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Spring Flowers at Del Val College

March 11, 2011  

Halfway to April... 


Dare I say it? Things are warming up. Little green shoots are pushing up out of the ground and buds are showing on our pear tree. And it's sunny. Ah-h-h-h. Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend. We may get out of this winter yet.

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Bucks County Taste Food Calendar


Spring, spring, spring! At the risk

of bringing on a March snowstorm,
I am thrilled to welcome signs of spring. What are they - in food terms? Read on.  



Fish Fry suppers, St. Patrick's Day, hamentashen, ice cream, farmers' markets, and the 2nd Annual

New Hope-Lambertville Restaurant Week, for starters... 


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Guy Fieri's CamaroYes, the rumors you've heard for six months are all true. Local favorite dining spot, The Pineville Tavern (PVT), will be appearing on the popular Food Network show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives Monday evening, March 7 at 9 pm.  


The episode was taped last August and I was lucky to be one of the chosen few there for the big event. Since the taping requires an "audience," about two dozen family and friends...


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Time for Hamentashen!


HamentashenYessiree, it's that time again. Purim is here!  


Purim is a fun, almost carnival-like holiday, celebrating the Jews narrow escape from extermination in long ago Persia. (What can I say? It's been thousands of years of persecution; at least we make a holiday
of it.)  


Jews celebrate with costumes, food, parties and, yes, spirits. One of the traditions involves baking tri-cornered tasty little cookies called hamentashen. Here's my (great) recipe, along with instructional pictures...


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Let's go for ice cream! 


Chubby's Reserve

All over the county, ice cream parlors are reopening for the season. Where's your favorite? Stop by and have a scoop to celebrate spring.


Here's a listing of ice cream places in Bucks County and nearby...


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