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CHS eNEWS                                       February  2016

Centennial is 1st Fulton County High School to Roll out Devices

Congrats to the entire staff at Centennial for the incredibly hard work over the last 18 months to bring the Microsoft Surface 3 to our school.  Fulton County introduced this idea about 2 years ago, saying that they would allow schools to self-determine when they wanted to get involved with the 1:1 Personalized Learning Initiative.  Our principal, Ms. Crumbley stepped up almost immediately to take on the challenge of making this happen for Centennial.  She knew that our culture of innovation, excellence, and enthusiasm would be a perfect fit to make this a success at our school.  Thank you to Ms. Crumbley and all of our teachers, administration, staff, and students for making this rollout a success at Centennial.   Special thanks to Coach Burch, Ms. Priscilla Cole, Ms. Laura Wood for all of your help along this journey. 

Centennial's student tech leaders, the iKnights, were also vital to our device rollout. These students, trained by iSchool (an organization that promotes 1:1 technology adoption within schools across the country), were carefully selected after a rigorous application process, and have been instrumental in every step of the device rollout. You can watch their How-To videos on or you can find them at the Help Desk in the Learning Commons in the morning and during lunches. They are here to troubleshoot, give advice, and help your student use their tablet to its full potential. 

The 2015-2016 iKnights:
Mary Stephens,  Peter Tilly,  Francis Cronley,  DJ Rice,  LeeAndrea Buchan,  Sydney Harries,  Christina Pio,  Shaina Scoma,  Oswin Nwabude,  Annette Pimtone

If there are issues or questions about the devices, have your student go to the Learning Commons Help Desk.  Also, remind your students to charge up at night.  

Lastly, consider the optional insurance coverage. While it is recommended to purchase the insurance, it is not required. Also, as a reminder, this is private insurance and not associated with the school district. Therefore, if you have specific policy questions, please call their 800 number which is on their flyer. In addition, you may need the serial number for the device. It is located under the kick-stand of the device - you will have to remove the case to find it. You will see the Microsoft logo and the serial number is right under it. If you take off the protective case, please be sure to put it back on afterwards. If you prefer, your child can come to the Learning Commons Help Desk during the school day and they can get their serial number that way.

Here are the insurance flyers and the serial number photo:

"Knight at the Museum" at Fernbank
Centennial Prom - March 19, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Four Weeks until Prom!!  We had a strong first week of ticket sales. Buy your tickets early because the price goes up $5 each week.

February 16, 18, 19 - $ 60 for Seniors and $65 for Juniors
February 23, 25, 26 - $65 for Seniors and $70 for Juniors

All ticket sales are in the cafeteria during lunch.  Checks are written out to Centennial High School.   Publix is also available on ticket sales days to take orders for prom flowers - no payment, just orders.

Tuxedo  or Coat and Tie is AOK at prom

Centennial Renovation coming Summer 2016
We have some major renovations on campus beginning this summer. The following areas will be updated and renovated beginning in May based on the SPLOST schedule:
  • Front entrance demolition and rebuild
  • Auditorium (new floor, seating and lighting)
  • Kitchen area of cafeteria
  • HVAC in locker rooms and Auxiliary Gym
  • Indoor and outdoor running track
  • Restroom upgrades
  • Hallway and Skylight upgrades
  • More Learning Commons upgrades 
These photos are from the recent renovations made at Chattahoochee High School.  Our entrance will be similar in design to this.

Other outside Athletic Area Upgrades:

   * Baseball field redo

   * Softball field redo

   * New front stadium entrance                       (combined Umbrella Club and Jamie          McHenry Foundation project)

Seed Fund Grant Awarded!
Centennial School Governance Council is Awarded its 3rd Consecutive Seed Fund Grant - $146,000 for a Makerspace

Once again, Centennial will be on the forefront of innovation in Fulton County with the recent $146,000 Seed Fund Grant for the building of a Makerspace/Creation Lab at our high school. This "makerspace" will allow students to engage with authentic and highly-individualized educational opportunities using cutting edge tools, both digital and analog, to accomplish class and personal projects. We will call our makerspace the "S.P.a.C.E." which will support our emerging school culture of "Shared Personalized and Creative Experiences."

Students will be able to push their skills beyond the traditional classroom. The space will be divided into areas of "creation" and "expression." The creation area will include:  electrical/mechanical/computer engineering equipment, fabrication machines, e.g. 3D printer, GlowForge laser etching and milling machine, sewing and embroidering machine, and desktop CNC mill. The expression area will include:  publishing, video-editing, animation, art and creative writing opportunities.  

The SPaCE will be housed in a couple of unrenovated rooms located in the Learning Commons.  Conveniently, the SPaCE will be constructed alongside the whole school renovations that will be occurring this summer, so it should be in place for the 2016-2017 school year!!  This is so very exciting for Centennial.  Look for more info on the SPaCE in the months to come.  Go Knights!!

CHS Sports
Centennial Seniors Sign to Play College Sports
Congratulations to our Senior Knights who committed to play their sport in college.  We are very proud of you!!  Go Knights!!

Seated from left to right:
Julia Couch - Lacrosse/Florida Southern,  Mikaela Weidmann - Volleyball/UNC Greensboro,  Alyssa Beck - Soccer/College of Charleston
Standing from left to right:
Caden Herring - Football/Yale,  Tariq Parkings - Football/Highlands Community College,
Matt Chase - Lacrosse/Rutgers,  Zach Soder - Baseball/Belmont Abbey, 
Bill Barton - Football/Centre College,  Jerry Hippolyte - Football/Albany State,
Ian Marshall - Soccer/Lehigh

Boys Team Places 10 th in State
Girls Team Places 16 th

There were many top 10 finishes at state for the Knights.  They were led by Sage Ono who placed 3 rd in the 100 Back.  Other top 10 finishers were Hunter Doster, Elly Deas, Noland Deas, Emma Doherty, Tessa Sergile, Anna Truax, and Will Holt.  Freshman Elly Deas broke the Centennial school record for the 100 Back, and the relay team of Elly Deas, Emma Doherty, Tessa Sergile, and Anna Truax broke the school record for the 200 Free Relay.  Go Knights!!

Baseball Fundraiser: 
We are in the midst of our biggest fundraiser which is a drawing for some very nice are only $10.00 each and this year's Top Prizes include a Large Big Green Egg, 55" Flatscreen TV, X-Box, Play Station, MacBook Air and a (4) Ticket Package to an Atlanta Braves game of the winner's choice that includes a parking pass, access to the 755 Club and to watch batting practice on the field. 

Anyone interested in purchasing tickets can email club President Scott Soder at

Volley For A Cause ...CHS Volleyball announces 2016 Charity Tournament benefitting NFCC Friday, February 26th 4:30pm in the GYM! 
Open to all Coaches, Faculty, Students and Parents.  Deadline for registration is 2/22. 
Spectator Admission: "1" canned good.  

Email  with any questions.     

Rules: "6" players per team required, $10 per person or $60 team (made payable to CHS Volleyball) Click here to see flyer . Play to "25" or win by "2" single elimination.

SGC Elections at Centennial are Coming Soon!
Elections will be held March 23rd - March 29th 2016

2016 Elections Timeline - Will you Be  Ready?
Now - Gear Up for Elections 2016!
Make sure you get your HAC Code and password so that you are prepared to vote during Elections!  Bring photo ID to the front office to obtain  your HAC code and be prepared!

Tuesday, February 16th 2016 - Candidate Declaration Period Opens!
Do you have what it takes to be an SGC member?  If so, fill out your candidate declaration form and submit it either online or via mail. Click here for more information on becoming a candidate.

March 23rd-29th - 2016 Elections Are Here!!
Remember, you can vote online or from your mobile device!

Consider becoming a part  of an organization that has been impactful not only to our school, but to the district as well.  The Centennial SGC has been responsible for our Learning Commons, Co -Labs, Personal Fitness Waiver, Internship Waiver, Honors World History class,  and bringing AVID to Centennial.  Do you know that 9 of the 13 active high school SGCs in Fulton County now have the Personal Fitness waiver at their school?  Do you know that all high schools in Fulton County will be getting a Learning Commons similar to ours?  All thanks to the Centennial SGC.  Join the Centennial SGC so that we can continue to make purposeful and innovative change at our school. Go Knights!!   Visit the school's website or    click here for more info on the Centennial SCG.

Course Registration 2016-17:
Student Services and Support

Over the upcoming 6-10 weeks, Centennial will be in the process of getting students registered for classes for the 2016-17 school year. During this registration period, the CHS Counseling department has a variety of programs in place to ensure student and parent questions are answered and your child has received proper academic advisement regarding his/her 4 year plan. We want to ensure we are able to provide fair and equitable academic advisement to all Centennial students. 

Because of the large size of our school, in order for us to meet the needs of all students, we are not able to accommodate individual appointment requests regarding course selection.  We are committed to providing students and parents with the information and resources they need to make informed decisions as they finalize the courses in their schedule for next year. We are confident that any questions you and your student may have will be addressed through 1 or more these upcoming activities.

Upcoming Programs Include:
  • Junior Evaluation & Advisement (Currently in progress through April 1): Counselors are in the process of meeting with every junior individually to review their current graduation status, academic record, and remaining required courses needed to graduate next year. During this advisement, we discuss the student's post-secondary goals, college plans, and college entrance exams (SAT/ACT). Based on all of those factors we map out a rough draft of potential courses and discuss which courses could be a good fit and worth consideration for the student's senior year.
  • 9th and 10th Grade Registration Blitz (Feb 16 - Feb 23): Counselors will meet with each 9th and 10th grade student one-on-one to review the courses they are being recommended for by their teachers and their chosen elective courses. This is an opportunity for students to discuss course selection with their counselor and ask questions about their options for his/her class schedule for next year. This will take place through all 9th and 10th grade Language Arts classes.
  • Junior Classroom Guidance (Feb 29- Mar 2): Counselors will deliver a lesson to all US History classes focusing on college admission factors and selection process.
  • Freshman Parent Night (Mar 3): At this event, counselors will guide and work with parents to create an individualized 4 year academic plan for their student. This academic plan will serve as a blueprint of course sequences by subject and provide information which to will help them assist their current 9th grade student in course selections for his/her 10th through 12th grade years.
  • Freshman Classroom Guidance (Mar 7-9): Counselors will deliver a lesson to all Biology classes which will guide students through the creation of an individualized 4 year academic plan. This academic plan will map out course sequences by subject and provide information which will help them select courses for his/her 10th - 12th grade years.
  • 11th Grade Registration Blitz (Apr 12 - Apr 15): Counselors will meet with each 11th grade student one-on-one to review the courses they are being recommended for by their teachers and follow up with them regarding their course choices for next year. This is an opportunity for students to ask questions, review and discuss course selection with their counselor in order to finalize their senior schedule. This will take place through all 11th grade Language Arts classes.
Additional Resources for Students and Parents to Reference as you do your academic planning for next year:

Freshman Parent Night - March 3 at 6:30pm

Please join us for our "Class of 2019 Freshman Parent Night" on March 3, 2016 at 6:30 pm in the CHS cafeteria. You will be given information that will help you assist your 9th grader as he/she selects and verifies courses for 10th grade and considers potential courses for 11th and 12th grades. 

You will leave with a blueprint of an individualized four year academic plan for your student, as well as an increased knowledge of the courses required to fulfill graduation requirements. Please make sure you attend this interactive parent night.   

Google Expeditions at Centennial

Some of our Centennial classes will be participating in Google Expeditions.  Expeditions is a new product that allows teachers to take their classes on virtual field trips. Expeditions are collections, scenes or virtual reality (VR) panoramas- 360° photo spheres, 3D images and video - annotated with details, highlights, and questions that make them easy to integrate into curriculum already used in schools. 

The product immerses students in experiences that bring abstract concepts to life and gives them a deeper understanding of the world beyond the classroom. It draws upon Google's strength in VR (ie. Cardboard), VR content, and education technology (40+ million Google Apps for Education users). Expeditions enables teachers to bring students on virtual trips to places that a school bus could never go - like museums, oceans, and outer space. There are collections of linked VR  content and supporting materials that can be used alongside existing curriculum. 

The kit contains a tablet for the teacher and Cardboard viewers and phones for every student. The teacher selects a destination, and the entire classroom jumps there automatically. Expeditions is a social, in-class activity that provides a delightful educational experience.

LEO Club Contributes 600 Stuffed Animals to EMTs
Our newly formed Centennial LEOs Club, affiliated with the Roswell Lions' Club, made their official donation of 600 stuffed animals to Roswell EMTs.  Roswell EMTs take two
or three stuffed animals with them on every run, just in case a child is involved in the incident to which they are responding.  The stuffed animals both soothe and distract children who have been injured or have witnessed injury.  One of the EMTs expressed her gratitude saying they encounter a child daily who is in need of the gift. Two Roswell Kohl's stores and one Milton Kohl's store have agreed to donate 500 more stuffed animals to the cause throughout the rest of the year.
Teachers Pam Bullard (Math I-58) and Charlotte Turner (Art E-57) sponsor this club, and they are eager to increase membership so the group will be eligible for a charter this spring.
If you know good students who are looking for a group to join and who truly want to do community service, please encourage them to speak with one of the sponsors.
LEO Club members present for the donation:   Jacob Schadd, Ahmad Perryman, Vianney Avilla, and Ian MacDonald.

Attention Seniors: Project Graduation

Project Graduation is a safe way for Seniors to celebrate with their classmates on Graduation Night.  It is at Andrettis on 5/20, starting at 11:30pm.  Doors are locked at midnight and no one can leave or enter until 6am the next morning.  The students will have full access to the Andretti activities: go karts, games, rock climbing wall.  In addition to this, there will be a poker tournament, mobile photo booth, DJ, caricature artist, hypnotist and potentially karaoke.  The event will end with a raffle that includes prizes such as a Go Pro, TV, and gaming system.  Of course, there will be lots of food available throughout the evening! 

This is a fun and safe event for our Senior Class.  This is funded mostly through ticket sales and yard sign sales.  We would like to have as many people purchase these items now as we can get.  The more money that we receive now, the more prizes that we can purchase for the event. 

Forms are available at the CHS front office or online at the CHS PTSA website under Seniors 2016.  
We also would love to receive personal donations as well as business donations.  Please turn in forms with payments as well as donations to the front office at school.  If you have any questions, contact Eva Taylor at

Attention Seniors: International Skills Diploma Seal
(Other classes: read this to prepare for when you graduate)

It is our pleasure to inform you that our school has been approved to award the  International Skills Diploma Seal (ISDS) to qualifying seniors beginning with the 2015-2016 school year. CHS submitted the application and were approved along with Johns Creek HS and Chattahoochee HS in the Northeast Learn ing Community.

Why this Diploma Seal?
According to the Georgia Dept of Education, who is awarding the ISDS, they believe that in today's global marketplace, it is important for students to acquire the interdisciplinary skills they need to be globally competent and competitive. The International Skills Diploma Seal is awarded to graduating high school students who complete an international education curriculum and engage in extracurricular activities and experiences that foster the achievement of global competencies. It is a signal to employers and higher education institutions that a student is prepared to participate in the global economy.

If you are a senior who is interested in pursuing this Diploma Seal, please complete the intent form (click here) and submit it to Dr. Glymph by February 22 nd, 2016 in the AP Office. Then all coursework credits will be verified by the counselors. Once all information is verified, students will be notified and invited to attend the informational meeting about the Capstone Presentation.

The Capstone Presentation is a student reflection on his/her cross-cultural experiences, learned international skills, and competencies. Students will have a choice for the presentation format (video, presentation, performance, journal reading). The Capstone Presentation will take place on April 12 th, 2016 in front of the International Skills Diploma Seal Committee.

A list of the final International Skills Diploma Seal Candidates will be submitted to the GA DOE on April 15 th, 2016. Awarded International Skills Diploma Seals will be distributed during Centennial High School Graduation Ceremony.

Based on all the submitted intent forms, the International Skills Diploma Seal Committee will be selecting one student in particular to honor who exemplifies the spirit of the International Skills Diploma Seal best at Centennial.   State Superintendent Richard Woods will honor this student and his or her family in an awards ceremony in April, 2016 at the Georgia Department of Education.

PTSA Senior Service Scholarship Opportunity!

Each year the Centennial High School PTSA offers several scholarships, some up to $1000, recognizing exceptional dedication to volunteerism among the senior class students. These scholarships will be awarded to students who best exemplify the PTSA's ideals of outstanding commitment of service to others in our school, community and world.

Any graduating senior with a GPA of 80 or higher who is enrolling at a college, university or technical institute of higher learning may apply. Applicants (or their families) must be a member of the PTSA by the end of the first semester to be eligible.

Applications and a detailed description are now available at the PTSA website and are due in the front office by Friday, March 25 th at 3:30pm.   If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Barone, Scholarship Committee Chair, at

Yearbook Information -  

International Baccalaureate (IB) at Centennial

Centennial's IB application was presented to the Fulton County BOE this week.  We expect that it will be voted upon sometime in March.  Once the school board approves the application, it will be submitted to the IB organization.  

If everything stays on schedule, the rising 9th grade class will have the opportunity to participate in the IB Diploma Programme.  IB's high school program is for 11th and 12th grades only.  This is very exciting for the Centennial community.  We are hearing a lot of buzz from local real estate agents about prospective clients interested in moving to the area because of Centennial offering the IB curriculum.  

Summit Onsite School-based Counseling

The Summit Counseling Center has partnered with Fulton County Schools to offer Summit Onsite ! This new initiative is a School-Based Counseling Program offering counseling for students in 6 Fulton County high schools including Centennial High School . The Summit Onsite therapists are available in your school to offer judgement free support for anything life throws at you!

When should you reach out to a Summit Onsite School-based Therapist: feeling sad, anxious, stressed out, academically overloaded, thoughts about hurting yourself or others, family issues, divorce, bullying, relationship problems, friend issues, trouble sleeping, body image concerns, low self-confidence, not feeling good about yourself, trouble focusing in class, nervousness in groups, feeling overwhelmed, and/or feeling lonely.

The Summit Counseling Center is a non-profit counseling center located in Johns Creek. The Summit provides professional counseling, consultation and education services utilizing an integrated approach to care for the whole person - Body, Mind, Spirit, and Community.

Client Assistant Funds (CAF): At the Summit, we are pass iona te about helping people 
and serving our community. We raise funds to help underwrite and supplement the counseling fees of those clients who may not be able to afford our full sta ndard fee. To apply for CAF visit our website or call our office at 678-893-5300.

Schedule an appointment: Call the Summit at 678-893-5300 or visit our website 

Congrats to Centennial's Counseling Department!!

We are very excited to announce that Centennial's Counseling Program has received the Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) designation!!!
This is a very prestigious national recognition by the American School Counselor Association which is awarded for exemplary school counseling programs which make a positive impact on student achievement through student focused and data-driven interventions and curriculum. We are one of only 43 school counseling programs nationwide to receive this recognition this year!
This is our 3rd time receiving this recognition, maintaining a continuous RAMP designation for the past 7 school years which will now carry through to 2020. It is rare for a counseling program to have sustained RAMP status this long without any gaps....much less successfully earn this recognition 3 times!!! We were the first in Fulton County to earn this distinction and up to this point only 2 other schools have received it.
CONGRATULATIONS to our amazing counseling team, Shellie Marino, Michael Absher, Melissa Freeman, Hella Peart, Anne Davis and Heidi Graver for their commitment and relentless hard work to ensure that they are delivering top notch services to our students.


Are You Interested in Serving on the PTSA Board?
Do you know a fellow volunteer who would make a great PTSA Officer?  Did you just move to the area and want to get more involved at Centennial?  We are looking for candidates to serve for one year on the Centennial HS PTSA Executive Committee. (The Executive Committee is President, Treasurer, Secretary, and various Vice President positions.) This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the school and create relationships while supporting the many activities that are part of the high school experience. 

Please email Petie Armbruster at if you are interested. We will be glad to answer any questions that you have about becoming a part of our 2016-2017 Executive Committee.

2016 PTA Day at the Capitol
Please join us on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 as we continue the legacy of advocating for children by attending the annual Georgia PTA Day at the Capitol.  This event offers you the opportunity to delve into proposed legislation and the impact it will have on the children of Georgia.  You will also have time for meaningful conversations with your legislators at the luncheon at the Freight Depot.  The event is 9am - 2:30pm.  Register online at

Centennial PTSA helped serve coffee and other goodies to the CHS staff.   

Centennial Cluster/Fulton County Schools Information
Holcomb Bridge Middle School Named  Microsoft Showcase School

Holcomb Bridge Middle School was recently named a Microsoft Showcase School and is one of only two schools in Fulton County to receive the honor. 

The Showcase Schools program recognizes schools that are leaders in technology-driven personalized learning. This designation provides the school's teachers and leadership team with access to innovations in educational technology around the world and designates it as the host school for a showcase event to share information with educators throughout the Southeastern U.S.

This prestigious honor is not the first that the school has earned this year. Holcomb Bridge was named a Verizon Innovative Learning School directed by Digital Promise. Less than 20 middle schools across the U.S. have received this designation which includes a two-year commitment from Verizon to provide each student with an Apple iPad Air and 5 gigabytes of data each month for school-related work. Verizon also provides a full-time technical coach and unlimited access to technology experts. 
Along with these technological honors, Holcomb Bridge has won praise for cultivating a school culture that fosters high achievement. 

The school recently received five stars, the highest rank possible, on the Georgia School Climate Index. This honor went to only seven other Fulton County schools and puts Holcomb Bridge in the top 15 percent of all Georgia state schools. In addition, the school was again named a Georgia National Lighthouse School to Watch for being a high-performing school that is academically excellent, developmentally responsive and socially equitable. This distinction went to only three schools in Fulton County. Holcomb Bridge is also a Georgia School of Excellence and a Distinguished Title I School.  Go Hawks!!

River Eves Elementary Beautification Projects
Due to the generosity of River Eves parents for their Eagle Fund and their extremely successful Fun Run, the River Eves PTA are working on beautification projects for their school. The PTA Board asked staff for suggestions and here are some photos of their projects!

Fulton Announces Superintendent Finalist

The Fulton County Board of Education named Dr. Philip D. Lanoue as its sole finalist for the system's next superintendent. Dr. Lanoue, currently the superintendent of Clarke County School District in Athens, was named 2015 National Superintendent of the Year by the American Association of School Administrators. 

Prior to becoming Clarke County School District's superintendent in 2009, Dr. Lanoue was Area Assistant Superintendent for the Cobb County School District. Before that, he served as principal for 18 years in four high schools in Massachusetts and Vermont. Dr. Lanoue's subject specialty is biology, and he began his educational career as a science teacher. Dr. Lanoue holds a doctorate in educational leadership from Mercer University as well as a master's degree in education in administration and planning and a bachelor's degree in secondary education, both from the University of Vermont.  

Input from December's Superintendent Survey was used in Dr. Lanoue's selection.  Following a 14-day public comment period the board will offer the position to Dr. Lanoue, and if accepted, he will join Fulton County Schools beginning May 1, 2016.

Bus Stop Arm Camera Surveillance Begins in Fulton County

  On February 8, Fulton's school buses will feature school bus stop arm cameras.  The technology automatically detects when a vehicle passes a stopped school bus within the enforced zone, takes a picture of the license plate, and videotapes the entire event which is then shared with local law enforcement for prosecution.  

In Fulton, there will be a 30-day warning period as drivers become familiar with this safety initiative.  After 30 days, fines will be issued as follows: the penalty for a first stop-arm violation will result in a $300 fine to the vehicle's owner, a $750 fine will be incurred for the second violation, and a third violation in a five-year period will result in a $1,000 fine.  This initiative continues our focus on keeping students safe as they are transported to and from school each day.


The Board of Education has been presented with the final recommended elementary school redistricting map.  This map does impact some of the feeder elementary schools in the Centennial cluster.  The Board will vote on this map in February and the changes will go into effect this August 2016.  Click here to view the map.

FCS School Board Community Meetings 

Centennial High School is represented by three FCS school board members.  Each board member holds monthly community meetings to keep residents informed about issues and give citizens the opportunity to comment on Board agenda items.
  • Linda McCain
    • Tuesday 2/16 State Bridge Crossing ES 9:30 AM
    • Tuesday 3/15 Taylor Road MS 9:30 AM
  • Katha Stuart  
    • Wednesday 2/17 Mimosa ES  9:30 AM
    • Wednesday 3/16 Hembree Springs Elementary School 9:30 AM 
  • Julia Bernath 
    • Thursday 2/11 Spaulding Drive ES  9:30 AM
    • Tuesday 3/15 Barnwell ES 9:30 AM

 Host Families Needed
Local Host Families are needed for International students for the coming school year. Have you ever considered hosting an exchange student? Now is your chance!

International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES) is seeking families interested in hosting international high school students, ages 15-18, from Europe, Latin America and Asia for the 2016-2017 School Year. Students have their own spending money and insurance, and a local Area Representative provides supervision and support.   Hosting an exchange student is a rewarding way to experience another culture.  The benefits are endless when you open your heart and home to welcome a new son or daughter into your family!
For more information please call: Stephanie Cole at # 678-644-7790 or email: or visit our website at

  Fundraising at CHS
JROTC Fundraiser

For the Spring Fundraiser, all JROTC Students will be selling the World's Finest Chocolate Candy Bars for $1 from January 11 th  through February 19 th !!

Accident Avoidance Workshops
Driver trainin' the way it ought'a be!
Research has shown us the same "It Won't Happen To Me" syndrome that makes teens feel invincible behind the wheel ... is the same syndrome that makes parents put off this training in lieu of their family's safety.
We only ask that you be sure to let us train your student how to handle an emergency ... before you go and subject them to that possibility. We want you to have the peace of mind of knowing you've done everything you can do to keep your family intact!
The Workshops are coming back to Centennial High School this April and spaces will go fast. Don't delay, sign up today.   Click here for more information and for a complete schedule, or call 770-262-7009.  If you are ready to register you may  click here.

Remember to Use your Publix Scan Cards!

Do you know that the CHS PTSA has received over $14,000 from Publix over the years?!  That is a lot of money - and it takes no effort at all.  Just use your scan card every time that you make a purchase at Publix.  If you do not have a scan card, you can get one at the front desk.  They are available throughout the school year.  You or your student can pick up extra cards for grandparents, friends and neighbors to use.  Everyone buys groceries, and having these cards scanned when you shop at Publix is an easy way to help CHS PTSA!

Do you want Up to Date Information about Centennial? everything PTSA (including a calendar) and more! - Very valuable counseling office information including: college, financial aid and scholarships; test prep; graduation requirements; class scheduling; parent nights and much more. Official Centennial Athletics Website - Official Centennial High School Website.


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