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News and Updates from Our Environmental Assessment and Remediation Team
STAFF HIGHLIGHT: Meet the Newest Members of the Stone Team
The Stone team has expanded with the addition of Brownfields Program Manager Annemarie Fortune; Senior Geologist Rebecca Treat, P.G.; Staff Geologist Jodie Wright; and Staff Engineer Erin Coats, EIT.

"We are excited to add Annemarie, Rebecca, Jodie, and Erin to Stone's Environmental Assessment and Remediation team! The addition of our newest staff allows Stone to better serve our projects in Vermont and beyond," said Dan Voisin, Stone's Senior Geologist and Director of Environmental Assessment and Remediation service line. "The challenges we face are diverse and increasing in complexity. Growing our team with these capable, new employee-owners increases our capacity to deliver high-quality solutions to our clients."
Annemarie is an experienced planning professional committed to co-developing more resilient and equitable communities through policy, system, and environmental changes. Before joining Stone, she collaborated with stakeholders in local and state government and community-based organizations in Colorado to advocate for innovative, place-based solutions to complex environmental health challenges. As Stone's new Brownfields Program Manager, she expedites projects' progress from environmental due diligence through remediation and closure.
As a Senior Geologist at Stone, Rebecca applies her field, analytical, and management experience to a variety of environmental projects. Rebecca is a professional geologist with over 17 years in environmental project management and geological field investigations. She has served as the lead technical expert for Brownfields projects throughout Vermont and northern New England and has extensive experience conducting investigations and cleanups for PFAS, chlorinated solvents, and hazardous building materials. 
Jodie applies diverse laboratory and field experience to her position as a staff geologist at Stone. While completing her undergraduate degree at Union College, Jodie performed laboratory and field investigations in groundwater hydrology, geomorphology, structural geology, volcanology, and mineralogy. She also investigated water quality and indicator bacteria in the Mohawk Watershed to track contaminants and explore solutions for clean water improvements.
Erin brings laboratory and technical field experience to her role as a staff engineer at Stone. As a graduate teaching assistant at Oregon State University, she ran laboratory experiments in ion exchange and gas membranes. At Stone, she applies her skills in technical drafting, report production, and engineering while assisting with site investigations around Vermont.
Meet Us at the National Brownfields Training Conference 2022
Dan Voisin, leader of Stone's Environmental Assessment and Remediation Team, and Annemarie Fortune, Stone's Brownfields Program Manager, will attend this national conference in Oklahoma City, August 16 - 19. The National Brownfields Training Conference is the largest event in the United States focused on environmental revitalization and economic redevelopment. Held every two years, the conference attracts over 2,000 stakeholders in brownfields redevelopment and cleanup to share knowledge about sustainable reuse.