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2020 Regionals Season Canceled

We regret to inform you that the remaining 6 Master Clubs Regionals competitions have been canceled. Both host churches in Ohio and Tennessee have decided not to host their scheduled Regionals citing the recommendations and mandates of government officials and also the possibility of outbreak by bringing so many guests from far away places on their properties. Please join our staff by respecting their decision to do so. In addition, churches who were originally registered to travel for April's Regionals have already begun contacting us to say they will not be attending. When speaking to your church, parents, and others concerning the cancellations, we ask that you relay the following information:

1. For any Regionals competition to take place, it must have a participation level that will make the event worthwhile for the schedule at large. With the concerns over the Coronavirus, many churches have decided not to travel this year.
2. For any Regionals competition to take place, it must have enough people travel to the site to help in the judging of categories. With the phone calls and contact our ministry has received we are already hearing testimony of adults/elderly who will not travel because of their concerns of catching Coronavirus.
3. For any Regionals competition to take place, it must have churches who are in a position to host. Two churches have already canceled, and as more governmental authorities in other states begin to make decisions (many of these decisions affecting school properties where a Regionals would be held), we believe that there will be other churches who will follow suit.  
No Regionals? Now What?

We understand that the cancellations of more than half of our Regionals season affects thousands of people and the lives of hundreds of Clubbers who have been studying, memorizing, and working for the big day. In the coming days our staff will be presenting ideas for your church via social media and e-mail that will give you some help in offering alternatives for the Clubbers. Additionally, we will be sending out information about 2021 that will answer such questions as "What happens with our registration?" or "What about the 6th graders who were looking forward to all of this during their last year of eligibility?" Answers to questions such as these, both for our churches who have already participated AND the churches who did not have the opportunity, will be forthcoming very soon. Bear with us please as our home office staff works through these issues with you.
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