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Don Plummer - Executive Vice President
HGA continues its strategic journey to bring a full breadth of integrated solutions to our HGA clients. We value our long term relationships, and are working closely in partnership with our clients to meet their needs for cost efficiency and bringing them schedule certainty.
Our pipeline services capabilities continue to be a differentiator in the markets we serve. We recently added our unmanned aerial vehicle inspection solutions that deliver hands-off piloting visualization, significantly expanding our surveying and inspection solutions for our energy, chemicals and pipeline business customers.
We also recently completed the field alignment phases of more than 470 plats for an Anadarko pipeline project in the Delaware Basin in West Texas. Using HGA's innovative workflows and our GIS based software, we are improving operational efficiency and contributing to the increased schedule certainty and capital efficiency that Anadarko expects.
HGA has been working with Williams for six years now. Since we formed our strategic alliance, HGA has executed ongoing work in projects ranging from front-end engineering design to multiple compressor station expansion projects. The addition of multiple compressor station expansion projects in the southeast and northeast United States significantly boosted our engineering workforce project load.
Our HGA Lake Charles office recently helped host a delegation from Taiwan's leading energy and petrochemical enterprise at the proposed G2 LNG facility along the Calcasieu River Ship Channel in Cameron Parish. HGA's regional business development manager recently presented at the LA Recovery Summit about our proven success stories to improve the state's ability to respond to and recover from catastrophic disasters.
Lastly, we are honored to have made the Zweig Group's inaugural "Best Firms to Work for" list of top architecture, structural engineering, civil engineering, environmental, and multidiscipline firms in the United States and Canada. The recognition reaffirms the values that have contributed to our legacy and why we are recognized as an employer of choice in our industry.
In closing, we are very thankful for the relationships that have been developed in the industries served and appreciate our clients trusting in HGA to service their needs with timely, cost effective solutions.

Williams continues to source HGA for Engineering Compressor Station expansion projects


HGA has been engaged as an engineering contractor by Williams on several of their expansion projects in Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Texas and New Jersey. The scope of these projects includes engineering and design, installation of compressor stations, and associated turbine/compressor skids.
Several projects are currently in the construction phase:

The Gulf Trace Expansion project is designed to expand the existing pipeline system in order to deliver gas to the Sabine Pass Liquefaction Facility 2 in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. The project scope included the installation of compressor station 42, which is already completed.  


The Hillabee Expansion project includes installation of compressor stations 95, 105, and 84 in the Sabal Trail pipeline, in Alabama. The Dalton Expansion Project involves construction of a new compressor station (116) in Carroll County, Georgia. This compressor station is part of the infrastructure being installed to provide additional reliable natural gas service to utility companies in northwest Georgia.


We also provided complete full buildout design including Units 3 and 4 turbine/compressor skids at Station 166 for the Virginia Southside Expansion Project II in Pittsylvania County, VA.

The phased construction for the Atlantic Sunrise Project has begun, including the Unit 13 Expansion at Station 190 in Ellicot County, MD, and the flow reversal piping modifications at Station 145 in Grover, NC. HGA completed these design packages in the summer of 2016.
There are also a few projects in the design phase:

The Gulf Connector Expansion Project is an expansion of the Transco pipeline system in Texas and Louisiana to connect US natural gas supplies with global liquefied natural gas (LNG) markets. The project involves Station 17, Corpus Christi Interconnect Meter Station, Station 23, and Station 32.

Finally, we have kicked off the design for Station 206 as a part of the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (NESE). This expansion is designed to provide additional gas supply to New York City for the 2019/2020 winter heating season and allow the city to reach its clear air goals.
For more information about our engineering services, go to our website.
HGA pipeline team produces survey and design plats faster for operational efficiency
The advanced capabilities of our HGA field survey and GIS teams allow them to produce property plats and construction alignment sheets significantly more efficiently and at a higher quality than in years past. By utilizing our processes for gathering field data and processing it using our current GIS based software, we have been able to reduce our time to complete these plats and alignments by nearly 40%.
Anadarko has been very active in the Delaware Basin, and required the expansion of three major gathering areas in Reeves County. HGA was awarded the survey and design work for Reeves County Area A, which was one of the largest of the areas. Area A includes over 200 miles of pipelines ranging from 8" to 24" to gather and transport oil, LP Gas, HP Gas, and produced water.            
HGA began the field alignment surveys at the end of January as permissions were given by landowners, and completed the initial field work within six weeks. The resulting surveys allowed HGA's pipeline designers to start the next major undertaking of producing all of the property plats. The first plats were issued in less than 2 weeks, and over the next 6 weeks, approximately 470 plats were issued. This is due in large part to the quality of HGA's field survey staff and HGA's advancements in utilization of GIS technology. HGA is now in the process of preparing 430 pipeline alignment sheets, and approximately 145 piping drawing packages by the end of June. This project is slated to be completed in only five months, and HGA is currently on schedule and under budget.
To pull off a project of this magnitude in this timeframe takes dedication and teamwork. Once again, HGA is providing a valuable service and growing a stronger relationship with a core client. HGA is eager to see Reeves County operational, and looks forward to more opportunities.
Drones used for pipeline and facility design and inspection

As part of a trend toward increasingly data-driven surveying and aerial mapping, HGA is utilizing our unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) program to capture more data in less time than ever before. The UAVs deliver hands-off visualization of pipelines and facilities, providing more safe and cost-effective solutions than traditional means.
HGA is a forerunner among companies using autonomous drone solutions to deliver aerial mapping products. Pipeline UAVs are equipped with GPS technology and high-resolution cameras to capture hundreds of georeferenced images. These images are then processed to result in survey-grade accuracy for planning, design, and layout operations, all of which help us and out clients reduce collection/inspection time, for faster analysis and monitoring. The use of this technology is resulting in safer operations, more accurate project plans, faster delivery of drawings, and lower costs for our clients.
Traditional UAVs need to be flown from the ground by a pilot, resulting in slower, less consistent results. We utilize autonomous flight plans with pre-programmed waypoints using GPS coordinates, which allows the drone to scan the site faster. Using Mission Planner software, we plan the flight path, aiming for maximum coverage of the job site. It also controls the camera to gather high-resolution map images, resulting in more accurate project development plans.
UAVs promise enhanced data collection, and we are proving their value. HGA's goals for our drone program are to provide clients with higher quality deliverables, decrease human intervention, and ultimately increase safety.

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Ernie Broussard with Shun-Chin Lee, CEO of CPC Corporation, Taiwan.
HGA hosts key International Delegation for RRM's Chemplex Mega Project

The RRM Chemplex is a key progression of the RRM Group's energy complex being developed in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.  It is the second mega project being considered for development at their strategic site in Cameron Parish; the first being the G2 LNG Project that is currently under development. The potential Chemplex Project culminated recently with a multi-faceted site visit to the proposed plant location in Cameron, Louisiana. The Taiwanese petrochemical industry leaders representing CPC Corporation and several other Taiwanese Companies are looking closely at the site to locate their Chemplex. They enjoyed an exclusive sit e orientation by surface, waterfront, and air modes in their assessment of the roughly 1,300 acre site. The site is able to accommodate the G2 LNG export facility and a companion Chemplex with multiple chemical processing plants. Taiwan is an East Asian nation of about 23 million people. 
Ernie Broussard, HGA's Regional Business Development Manager operating out of Lake Charles, and the entire HGA team, combined with the RRM Group and its' other partners, hosted the international delegation. Regional elected and appointed officials were also present at the summit, which aimed to strengthen community support and underscore the demonstrable strengths of the site and its immediate proximity to the Calcasieu Ship Channel and the Gulf of Mexico. The combined projects are earmarked at $23 B, which would be the largest project in Louisiana's history.  
RRM Group is owned by Louisiana natives and headquartered in Baton Rouge. Thomas Hudson, CEO of RRM Group, has assembled a globally recognized technical team to develop this energy complex in South Louisiana.
RRM Group CEO Tom Hudson speaks to delegates of the Taiwanese petrochemical industry in Cameron Parish.
During the site visit, the tour team provided their guests with afternoon helicopter and boat site tours and catering featuring some of Louisiana's finest Cajun seafood. These tours were in-depth, informative and allowed the delegates to visualize the massive scope of the project. These projects will maximize the export value found in the abundant supply of lower cost, cleaner burning natural gas available across much of the United States, including the US Gulf Coast.

HGA's Regional Business Development Manager Presented at LA Recovery Summit

Ernie Broussard, HGA's Regional Business Development Manager in Lake Charles, was opening keynote speaker at the Resources for Louisiana's Recovery Summit held in Alexandria, La.

In his delivery, Broussard spoke about the varying modes of commerce and transportation creating alternative logistical recovery challenges that have proven critical to the success of long-term recovery and resilience statewide. He later chaired an open forum for an exchange of ideas and concepts of noted best practices. He further presented various HGA success stories from around the country that underscored cutting edge project control, document management and decisions support systems that have been proven effective in disaster recovery and industrial project management.  

The summit was held March 29, 2017. A mong the agencies in attendance were the Office of Community Development, US Commerce, Louisiana Economic Development, the World Trade Center Organization, Delta Regional Authority, Housing & Urban Development, the Institute for Preparedness and Resiliency, and a host of elected and appointed dignitaries from around the state. 
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HGA named a "Best Firms to Work for"

Hunt, Guillot & Associates, LLC is excited to announce that the firm has been selected as one of Zweig Group's prestigious "Best Firms to Work For" competition in North America.
This list recognizes the top architecture, structural engineering, civil engineering, environmental, and multidiscipline firms in the United States and Canada based on their workplace practices, employee benefits, employee retention rates and much more.

Open Positions

Production Supervisor
Westlake, LA

The Day Production Supervisor position is a direct hire position with one of our specialty chemical clients in the Westlake, LA area.     


This Process Engineer - MEK position is a direct hire position working for an HGA refinery client in the Buffalo, NY area.

Electrical Technician
Gurdon, AR

The E&I Supervisor position is a direct-hire position with an HGA wood products client in northern Louisiana.  

E&I Reliability Supervisor
Ruston, LA

The E&I Supervisor position is a direct-hire position with an HGA wood products client in northern Louisiana


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