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CHS eNEWS                                      April  2016


Final Exam Schedule

Senior Final Exam Schedule 2016

9th - 11th Grade Final Exam Schedule 2016
  • Exams cannot be given early. All requests for excused absences during final exams must be submitted, in writing, to the students' administrator.
  • If a student is absent during the final exam:Student will receive a "0" on the exam.
    • The final grade is submitted reflecting the "0" on the final exam.
    • Once the student makes up the exam with the teacher, the grade is recalculated and a grade change form is submitted to Mrs. Stisher.
  • Students must make up their final exam within 10 school days of returning, unless an extenuating circumstance occurs. If a student fails to make-up their final exam within that specified time frame, they will receive a 10% grade reduction once the final exam is scored.
  • Any exams not made up within 20 school days will result in the student receiving a "0". 

2016 AP Exam Schedule

Week One
Test Date
Morning (8 AM)
Afternoon (12 PM)
Monday, May 2
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science
AP Psychology
Tuesday, May 3
AP Computer Science A
AP Spanish Language and Culture
AP Art History
AP Physics 1: Algebra-based
Wednesday, May 4
AP English Literature and
AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based
Thursday, May 5
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC

May 6
AP German Language and Culture
AP United States History

Week Two
Test Date
Morning (8 AM)
Afternoon (12 PM)
May 9
AP Biology
AP Music Theory
AP Physics C: Mechanics
May 10
AP United States Government and Politics
AP French Language and Culture
May 11
AP English Language and Composition
AP Macroeconomics
May 12
AP Comparative Government and Politics
AP World History
AP Statistics
May 13
AP Human Geography
AP Microeconomics

SLO and EOC Test Schedule

Super Successful Centennial Senior Week 
Thank you so much to Ms. Taylor and Ms. Jimenez for organizing a fantastic week to honor our seniors.  The week included Doughnuts and Bagels, Ice Cream, Field Day, catered Mexican lunch and culminated with a day at 6 Flags.  These events (except 6 Flags) are funded through senior dues. More fun will be coming your way at the Graduation Lunch, so make sure that you have paid your senior dues.

Right before departing for 6 Flags, the seniors participated in College Acceptance Day where all seniors were given an opportunity at the microphone to share where they are going to college or what other post graduation plans they have.  It was a great day to be a Knight!

Senior Treats on Thursday, April 28 during Lunch
Seniors - the Project Graduation team has been bringing you Senior Treats all year.  This week, thank you to the National Guard, we will be giving all Seniors a Chick Fil A sandwich and chips during lunch on Thursday.  Hope that you enjoy and remember to sign up for Project Graduation!

Golf Carts and Goggles - Ghost Out Week 2016
In conjunction with Ghost Out Week, Officer Josh Ott from the Roswell Police Department visited Centennial and facilitated "Golf Carts and Goggles".  The purpose of this event was to show our Juniors and Seniors what it would be like to drive a motor vehicle while impaired.  Students drove a golf cart with Officer Ott in the passenger seat.  Students wore goggles that impair their vision and drove through an obstacle course of more than 200 hundred orange cones.  Centennial PTSA helps to sponsor Ghost Out Week at Centennial the week before Prom to encourage smart, well-informed decision making by our students.  Golf Carts and Goggles was one event of many held that week.

Centennial SGC

Congratulations to parent Stacy Christie and teacher Chelsea Burney for their elections to Centennial's Governance Council for the 2 year term beginning in July.  We thank you for your dedication to Centennial and look forward to working with you over these next 2 years.

Seed Fund Grant - Centennial was awarded a $145,000 Seed Fund Grant to create a Makerspace or Innovation Lab. Construction will begin this summer and should be ready for start of school in August. We will be calling it The SPaCE.  The glass enclosed SPaCE will be located in 3 rooms currently at the far end of the Learning Commons.  The SpaCE will contain 3D printers, GlowForge laser printer, computers, carpentry tools, sewing equipment, embroidery machine, green screen, video cameras, electronic equipment, button makers, publishing software, etc.  It will be a space for students to go into, whether on their own or on a class project, to create and learn by actually doing things.  It will be a space where it will be ok to try and fail because that is all part of the learning process.  We are also partnering with GA Tech and will have GA Tech interns working with us in the SPaCE on a weekly basis.  There will be nothing like this space in all Fulton County schools.  Once again, Centennial is on the forefront of innovation in Fulton County. 

Strategic Plan - We are currently working on Centennial's next Strategic Plan.  The 3 long term outcomes that will be the focus of Centennial's next Strategic Plan will be:
  1. Improve students' access to personalized learning.
  2. Develop students' exposure to higher levels of learning.
  3. Increase students' proficiency with technology to function successfully in a global society.
We are developing short term goals and initiatives that align with the above focus areas.  This new Strategic Plan will be for the next 3 years.  If you have any input or comment on Centennial's Strategic Plan, contact Caroline Truax at

Centennial's Impact on Fulton County - Fulton County Schools has announced that it will be implementing its first Universal Waiver - Centennial's Personal Fitness Waiver.  This means that all Fulton County high schools will be able to use the Personal Fitness Waiver.

In addition to this, all Fulton County high schools will be receiving a Learning Commons similar to Cente nnial's.  This is based on the great success of the Learning Commons at Centennial.

President Parker Foles, Vice President Alexandra Harvill, and Secretary Margaret Geiger are working hard to plan a fundraiser for the freshman class.  The students were approved to sell EOCT survival goody bags before school on April 28 th  & 29 th  and May 2 nd  & 3 rd .  

Freshman council representatives will bake muffins and cookies to provide sustenance and a boost of energy during the four testing days.  Each goody bag will include a bottle of water, a muffin, a cookie, mints, a pencil, and a couple of pieces of candy.  Representatives will sell the bags for $3 in the gym lobby and near the bus ramp starting at 7:45 am on the dates listed above.   

All of the money will be deposited into the Class of 2019 bank account to be used for future activities.  We are asking all parents to help support the freshman class by encouraging your children to bring $3 to school on any (or all) of the days.  Please note:  the muffins and cookies will be baked from boxed mixes and will not include nuts.  On behalf of the freshman class, I would like to thank you for your support.  GO KNIGHTS!  - Jennifer Fudal, Freshman Student Council Sponsor

May 3rd: Centennial Honors and Awards Night 
6:30 PM; Auditorium 

Participants will be notified by invitation
Here's how some of the PTSA Mini-Grant funds are being used!

PTSA Mini-Grants are given to the teachers and staff at Centennial HS from your PTSA membership funds and donations.  Faculty applies at the beginning of the year and awards are granted in the fall and distributed throughout the year.  Here are some examples.

SAT Bootcamp
The PTSA paid for an SAT Boot Camp by Applerouth Tutoring Services.  The boot camp was held on a weekend and was attended by 20 Centennial students identified by the counseling staff.  Participating students were required to take a MOCK SAT prior to the boot camp and will be sitting for the actual SAT test the first week of May.  Good luck Knights!
Finch Robots
Purchased Finch Robots used by the Digital Technology class. Pictured are Angie Martinez and Justin Effendi.  They are students in Introduction to Digital Technology and will be given an introduction to robotics.  The unit uses robotics as an advanced application of computer science that can be used to solve problems in a variety of settings from business to healthcare and how robotics enables innovation by automating processes that may be dangerous or otherwise problematic for humans.  Students explore how to integrate hardware and software in order to solve problems.  Students will see the effect of software and hardware design on the resulting product and will apply previously learned topics to the study of robotics.

Art Furniture and Supplies
Tools and materials were purchased that create a studio environment that meets the needs of Centennial art students. In addition to buying art supplies, existing tables were reconfigured with casters so they can be easily moved. A cabinet was also purchased that serves a dual purpose for storage and use in still life presentation from multiple perspectives.  

Chorus LGPE Performance
PTSA funded the registration fee for the Chorus Large Group Performance- full prep for this begins in January and the event is in March. 

Bilingual Community Meetings
PTSA funds supplies for regular sessions that Centennial's Parent Liaison, Norma Escalera-Smith organizes for our bilingual community.  The last parent session will be about Summer School on April 28th

Open PTSA Positions - Please consider volunteering at your child's school.
We are still looking for the following positions for next year's PTSA:
  • VP of Communications
  • Newsletter Editor
  • PTA Cluster Chair
  • Freshman Class Liaison
  • Senior Class Liaison
  • Project Graduation Chairs
If you are interested in one of these positions or know someone who would be a good fit, please contact Petie Armbruster at

Attention Junior Parents:  

2016 Renovations at Centennial

The renovations at Centennial will be starting at the very end of April with the cafeteria and should last through January 2017, with the bulk of it being done in the summer.  Centennial will be completely closed throughout the summer.  Hillside is graciously offering Centennial some space in their building for all of the administrative tasks that occur throughout the summer.  The following is a list of items to be done during the renovation:

Replace Auditorium Seating
New black box in theatre
Renovate Main office
Renovate Lobby entrance
Modifications and/or additions for CTAE (career tech) programs
Replace skylights
Replace windows
Replace HVAC
Technology upgrades
Replace flooring
Renovate gym (stairs)
New carpet in locker rooms
Renovate student bathrooms
Replace stadium turf
Improve parking lot/site lighting
Renovate kitchen in cafeteria

International Baccalaureate (IB)
Centennial's IB application was approved by the Fulton County school board.  We are currently working to complete the application due to the IB Organization by May 1, 2016.  The IB application is a many year process which actually begins with the submission of the application. Teachers will be attending training starting this summer.  Look for a monthly newsletter about updates with IB at Centennial to begin publishing next week.  
Yearbook Information -  

Centennial Student and Teacher Accomplishments!

Centennial Art and Math Teachers 
Collaborate at the High Museum
Centennial art teacher Charlotte Turner received a grant from the High Museum of Art earlier this year and decided to use that grant to encourage a STEAM initiative.  STEAM (STEM + Art) objectives are to transform research policy to place Art + Design at the center of STEM; encourage integration of Art + Design in education; influence employers to hire artists and designers to drive innovation.

Last month, Ms. Turner along with math teachers Mr. Surrette, Ms. Avery, and Mr. Kroll investigated how to transform STEM to STEAM by attending the High Museum of Art's STEAM workshop.  The workshop was built around the designs of artist Van Herpen whose work integrates the concepts of science, art, mathematics, technology, and storytelling. The day's activities culminated in Centennial's team of teachers collaborating in sketching, 3D design using Tinker Card, and using a Maker Bot 3D printer for the final product.  Soon students will be able to do similar projects in Centennial's makerspace, the SPaCE.

Senior Hannah Kitzmiller 
Graduating with the International Skills Award
Hannah Kitzmiller was recognized at the International Skills Award Ceremony by the Georgia's State School Superintendent Richard Woods on April 19 th  at the Georgia Department of Education. We are very proud of Hannah and her big accomplishment!

SkillsUSA Students Place in Top 3 at State Level
Alex Larsen, Jake Wehr, Jason Scott (all three pictured top right) and Zach Armbruster (not pictured) won Bronze medals after winning 3rd in the Criminal Justice Quiz Bowl competition.  Brayan Enriquez and Tommy Fuentes (bottom left photo) won Silver medals for placing 2nd in the Television Video Production competition.  

Flynn Receives Award for Excellence
CHS senior Bailey Flynn received a Yes I Can! award in the area of vocational skills for his excellent work at his off-campus jobsite. Bailey is pictured above with his parents. Below is a blurb from his nomination:

"Bailey has been working at the Fulton County Administrative Building for his jobsite this year. He had extreme anxiety about working off campus and meeting new people, but he was able to overcome that and excel. He has exceeded all expectations! He is excited to go to jobsite every day, has become much more social with his supervisors, has almost memorized all of the schools on every mail route for the county, and looks forward to delivering mail to employees throughout the building. Bailey has made tremendous progress, and his self-confidence has come a long way!"  

Centennial Artists Contribute to NASA
Ms. Turner's art students were quick to jump on board last month when NASA invited artists to send their artwork on a journey aboard NASA's Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) spacecraft.  OSIRIS-REx is scheduled to launch in September and travel to the asteroid Bennu.  This will be the first U.S. mission to collect a sample of an asteroid and return it to Earth for study.
The #WeTheExplorers campaign invited the public to take part in this mission by expressing, through art, how the mission's spirit of exploration is reflected in their own lives.  Submitted works of art will be saved on a chip on the spacecraft.
Contributing Centennial artists took the opportunity to connect art and science as they learned about the details of the mission and the orbiting asteroid Bennu.  The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft launches in 2016, will rendezvous with asteroid (101955) Bennu in 2018, and returns its sample to Earth in 2023.
 To see all of the contributions, including those from our CHS artists, visit #WeTheExplorers on Twitter. 

Academic Bowl Team takes 3rd Place
The dedicated students of Centennial's Academic Bowl Team took time out of their Spring Break to compete in a Quizbowl tournament at Lakeside High School.  The team had a fantastic showing and placed 3rd!   Congratulations on a strong finish to a great year!

HOSA State Competition - 1st Place
Kara Wang - Extemporaneous Health Poster 

(Students are given a topic and 3 hours to complete the poster.)
Olivia McDonnold and Mira Shah Win Top Three Recognition

Raising $26,722.00 in just 6 weeks, Olivia McDonnold and Mira Shah, seniors at Centennial High School, won Top Three recognition at the 2016 Georgia Student of the Year Awards Gala sponsored by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. McDonnold and Shah were two of only 15 students/teams accepted into the fundraising campaign which began on January 14th and ended February 26th.

The Student of the Year campaign is an opportunity for local area high school students who are enthusiastic about volunteerism, philanthropy, community outreach, and developing leadership skills to participate in the fight against blood cancers. Every team who raised the $10,000.00 minimum received a $1000 scholarship.
The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society set a goal of $100,000 in Georgia and raised $215,000.

Centennial PTA Relections Winner Anna Cave
Congratulations to Anna Cave who placed third in state in Reflections for the 2015-2016 academic year where the theme was, Let Your Imagination Fly.   Anna's dance entry advanced from the school level to the North Fulton level and then to state.
There were 2111 entries sent to the state level this year from schools all across Georgia and Anna's was one of 256 recognized.   Anna took part in a Reflections ceremony at the High Museum on March 6th where she was awarded for her third place entry. Go Knights!!

HOSA State Competition 3rd Place
Olivia McDonnold and Jess McClure - Community Emergency Response  Team
Centennial Knights Athletics
Congratulations to Paris Williams on the Centennial track team. Paris won the region championship in both the 110m hurdles and the triple jump, setting school records for both and was named Male Performer of the Meet for Region 6 AAAAAA, the 4th year in a row a Centennial athlete has won that honor.

On the girls side Olivia Malone set sch ool records in the Long Jump and Triple Jump and Peyton Pritchett set a school record in the 200. Overall at the region meet the Knights won 3 individual titles while qualifying 13 athletes for State Sectionals and setting 7 school records.

The Annual Blue & Black Spr ing Football game will be Thursday May 19 at 7:30. Come  get the first look at the 2016 Knights. At halftime of the football game, the Athletic Department and the Booster Club will be awarding the Chivalry Scholarships to a male and female athlete in the class of 2016, we will be awarding the Booster Excalibur award for 2016 and finally we will be inducting our 2016 class to the Centennial Athletic Hall of Fame. 

Chivalry Scholarship
Any Senior who has received a varsity letter this year may apply for this scholarship. Applications can be turned into Coach Burch or the front office by May 1.

If anyone missed the free physicals at Centennial, North Atlanta Urgent Care is a Centennial Athletics business partner and offers physicals for $25, cheaper than the majority of primary care co-pays. They are located at 2701 Holcomb Bridge Rd, across from Holcomb Bridge Middle school.

CHS Volleyball is pleased to welcome Ada Franklin (Director), Allegra Wells (Varsity Coach) and Kelsea Knudsen (JV Coach).  Spring Tryouts are being held  May 2-3  from  5-7pm  in the Main Gym.  

The Arts at Centennial

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Marching Band Leadership!
DRUM MAJORS:  Christina Tamba, Peter Tilly & Caroline Parham
CAPTAINS Woodwind - Karl Jacobi, Brass - Grace Wyner
SECTIONAL LEADERS Flutes - Amanda Loedding, assistant section leader, Trevor Dios, Clarinets - Keyshaun Scott & Maggie Thomas,  Alto Sax - Kyle Israel, assistant section leader, Micah Morris, Tenor Sax - Sam Warren, Trumpets - Carson Coldren, assistant section leader, Matthew McMilliam & Eli Rickles, Mellos - Ally Hawkins, Trombone - Jackson LaidholdBaritone - Lillie Moraine, Sousaphone - Andrew Peterson, Battery - co-captains, Adam Fauteux & Brandon Crowe, Pit - Destiny Akers, assistant captain, Alyssa Marx, Color Guard -Captains - Anna Steltenpohl & Matthew Gilmore, assistant captain, Kayley Olewicz
OFFICERS:   BAND CAPTAIN: Gabby Fountain EQUIPMENT CAPTAIN: Jonathan Canavess & Freddie Hernandez,   PARLIMENTARIAN: Grace Hebermehl, UNIFORM CAPTAIN: Danielle Maltby, LIBARIAN: Anise Overton, FIELD CREW CAPTAIN: Jake Mershon and Richard Wunschel, SECRETARY: DeChanel Wilson
  • PLEASE JOIN US for the Jazz and Percussion Concert - Thursday, April 28th, 7:00 p.m. in auditorium!
  • Congratulations and a job well done to the Centennial Band for the FABULOUS Spring Concert that was held on Thursday, April 21st! It was, as always, a wonderful performance and a special shout out to the SENIORS! You will be missed.
The final Orchestra Concert for the year will at Tuesday, 26 April at 7:00.

Visual Arts
Join the Arts Department on Thursday, 5 May, at 6:30 p.m. for our annual Celebration of the Arts.  The celebration will be held in both the auditorium lobby and the in the auditorium.  On display will be representations of both two dimension and three dimensional visual arts.  Students will be performing a varied repertoire of music.  Come and enjoy a wonderful evening celebrating the broad range of talent found at Centennial.

Senior student directed ONE ACT performances will be on April 26 and 27.  Dessert Theater is April 29.
The FFA would like to thank all the teachers and parents that support us throughout the year.

Centennial Cluster/Fulton County Schools Information

SPLOST Vote on May 24

SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) is the Fulton County Schools penny sales tax used to pay for necessary capital expenses (buildings, buses, technology, the "stuff" our students touch and use). Every 5 years, voters have the opportunity to renew this tax. If the SPLOST referendum does not pass, then the school system can either raise property taxes by almost $600 a year on a $250,000 home, or take out a bond, and raise property taxes at a lower rate to cover the cost of the bond.  SPLOST is a pay-as-you-go (no debt) way for us to fund our schools that EVERYONE who spends money in Fulton County contributes to (even visitors). Please help us to 
GET THE VOTE out!  You can find more information on the specific projects Fulton Schools has planned for SPLOST here  If you need more information or would like to help the SPLOST campaign, please email  Early voting begins in early May and election day is May 24.
Fulton County Superintendent
O n March 31,  the Fulton County Board of Education formally tendered the positon of super intendent to Dr. Jeff Rose of Beaverton School District. 

Currently superintendent of Oregon's third largest school district, Dr. Rose accepted Fulton's offer of a three-year contract. He will officially join Fulton County Schools on June 1 following the close of Beaverton's school year.

Beaverton School District, where Dr. Rose has been superintendent for five years, is located just outside of Portland. Its district of 41,000 students and 51 schools shares similarities to Fulton's diverse population and student achievement. Beaverton is about half minority with students speaking 94 languages whereas Fulton is about two-thirds minority.

Dr. Rose holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership and a master's degree in Teacher Education from Lewis & Clark College in Oregon and a bachelor's degree in Education from California State University, Long Beach. Prior to joining Beaverton, he was superintendent of the Canby (Ore.) School District for three years.
Dr. Rose and his wife Lisa have a 12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son who will attend Fulton schools.
Centennial Cluster Schools News

Esther Jackson ES 
  • Buy a Brick Fundraiser for the new building will be coming up - Stay tuned for more details
  • Esther Jackson Carnival is this Friday 4/29.  Seeking volunteers 4-7.  If you can help please contact Colleen Eiola at (404) 877-8536. 
River Eves ES 
  • Mr. Pinnock is the Principal of the Year for NE Learning Community and Mr. Gauthia is the Professional of the Year for NE Learning Community.  Congratulations!!!
Holcomb Bridge MS 
  • Holcomb is now a Microsoft Showcase School 
  • rate Holcomb Bridge MS as the #8 middle school in the state of Georgia ... and #1 in Fulton County
  • New Outdoor space with picnic benches in Centennial colors was just set up so students can enjoy eating outdoors.
Barnwell ES 
  • Mr. Martin Neuhaus is the new Principal at Barnwell
  • Barnival is May 13, 5 - 9 PM  Come and have some fun!
Hillside ES 
  • Hillside's media Center is being updated and they are also putting in a Makers Space
Northwood ES 
  • Thanks to Northwood's PTA, shades for the playground are being purchased and the electronic sign is now up.
  • The Media Center is getting a new look.

Bus Drivers Wanted

Both part time and full time positions available.
Full time positions include medical benefits.
Paid Training.
If you are interested, apply at

FCS School Board Community Meetings 

Centennial High School is represented by three FCS school board members.  Each board member holds monthly community meetings to keep residents informed about issues and give citizens the opportunity to comment on Board agenda items.
  • Linda McCain
    • Tuesday 5/17 Medlock Bridge Elementary School 9:30 AM
  • Katha Stuart  
    • Wednesday 5/18 Roswell North Elementary School 9:30 AM
  • Julia Bernath 
    • Tuesday 5/17 Hillside Elementary 9:30 AM
    • Thursday 6/9 North Learning Center 9:30 AM

Take time to VOTE!
Did you know there is an election on TUESDAY, May 24?  (Yes, we know, timing couldn't be worse, right?)   BUT!  This is an important election that includes the primaries for a Federal senator, all state representatives and senators, elections for many non-partisan races (judges, school board members, etc), and the education SPLOST referendum.
Early voting begins MAY 2.  Please find a few minutes in May to cast your vote!

Remember to Use your Publix Scan Cards!

Do you know that the CHS PTSA has received over $14,000 from Publix over the years?!  That is a lot of money - and it takes no effort at all.  Just use your scan card every time that you make a purchase at Publix.  If you do not have a scan card, you can get one at the front desk.  They are available throughout the school year.  You or your student can pick up extra cards for grandparents, friends and neighbors to use.  Everyone buys groceries, and having these cards scanned when you shop at Publix is an easy way to help CHS PTSA!

Do you want Up to Date Information about Centennial? everything PTSA (including a calendar) and more! - Very valuable counseling office information including: college, financial aid and scholarships; test prep; graduation requirements; class scheduling; parent nights and much more. Official Centennial Athletics Website - Official Centennial High School Website.


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