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April 8, 2011  



Even though it's a little damp today, the buds on the Magnolia and Pear trees are going full steam ahead, as are my "late" daffodils. And, of course, the Spring holidays are almost upon us. Passover begins Monday evening, April 18th and Easter is Sunday, April 24th. And for you atheists, just go frolicking through the green grass.

Join me for the first FARM-TO-TABLE Dinner of the season next Saturday, April 16th at Crossing Vineyards in Washington Crossing. I'll be the guest speaker at a
five-course gourmet meal including Crossing Vineyards' internationally-acclaimed wines paired with the best in seasonal, local fare with an elegant twist. Click here to learn more and see the menu.

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I've looked at the forecast for the weekend...and I'm confused. It's one of those partly sunny, partly cloudy, maybe showers, maybe not, and in the high 50s to low 60s. I'll take it. And every time I talk to someone, the forecast temperatures for Monday go up - first it was 75�, then 80�, then [...]


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I am 49 years old, and I am baking matzah for the first time in my life. Not that baking your own matzah is a normal thing for an average Jewish-American woman to do. In fact, my mother's response was, "Why would you want to do that?"  


All my life I have known matzah - the unleavened cracker-like bread that Jews eat for the eight days of Passover - as something that comes out of a box you buy at the supermarket. Then I went to Bobolink Dairy Farm & Bakehouse [...]


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As many of you may know, I write a post every year about where one could go out for Thanksgiving in Bucks and nearby- and it is one of the most popular posts of the year. So here is a listing of restaurants offering Easter brunch and/or dinner. I'm sure there are other places offering nice meals, so if you know of them, please let me know and I'll add them to the post. Here in alphabetical order with any interesting details I could find...


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I've been hearing from some CSA farms (Community Supported Agriculture) that they still have shares available for the upcoming season. To learn more about how most CSAs work, read our previous post.


Here are the farms who still have shares available. Give them a call or email to find out more...