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I hope that this newsletter finds you happy and healthy. As bays and areas around California start to slowly open back up again my fellow brokers and I are really starting to see a spike in activity. I truly feel that getting out on the water is one of the funnest and safest activities for you and your family to do as most of us are not itching to jump on a plane and or attend events right now. So why not buy a yacht and experience nature at its finest?

I have been taking my girls out almost every weekend now and have made so many memories from watching the bioluminescent water glow at night to the girls catching their first Spotted Sea Bass and Halibut. I want you to know that I’m here for you and for all of your yachting needs. Please feel free to contact me at any time day or night and let me help you get you and your family out on this beautiful blue ocean.

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Brokerage Boats, New to the Market & Price Reductions
As we are coming into the Summer boating season, now is the time to get serious about buying or selling a yacht. Yachts are selling and on our website you can see the latest vessels I have listed for sale, with some new to the market and some with recent price reductions. Take a look and contact me at any time day or night, even if another broker has something you might be interested in, I can help you.
If you don’t see what you are looking for, please let me know and I will find you your perfect yacht. There is NO COST to you by using me in a purchase, so lean on me for my expertise and I’m here to help you buy or sell your next yacht.

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Catalina Island Company Reopens Moorings to All Boaters at Two Harbors and Other Areas From White's Landing to Emerald Bay
NEWS FLASH: Avalon now open for boating (with limitations) as well!

Shore Access Permitted for Essential Activities and Active Use

Catalina Island Company announced today that it has received authorization from the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors, with the concurrence of the California State Lands Commission, to reopen the moorings it administers in the Two Harbors area to all boaters beginning Thursday, May 14. The sites, which include Isthmus Cove, Cat Harbor, Fourth of July Cove, Cherry Cove, Hen Rock, White’s Landing, Moonstone, Emerald Bay, Howland's Landing, Little Geiger and Buttonshell, will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis beginning at 7:00am on Thursday.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and discouragement of non-essential travel, use of the moorings has been limited to sub lessees only since the middle of March.

“We have been working diligently with Los Angeles County officials over the past several weeks to reopen our moorings in a way that is safe for all boaters,” said Randy Herrel, Sr., president and CEO, Catalina Island Company. “We know that boating with loved ones allows a family to spend time together while remaining socially distanced from others. Picking up a mooring can make boating more enjoyable, as well as help ensure a safer experience for all.”

Boaters will be able to come ashore for essential activities including:
  • Food and necessary shopping at the Two Harbors General Store (face coverings are required)
  • To-go food/drink pick up from the West End Galley (items must be consumed aboard your boat per County regulations)
  • Restroom and coin-op shower facilities
  • Trash facilities

The Two Harbors pier is available for shore access only and is not open for recreational use. Additionally, while beaches are open for active recreation, activities such as sunbathing, sitting, gathering and picnicking are not permitted.

Mooring reservations are available at VisitCatalinaIsland.com/mooringrez starting at 8:00pm on Thursday evenings immediately preceding each weekend. Weekday moorings are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Upon arrival, call Harbor Patrol on VHF 9. For the well-being of all, shore-boat service is currently unavailable.

Mooring use is subject to change based on the fluidity of the health pandemic.
Spiny and delicious, sea urchins shine in a new documentary
They are briny and sweet – once you get past those formidable spines. Biting into one has been likened to kissing a mermaid. Now they are ready for their close-up.Sea urchins – which contain the prized meat the Japanese call uni – are the subject of a new documentary “The Delicacy,” which explores the complex relationship between humans and these porcupines of the sea.
“I look at this film as a nature documentary about people,” says director Jason Wise, who spent seven years creating his 70-minute ode to the scourge of all recreational swimmers’ feet.

“The Delicacy” features chefs who prize the sea urchin for its delicate, luxurious flesh and the fishermen who catch it by hand. It takes fascinating detours into the world of abalone fishing and the urchin’s deadly rival – sea otters.

This time, Wise dove with the sea urchin divers off the coast of California, but initially faced some difficulties convincing them to be filmed. “They don’t stand to gain much from being on camera,” he said.

Incredible bioluminescent waves create stunning scenes on California beaches

The phenomenon is caused by dinoflagellates, microscopic marine plankton. “Occasionally they are found in high concentrations, resulting in red tides, so called because the high abundance of organisms discolors the water,” explains the Scripps Institution of Oceanography on its website. “If the dinoflagellates are luminescent, there can be spectacular displays of bioluminescence at night.”

New In-Stock Yacht Specials!
 We currently have some amazing specials on 2 new Jeanneau Yachts.
The BAVARIA C57 is a pure expression of class, elegance and the finest craftsmanship. With the design and style of a megayacht, it sets new trends and boasts a long waterline which guarantees high basic speeds. View additional details.
Jeanneau 490 Sun Odyssey
Fully loaded with Air Conditioning, Generator and full electronics package. Contact me for special promotion.
When we designed the BAVARIA C45, we wanted to create a yacht which people would feel completely at home on – with features like the huge bathing platform, big cockpit and bright saloon – and also a yacht of the utmost flexibility. View additional details.
Elan Impression 45 - SOLD!
Jeanneau 440 Sun Odyssey
The new Sun Odyssey 440 benefits from an entirely new, innovative layout for greater ease of movement about the boat. Contact me for special promotion.

Bali Catspace Sail
Arriving in August 2020. Call me for special promotions on this yacht.

Bavaria C42
Arriving in August 2020. Call me for special promotions on this yacht.

Jeanneau 349 Sun Odyssey
Call me for special promotions on this yacht.

Bavaria CR34
Arrives in July 2020. Call me for special promotions on this yacht.

Jeanneau 64 - Special Opportunity
There's a saying, "Challenges are opportunities in disguise." Or one person's loss is another's gain. Sadly, in this case, the buyer of a new Jeanneau Yacht 64 has cancelled his order and forfeited his deposit. This magnificent yacht has just returned from the paint shop and is at the factory in France, ready to be shipped. One fortunate buyer will not only be able to take delivery of this yacht this summer, but will also have the unheard of benefit of a $300,000 price reduction due to the forfeited deposit.

There is also a Jeanneau 64 coming on the market in Southern California shortly. Contact me if you are interested in this once-in-a-lifetime deal!
Destinations for Cruising in Southern California
Some of my clients and friends ask me "Where do you take your boat in Southern California?" So, I made up this short video to give you some ideas and hopefully some destinations for this summer's fun on the water. I hope you enjoy.
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