TO:           MADA Members


FROM:     Peter Kitzmiller, President, MADA


DATE:      March 23, 2020


RE:           COVID-19 Marlyland Update 


Earlier today, MADA provided members with the Federal Guidance Governor Hogan utilized to classify an essential and non-essential workforce. We also provided the Governor's Office of Law interpretation of today's Executive Order specifically identifying industries included as "essential."   
The Office of Law interpretation deems automotive supply and repair shops essential. It also classifies lessors of transportation assets as essential. Motor vehicles are considered transportation assets. 
The text of the Executive Order was published this afternoon and is included with this communication. The Order requires business deemed as "non-essential" that are open to the "general public" to close by 5 pm.   GOVERNOR HOGAN EXECUTIVE ORDER
It is MADA's position that all dealership operations can remain open.  Service may remain open to the general public. Sales can remain open so long as dealers implement an appointment based model that prohibits the general public from accessing sales department at any time. Social distancing protocols and extreme sanitization standards must be adhered to at all times. Each dealership should develop an extensive appointment based policy including extensive public notice. 

Finally, NADA is aggressively pushing Federal regulators to clarify that automotive sales are essential so the sales department can be open to the general public as well.