The Spring of Our Soul’s Journey
Dear Friends,

With great enthusiasm we send you our late winter Newsletter! Much is percolating as we engage in our souls’ expansion and excitation! For example, this spring we are publishing several long-awaited books (see announcement below), traveling to Europe to bring our programs to the people of Hungary, and overseeing the translation of I Remember Union into two more new languages!

Community members are presenting classes on inspiring topics, HeartThread is reaching more and more people, and Soul Recognition journeys are more powerful than ever. A new wave of light and enthusiasm is rising within us, and it’s not just the anticipation of Spring. We call this time "The Spring of Our Soul’s Journey!"

Spiritual guidance is opening a doorway for us to transform. This transformation involves completing our contracts with all beings before June 1st. With this accomplished, we can open our full soul capacity to bring our gifts into the world BEFORE JUNE 15th.

Monthly Classes
Presenter: Joy Melchizedek
Living the Magic of Creation Class
March 26th 7 - 9
What do mystical realms, elementals, and goddesses want to tell us about the value and enjoyment of magic in our lives today?

Join us as we explore magical realms, elementals, and goddesses, and open to the forgotten magic within. Creation, with all its wonder, is calling you to experience yourself in the fullness of who you are!
Self-Mastery and the Soul’s Design
April 30th, 7-9 p.m. EST
How do we develop tools for self-mastery and access our soul's design to live the life we came for?

Self-Mastery is the practice of aligning, communicating with, and living from your Soul’s Essence, regardless of outer circumstances. Self-Mastery is your birthright!
Presenter: Albert Moore
Wonderful Soul Work
Bringing our Work to Hungary   
Gabriella Kovacs, a Hungarian educator, met Flo Aeveia last summer on a trip to France and discussed her intention to translate I Remember Union into Hungarian. Drinking tea in French cafes, they talked about how to translate the soul essence, the Chrystallis, and other of these “new” ideas into Hungarian.

Gabriella completed the translation, published the book, and sold over 400 copies, some to individuals living in villages she had never heard of before. Her connection with Mary Magdalene and the deep response of the people to the book have created the opportunity to bring Dottie Woodward, Shoes Fillman, Nancy Strachan, Ruth Cooper, Geoff Dilley, and Flo Aeveia to facilitate Soul Recognition , a HeartThread training, Starfire! and Magdalene messages to Hungary in March!

We will share our experience and publish photos of this exciting trip in our next newsletter! You can track the Hungary events on our Calendar!
I Remember Union is Going Global
The powerful and inspiring journey of Mary Magdalene as told in I Remember Union is reaching a worldwide audience through new translations. As an example, a member of our Soul Support community in Hungary, Gabriella Kovacs, was so enthusiastic about the book that she translated it into Hungarian herself and had 400 copies printed. They quickly sold out! Needless to say, more books in Hungarian are on their way.

The book has already been translated into German and French, and translations into Hebrew, Greek and Japanese are under way. We are happy and grateful that this story of the truth of union is touching the hearts and souls of so many people across the planet. 
Gabriella Kovacs
Exciting January Programs in VA
Flo Aeveia was invited to speak at the IONS Richmond, Virginia, meeting in January to kick off their 24th year together.

Flo spoke on The Light of Our Origin to a filled-to-capacity crowd. Her talk is available on the Soul Support site.
Flo Aeveia's IONS Talk
Soul Recognition
at South River Highlands

Flo Aeveia and Shoes then joined Don Jacobs, Nancy Strachan, and Lauren Liberti to facilitate a Soul Recognition at a beautiful venue, South River Highlands, in Buena Vista, Virginia. Twelve souls had profound and enduring journeys, and we co-created a field of love and acceptance that deeply affected all of us. The photo collage here shows some highlights from our amazing time!
January Soul Recognition
Upcoming May Events in Virginia
Soul Recognition 
HeartThread Training
SSS Facilitator Gathering
Join us in for a very special time of renewal. Enter this space and time for a deeper and more embodied connection with your heart and soul!
If you have experienced the life-changing benefits of HeartThread sessions; practitioner training may be your calling to expand this work in the world!
Soul Support warmly invites all our facilitators to share our visions, and join with others from the US and UK to deepen our soul’s calling.
Soul Support Coordinators
We are pleased to have Jayn Stewart and Melinda DeMent in vital roles for a broad range of tasks and projects for Soul Support Systems.
Education Programs Coordinator
Website Design
 & Gal Friday
New Books on the Horizon!
For years we have been asked to compile the messages from our friends and guides in the spiritual realms and put them into book form. We are pleased to say that we’ve been working on this, and the first two books and a booklet will be available on our website in April. Stay tuned for the actual titles (still under discussion) and release dates!

The books include: 1) messages from the once-human angel, John Henry, who brings us the power and joy of living from the heart; 2) the Light Magnificent and the ease of grace from the greatest knight of all time, William Marshal; and
3) a booklet for expectant mothers, “Birthing Your Child’s Soul in Light,” a handbook of instructions, blessings and affirmations. 

John Henry and William Marshal have graciously come forward to help make our lives easier and more whole. It has been a joy for me to bring their gifts and consciousness into book form. Now we can look up a topic whenever we want and incorporate its wisdom into our daily lives.

--Jayn Stewart  
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