Volume 1 | December 2021
ICAIE Happenings
December 2021
ICAIE is excited to announce the launch of our monthly e-newsletter. We hope you will enjoy hearing about all of the great work that we have been doing since our creation earlier this year to counter illicit economies and crime convergence around the world. We are excited about US engagement across sectors on these important national security threats and are promoting collective action through public-private partnerships and information sharing. ICAIE will continue to provide leadership energies across black markets, financial safe havens, and sanctuaries of impunity to fight kleptocracy/corruption, organized crime, money laundering/TBML, terrorist financing, and the complicity of enablers.

Thank you to all of our members, partners, and friends who are helping ICAIE to realize its full potential. If you are interested in becoming a member, contact us at info@icaie.com.
ICAIE New DC Office: In November 2021, ICAIE opened its new office in Washington, DC at 1455 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

ICAIE's strategic location places our presence at the intersection of US policy making vectors, the U.S. Congress, diplomatic community, and leading business organizations and NGO networks that help to foster greater collaborations and advance dynamic public-private partnerships to counter illicit economies and crime convergence.
ICAIE Thought Leadership Corner: Why We Must Confront the Growing Threat to National Security Posed by Illicit Economies and Cesspools of Corruption and Organized Crime (ICAIE Executive Director Luna, Morning Consult 2021): Illicit economies are not harmless and can have tremendous human, economic, societal and security costs and consequences.

Illicit economies come with vulnerabilities to peace and security — including corruption, violence, chaos, organized crime, terrorist financing and instability. Illicit economies are the lifeblood of today’s bad actors, enabling kleptocrats to loot their countries, criminal organizations to co-opt states and export violence and terrorist groups to finance their attacks against our societies. Illicit economies are pervasive threats that undermine democracy, corrode the rule of law, fuel impunity, imperil effective implementation of national sustainability and economic development strategies, contribute to human rights abuses and enflame violent conflicts. Read More.
Thank you to our amazing partners and great turn out for ICAIE's first webinar, "The Dark Forces Of Illicit Trade". The ICAIE event featured the following speakers: JC Collins, Director, U.S. Council on Transnational Organized Crime (USCTOC); Ryan "Whit" Whittington, Director, NTC, DOD; and Paul Massaro, Senior Policy Advisor at U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe; Rod Khattabi, Chief Accountability Officer & Justice Initiative Director, Grace Farms; Hernan Albamonte, Head of Illicit Trade Prevention, Philip Morris International; Tara Steketee, Director, Product Integrity at Merck; and Lauren Kohr, Senior Director, AML, ACAMS.
USA-IT Summit
ICAIE is proud to be a part of United to Safeguard America from Illegal Trade (USA-IT). USA-IT is a public-and-private-sector partnership protecting Americans’ security and prosperity from black market criminals. It takes a network of allies to beat a network of criminals.

To date, USA-IT has brought together nearly 60 national and state brand enforcement experts, law enforcement agencies, and leading business organizations dedicated to fighting illegal trade. Recently, the coalition was honored to welcome as new partners Crime Stoppers USA and Grace Farms Foundation. USA-IT will host its first Summit in Washington, DC on 1-2 December 2021. Among the USA-IT Summit's key policy recommendations are:

  • A National Framework Against Illegal Trade and Organized Crime
  • Address the Challenges Posed by E-Commerce
  • Confront the Abuse of Small Parcels in Trade of Contraband
  • Disrupt Foreign Free-Trade Zones (FTZs) as Enablers to Illegal Trade
  • Sanction and Penalize Criminal and Corrupt Actors by Disincentivizing Illicit Behaviors

Read More about USA-IT here
ICAIE's Leadership Activities and Accomplishments in November 2021:

  • ICAIE underscores how Florida's security and prosperity is in jeopardy
  • ICAIE hosts "The Dark Forces of Illicit Trade" webinar (read above)
  • ICAIE participates in ACAMS' Roundtables with DHS Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) on Countering International Drug Trafficking and Illicit Financial Flows; and the Social Impact dialogue with the US Treasury Department on Human Trafficking and Illegal Wildlife Trade
  • ICAIE helps lead discussion in State Department's Intelligence and Reseach (INR)/National Intelligence Council (ODNI)/NIM 2021 Transnational Organized Crime Conference, Emerging TOC Threats to the United States National Security
  • ICAIE joins call for US Senate to include and pass anti-corruption measures in NDAA.
  • ICAIE invited to co-Moderate the United to Safegaurd America Against Illegal Trade (USA-IT) Summit
Save the Date
December 1-2, USA-IT SUMMIT Washington, DC

December 6, Summit for Democracy,
Authoritarian States’ Illicit Finance and Kleptocracy: Threats to Democracy, Peace and Security, virtual (register here)

Coming Soon in January: ICAIE PODCASTS, "Dark Forces of Illicit Trade" Series by Executive Director Luna and Deputy Executive Director Potter.
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