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Colored Corn from Trauger's Farm Market

November 5, 2010

Here's the lastest food news in Bucks County and nearby. Have a crisp and sweet weekend.

Lynne Goldman & Mark Feffer,
Cody & Canta
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November 5, 2010

Brrrr. It's November. But don't worry. There are still lots of fun things to do and eat in Bucks County before Thanksgiving. Oh. Or are you starving yourself in preparation for Thanksgiving?

Enjoy the fall harvest! Here's what's going on this week.

Don't forget to check our calendar, Food Events in Bucks County anytime for delicious things going on right in your backyard (mostly).

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Fresh turkeys in Bucks - 2010
Who you calling a turkey?
Halloween is over. You know what time it is now. Thanksgiving time! I'm already getting lots of hits (reads) of my posts from last year on where to get a local turkey (or where to go out to eat on Thanksgiving). Here's an update for 2010 on where you can get fresh, natural turkeys in Bucks County. Not all are raised here (some come from Lancaster County), but they are all fresh and can be picked up just before Thanksgiving. And don't dilly-dally. Some of these producers/vendors may already be sold out! Here's an alphabetical list of markets, farms and producers where you can get the birds, along with key information...

Bucks County BiscottiHave you ever had a Bucks County Biscotti? If not, you don't know what you're missing, says guest blogger Rich Baringer, munching as he writes about these delicious, locally made Italian treats. He loves the Classic Anise Almond, subtly sweet with tiny anise seeds that give a little punch of licorice flavor and great texture. And everything that happens at Bucks County Biscotti is the result of the work of husband and wife team, Karen Riley and Craig Silbert...


Gas Guzzling for GoodCathy Snyder, ordinary citizen, showed up one May day at the New Hope Farmers' Market and asked farmers if they wanted to donate any surplus produce to local food pantries. That was the beginning. She now picks up at ten donor farms - Gravity Hill Farm, Milk House Farm Market, None Such Farm Market, Saint Ho Pao Farm, Solebury Orchards, Thorpe Farm, Tall Pine Farms, Sweet Valley Farm, Honey Brook Organic Farm and Open Acres CSA. and delivers to eight recipient organizations. All in a big red Ford Excursion...

Guest blogger Rich Baringerexplores the great variety of pumpkins and how you can eat them too in this post.

PumpkinsWhen I was a kid, my grandfather, who was quite the farmer, would always make personalized pumpkins for me, my sister and our cousins. When the pumpkin was very small, he would use a pen knife to carve our names and a little picture-by just slightly scoring the skin. As the pumpkin grew, so did the carving. We always looked forward to getting this special treat from him. For those looking for a healthy diet, pumpkin is a great addition because it's low in calories and high in potassium and Vitamin A. You can use pumpkin and most squash (even sweet potatoes) interchangeably in many recipes. And, if kept in a cool and dry spot, a pumpkin will last for several months...
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