BASIS International Ltd. announces the latest BBx Generations & Barista Customer Support Handbook. This update now includes support guidelines for the RAD Barista application development framework. The handbook describes how BASIS USA responds to customer requests for BBx (BBj, PRO/5, and/or Visual PRO/5) and Barista support when BASIS USA is the customer's primary support resource. The range of support tiers is intended to provide you, our customers, with comprehensive support for ALL your BASIS ecosystem needs.

An important aspect of incorporating Barista into the Handbook is that BASIS technical support will be the primary channel for Barista support from BASIS, as it is for BBx. The barista-list will revert to being a community forum group, like the bbj-developer group.

Beyond the basic technical support of the BASIS product stack, BASIS also offers a variety of Professional Services to address a vocalized need in its community. These services range from ad hoc support to formal one-on-one mentoring packaged at a heavily discounted rate. See below for the types of services BASIS can deliver to you and your team.