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February 1, 2021
The COVID-19 Bulletin Has a New Look!
We’ve streamlined content and updated the format to make it easier for you to access essential information as we navigate this extraordinary health crisis together. As always, we invite your comments about this transition.

Mark Friedman, CEO
Mariellen Faria, Board Chairperson
Vaccine News
What Does it Feel Like to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Six Americans recently vaccinated spoke of relief and excitement about moving past a pandemic that has claimed more than 400,000 American lives, of anxiety about loved ones who remain unprotected, and of guilt about being vaccinated before others who may be more “deserving.” HuffPost Read more
Californians Ask: Where Are Our Coronavirus Vaccines?
Blue Shield to Coordinate Delivery Statewide and Speed Process

With Californians growing desperate to protect themselves from COVID-19 and put the pandemic behind them, many want to know: Where are their vaccines? California’s vaccine rollout per capita has been among the slowest in the country and state officials can’t say where unused doses are, whether they are reserved for upcoming appointments or whether they are sitting in freezers unnecessarily. CalMatters Read more
East Palo Alto Clinic Pushes to Get Minorities Vaccinated
NBC Bay Area
Coronavirus Vaccine's Second Dose Has More Side Effects

The Food and Drug Administration advises that the Pfizer vaccine’s most commonly reported side effects - pain at the injection site, tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain and fever - are more common after the second dose than the first. Similar warnings are in place for the Moderna vaccine.

Medical professionals say the side effects should not deter patients from getting the vaccine, as the adverse reactions are a positive sign that the vaccine is doing what it’s supposed to do. East Bay Times
By the Numbers
Confirmed Cases

Bay Area: 374,007
California: 3,324,264
U.S.: 26,189,384

Alameda County

Vaccines Administered:138,052
Cases: 73,771
Deaths: 980
Test Positivity: 7.7%
Hospitalized Patients: 368
ICU Beds Available: 70

Cases are very high but have decreased over the past two weeks (-40%). The number of hospitalized COVID patients has remained at about the same level in the Alameda County area. Deaths have increased. The test positivity rate in Alameda County is high, suggesting that cases may be undercounted.
Reported Deaths

Bay Area: 4,235
California: 40,928
U.S.: 441,367

Contra Costa County

Vaccines Administered:127,170
Cases: 57,337
Deaths: 529
Test Positivity: 9.2%
Hospitalized Patients: 200
ICU Beds Available: 22

Cases are very high but have decreased over the past two weeks (-45%) The number of hospitalized COVID patients has remained at about the same level in the Contra Costa County area. Deaths have decreased.The test positivity rate in Contra Costa County is very high, suggesting that cases are being significantly undercounted.
Sources: Johns Hopkins University, SF Chronicle, and dashboards for California and Alameda and Contra Costa counties.
Local News
Two Worrisome Coronavirus Variants Found in Bay Area

Two worrisome new coronavirus variants - first identified in Brazil and the U.K. - have been detected in the San Francisco Bay Area by Stanford Medicine amid growing concerns that the virus’s continuing evolution will help it spread, kill and evade vaccines developed to combat the deadly disease. Mercury News Read more
Oakland, San Jose May Require Grocers to Give "Hazard Pay"

A year into a pandemic, San Jose and Oakland may force large retail businesses - primarily grocery chains - to give their front line workers “hazard pay” until the disease is finally vanquished.

Workers in both cities would see their paychecks boosted by $5 an hour if their respective city councils approve emergency ordinances on Tuesday. Mercury News Read more
UC Berkeley Issues Warning Advisory on Surge in COVID-19 Cases

The University of California at Berkeley on Sunday morning issued an advisory confirming a surge in student COVID-19 cases, "including students who live in campus housing." The university's novel coronavirus dashboard shows that 44 people tested positive on Saturday, representing 3.2% of the 1,362 tests analyzed. Bay City News Read more
State and National News
CDC Requires Wearing of Face Masks While on Public Transportation and at Transit Hubs Effective Tomorrow, February 2

The CDC is implementing provisions of President Biden’s Executive Order on Promoting COVID-19 Safety in Domestic and International Travel and will require the wearing of masks by all travelers into, within, or out of the United States, e.g., on airplanes, ships, ferries, trains, subways, buses, taxis, and ride-shares. CDC Website Read more
Two Masks Are the New One Mask

The latest recommendation for slowing and stopping the spread of COVID-19: double masking. Dr. Anthony Fauci endorses double masking, the practice of wearing two face masks, because "it just makes common sense." CNET Read more
How COVID-19's Immunity Certificates Could Restore Our Lives or Divide Us

Imagine a future when a single document determines whether you work, play or travel.
That scenario - a system of “immunity certification” that grants privileges to those vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus - is now being deliberated by a growing number of global businesses and governments, anxious to control the disease and also restore the economy. Mercury News Read more
UC Davis Tries to Shield City From Coronavirus

UC Davis has made free coronavirus tests - twice weekly, with overnight results - available to all 69,500 people in the city of Davis and hundreds of nonresidents who just work there. NY Times Read more
COVID-19 Steals Smell, Taste
Will They Ever Come Back?

A year into the pandemic, researchers still aren't sure when some COVID-19 survivors may get their senses back - if ever - and many are struggling with the long-term safety, hygiene and psychiatric implications of the loss. USA Today Read more
Fast Facts
Employees With COVID-19 May Return to Work Without Obtaining a New, Negative Test Result After the Isolation Period Ends

Workplace guidelines for individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 have been updated and a negative test is no longer required to return to work after the individual has completed a 10-day isolation period and no longer have a fever and their symptoms have improved. Eden Health District Website Read more
How COVID Vaccines Work

COVID-19 vaccines bring the promise of global light at the end of the pandemic, but many people have questions about the science, the effectiveness and the safety. UC Davis Health Read more
  • COVID-19 testing is a good idea, but keep in mind, people who test negative can still harbor the virus if they are early in their infection.
  • viral test tells you if you have a current infection.
  • An antibody test might tell you if you had a past infection.

East Bay Focus
(as of 1/31/21)
(as of 1/31/21)
Over the last seven days, Alameda County officials have reported 3,437 new coronavirus cases, which amounts to 209 cases per 100,000 residents.
Over the last seven days, Contra Costa County officials have reported 2,386 new coronavirus cases, which amounts to 211 cases per 100,000 residents.
Top 10 Locations of Cases in
Alameda County, as of 1/31/21

Oakland: 22,931
Hayward: 11,677
Fremont: 6,486
Eden MAC: 5,113
San Leandro: 4,497
Livermore: 3,751
Union City: 3,419
Berkeley: 2,658
Newark: 2,397
Castro Valley: 2,164

Top 10 Locations of Cases in
Contra Costa County, as of 1/31/21

Richmond: 8,850
Antioch: 7,765
Concord: 6,857
Pittsburg: 5,684
San Pablo: 4,552
Brentwood: 3,032
Oakley: 2,533
Walnut Creek: 2,376
Bay Point: 2,372
San Ramon: 1,730
Mask On!
Protect Yourself While Protecting Others
Working in collaboration with the Alameda County Public Health Department, the cities of Hayward and San Leandro, and the Castro Valley and Eden Area Municipal Advisory Councils, the District has printed "Mask On" posters for each city in the Eden Health District area. These posters are free of charge and intended for businesses, health clinics, schools, churches, public agencies and nonprofit agencies to display in their entrances. The posters are available in English, Spanish and Chinese languages.
The public is welcome to download and print or share "Mask On" posters from our website.
About Eden Health District
The Eden Health District Board of Directors are chair Mariellen Faria, vice chair Pam Russo, secretary/treasurer Roxann Lewis, Gordon Galvan and Varsha Chauhan. The Chief Executive Officer is Mark Friedman.
The Eden Health District is committed to ensuring that policy makers and community members receive accurate and timely information to help make the best policy and personal choices to meet and overcome the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
We welcome your feedback on our bulletin. Please contact editor Lisa Mahoney.
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