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June 17, 2011  

Where has June gone?


It's the middle of June already! Strawberries are waning but raspberries and blueberries are beginning to appear. Yippee.


This weekend is Father's Day so I hope you'll enjoy some time with the Dad in your life. If you still need ideas for a Dad's Day gift - or want to give some big hints to those buying gifts for you - check out our post,

The new, cool foodie Dad.


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Lynne Goldman & Mark Feffer,
Cody & Canta


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Bucks County Taste Food Calendar

Thank goodness we're back to seasonal weather and the weekend looks pretty decent (don't want to jinx it). As I prepare the weekly calendar update, I'm always thinking, "What are we doing this weekend? Can we go to this? Or that?" It's always a bit up in the air. This weekend my Bucks County Food Tour pal, Alan Brown, and I [...] 


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The Painted Truffle
Chocolates from The Painted Truffle


Yep. It's this Sunday. You better get your act together. Father's Day is Sunday, June 19, 2011.  


Do people still buy ties for Dads? Or barbecue equipment? Or is that all advertising gobbly gook? More like polo shirts and ugly shorts, no? What truly is reality?  


Before I get too metaphysical, let's get really real. And into some cool foodie presents for Dads [...]  


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Bucks County Food ToursWelcome Bucks County Food Tours!

I've been told from time to time by regular readers of Bucks County Taste that they are a bit jealous of my "job" (The word "job" implies I make real money at this.)  


"Oh," they say, "You go around and eat all this amazing food, and shop all over the place. I wish I could..." Well, now you can [...]


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FacebookIt's contest time again! Only this time you're going have to give if you want to get. Right now Bucks County Taste's Facebook page is hovering around 980 followers. Call me insecure, or a maybe a fan of whole numbers (what's a number anyway?) but I'd love to see us shoot over 1000 friends and I need your input. What do you think are the "don't miss" food experiences in Bucks County? You could win big "local food bucks" [...]


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Eat, bark, bid  

Lulu's Rescue 

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you already know my passions - local food, good causes, and my family - which includes two rescue dogs, Cody, a terrier mutt, and Canta, a mini-schnauzer, that we are grateful for each day. (Well...maybe not when Canta is barking incessantly.)


And if you also care about dogs, and have lived in Bucks County for a few years, you have probably heard about Lulu's Rescue, a pretty special kind of rescue organization, begun in January 2010. They save dogs who are on "death row" in community shelters, about to end their days because the right home hasn't been found yet.[...]


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