. She chose to have a "girl power shower" and sought to find a way to give to women in need to honor this special time in her life.
   Growing up, Amanda has fond memories of joining her family to visit and prepare meals for a shelter that cared for homeless men. Now living in New York City, Amanda searched for a shelter for homeless women who could benefit from her bridal shower. Her Google search led her to The Dwelling Place. With the blessing of The Dwelling Place staff, Amanda asked each bridal shower guest to donate a set of twin size bed sheets that she would deliver to the shelter in their name. Along with the sheets, her family and friends also collected pajamas and slippers to add a more personal touch.
   Amanda, Dana, and Moriah arrived at The Dwelling Place on Friday evening, August 3, with their "girl power shower gifts" and all the ingredients to prepare a Mexican dinner for the residents. Enjoy the pictures from the evening that capture the delight of Amanda's gifts here
Join us in wishing Amanda and Brett the blessings of love and happiness on their wedding day and throughout their life together!
In Praise of Unity 
By: Helen Roberts OSF
   On a recent Mission Appeal to St. Peter Parish, Danbury, Connecticut, I was blessed with the presence and angelic voices of the "Children's Choir".
   This parish is an example of total integration of all ages into their ministries. The Pastor, Fr. Gregg Mecca, and the children's choir director, Dr. Nancy Engel, give both hope and blessing to the parish community with the inclusion of all children. St. Peter's is a multicultural parish and school serving the Diocese of Bridgeport, CT. When speaking about the Allegany Missions, I was energized by the hope of the present and the blessing for the future within this group of God's children. Teen Lectors for the liturgy were also members of the choir. While at this parish I sensed the unity of the clergy, staff, and parishioners as well as new visitors such as myself.
   St. Francis of Assisi states in his Peace Prayer,"It is in giving that we receive!" I went to St. Peter's to preach about our Allegany Missions, and I received a blessing of a hundredfold.
   God reminds us daily that "the children will lead them!" St. Peter Parish is an example of multicultural unity, as well as hope in Pastoral leadership in praise of God.

Dinner at the Shore, Motherhouse Style 
By: Marigene Kennedy OSF 
   Not to be put off by the fact that here in Allegany our distance from 'the shore' is considerable, on August 1 we found the Motherhouse dining room decked out in festive fare to celebrate Summer.
   It was Sr. Mary Lou's plan, assisted by the talents of her secretary, Jennifer Hale, who provided the lovely table centerpieces (sand and all), the dietary staff, our local leadership, and a number of our sisters who provided 'local color' by donning some beach attire!
   The dinner had all the trappings of the shore with corn/crab chowder, shrimp, lobster roll, scallops, etc.! Every choice was delicious, thanks to Steve Dodge and staff. During dinner some of us, lucky enough to have our names drawn, were treated to lovely prizes to remember the occasion.
   And, yes, of course there were photos! A large picture of a beach scene was placed on one wall and the attendees had the chance to pose for fun photos. 
   Sisters from all of our communities at the Motherhouse were together for this special meal and it made for a joyous day, indeed!

Season of Creation
   The Season of Creation is nearly upon us. It begins September 1 and continues through to St. Francis' Feast Day, October 4. Our friends at the Global Catholic Climate Movement have developed a celebration guide to help organize an event during this year's Season of Creation. Whether you decide to plant a tree, march for climate justice, or hold a prayer service, your presence matters.
   The Catholic Climate Covenant has developed unique program this year which will explore the interconnection between immigration, refugees, and climate change. The program will be released this month and will include prayers, readings, a short video, and suggested activities all with the theme, "Who is my neighbor in a climate threatened world?"  
   We urge our members to take advantage of these resources and begin to plan your event today. The Franciscan-Clarian Spirituality Committee will be sending additional materials about our celebration of the Season of Creation soon.  
Movie Review: Won't You Be My Neighbor?
By: Pat Klemm OSF

   If you have not seen "Won't You Be My Neighbor?", the documentary about Fred Rogers and his television show Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, I strongly urge you to see it if it is in your area!
   It is a testimony to the values of love and kindness that Fred shared with children for years. Fred's life commitment to Gospel values was enhanced by his love of children and his innate understanding of child psychology.
   The Franciscan value of the dignity of the human person was personified as he worked to create a program that respected all. His down to earth approach and his distinction between reality and make-believe helped children to grow in understanding of the world in which they lived. He did not avoid controversial topics that arose during the time the show was televised, but helped children to deal with their feelings and believe in themselves.
   Critics claimed that Fred's approach that each child is special led to the 'me' generation but it was clear in the film that helping children to know they are special and loved leads not to entitlement but to empowerment. Kindness was always the better choice to be made in interactions with others.
   I was touched by the testimonies of family, friends, and co-workers. I hope that children raised on "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" are living testimonies of the values he worked so hard to bring to children's programming.

Franciscan-Clarian Art Reflection 
By: Judith Terrameo OSF

   When Jesus had finished washing the feet of the disciples, he asked them, "Do you understand what I have done to you? You call me Master and Lord, and you are right ... If, I, then your Lord and Master, have washed your feet, you also must wash one another's feet." (Jn 13:12-15).
   Clare not only heard these words in John's Gospel, she put them into action by washing the feet of her sisters.
   Following the path of Francis and Clare, who walked in the footprints of Jesus, we must also wash the feet of one another.
   What does washing another's feet look like for you?

 Upcoming Days of Observance  

International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition  
August 23 is the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition is a day of tribute to all those who were enslaved and their resistance, and a call to truth, justice, and dialogue between peoples.

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