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Monthly Membership Conference Call
August 23, 2016
Local PTA unit officers - join me for the NMPTA Monthly Membership Conference call on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at 11:00 am and, again, at 7:00 pm. You will learn the latest information on PTA membership efforts, updates on membership resources and hopefully share ideas on start-of-the-year membership campaigns. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Jeannie Grazier, NMPTA VP for Membership
Tuesday, August 23, 2016
11:00 am and 7 pm
Dial-In Number: 712-775-7031
Meeting ID: 504-078-838

PBS Learning Media 50 for 50 Contest Launch
The " 50 for 50" contest is now live! Through September 21, students in grades 6-12 are invited to write an open letter to the 2016 presidential candidates with ideas on how to improve the effectiveness of the government. Two winners - one in middle school and one in high school - will win a trip to attend the final presidential debate in Las Vegas.
Laurel Wyckoff
Education and Outreach Manager
New Mexico PBS
1200 University Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102
cell 505-977-9450

Fourth graders, their families can get a free pass for national parks

As more kids head back to school, there's something parents of fourth graders need to know.

All fourth graders and their families can get free admission to national parks and other federal lands for a full year with a fourth grade pass.

The pass is valid for the duration of the fourth grade school year and through the following summer, beginning in September and ending in August.

To get your pass, you can go to .

President Barack Obama announced the Every Kid In a Park initiative last year in an effort to get kids outdoors and to be more active.

August 23, 2016
Movie Licensing USA

Is your school copyright compliant? Ensure that your PTA's activities aren't breaking the law.

We understand that getting families involved in student's academic life is imperative. Many schools have been trying movie nights as a way to engage families and get parents on campus. As parents and educators, its common knowledge that copyright compliance is incredibly important, especially when it comes to showing or exhibiting licensed work such as music, movies, TV shows and more in a school building. In this digital age, schools and districts around the country are becoming increasingly concerned about whether they are upholding the limits set forth by federal copyright law.

According to Title 17 of the U.S. Copyright Act, copyrighted motion pictures and other audiovisual programs that are available for rental or purchase in the form of physical copies, streaming services or downloaded files are intended for home use only. This means that if this content is shown publically, such as part of a school program for the community or as part of an event for students, the copyrighted content must be licensed. It makes no difference whether admission is charged, whether the organization is for-profit or non-profit, or even if only one person attends the event.

This may seem clear cut at first. Yet, other scenarios such as individuals watching copyrighted materials during school hours or trademarked content being used in a school's activity spaces (both activities feature protected content that needs to be properly licensed) may make teachers and parent groups think twice about purchasing a license.

Since any kind of school facility is liable for the activities taking place inside of their buildings, the activities of others can put both your reputation and budget at stake. Penalties for unauthorized exhibitions of movies can range anywhere from $750 to $150,000 in fines and fees. This risk can be entirely eliminated with an annual public performance license which covering 95% of Hollywood studios which allows learning to take place beyond the classroom. For more copyright questions and information on how to keep your children legally entertained, please contact Movie Licensing USA - Amanda Vogel, Copyright Licensing Manager at

Did you know that roughly 40% of food produced in the U.S. is thrown away?
In response to statistics like this, the U.S. EPA and USDA recently established a goal to divert 50% of food waste from landfills by 2030.  Unfortunately, very little information exists regarding how much food waste is generated.

The Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF), a non-profit research foundation focused on sustainable waste management practices, is conducting a national study which aims to better understand how much food waste comes from K-12 schools, which are a key part of our society.  The study is called the "School Cafeteria Discards Assessment Project", or SCrAP for short.

Will you join us in this important effort? 

There is absolutely NO COST to participate and schools who join receive one or more of the following free materials:
  • Waste-related educational materials for the classroom, including webinars by solid waste experts with live Q&A for students to ask a "trash scientist" questions.
  • Snapshot Sustainability Report, tailored for your school, which provides information on how your school compares in its waste management and recycling practices.
  • Chance to win money, which is donated to the school and can be used to support the classroom, student activities, PTA programs, etc.
For more information or to join, please open the attached flyer (which can be found in the green box at the bottom of this e-mail), or click below to visit the study home page.

SCrAP Home Page

Still have questions?  Please contact EREF at or by calling (919) 861-6876.

Bryan Staley, PE, PhD
President & CEO
Environmental Research & Education Foundation

Supporting Hispanic Students' Success
When: Sept. 15, 2016
Time for webinar in Spanish: 1 p.m. EST-Register Now
Time for webinar in English: 7 p.m. EST-
 Register Now
Twenty-five percent of students today are Hispanic, and Hispanic children and youth are the fastest-growing population in America. We know that Hispanic and Latino parents want the best for their children and want to be engaged, but there are cultural and language barriers that make it challenging. 
As Hispanic families head back to school, it is important they are equipped with tools and resources to help their children start strong and stay on track to success.
In this webinar, you will:     
  • Gain knowledge of the impact of family engagement on student success and ways to support Hispanic and Latino children's learning and development in school, at home and in the community.
  • Learn how to advocate for a quality and equitable education to ensure that every child has the opportunity to reach his/her full potential. 
  • Geronimo M. Rodriguez Jr., 2015-2017 National PTA board member
  • Margaret R. (Peggy) McLeod, Ed.D, deputy vice president, education and workforce development, National Council of La Raza and White House appointee as a member on the board of directors of the National Board for Education Sciences
  • Jo-Ann Rullan, director, community empowerment initiatives, Univision Communications Inc.
  • Adriana Flores-Ragade, partnership director, social impact, Univision Communications Inc.
Questions?  Contact  Armen Alvarez , National PTA multicultural membership development manager, for more info.
It is a top priority of National PTA to ensure all families in all communities are welcomed, supported and engaged in their children's education, which is proven to make a difference for student success. Univision Communications and Common Sense Media are key allies in our efforts to better serve and reach Hispanic families.
Download the Spanish version of this invitation and share with your Spanish-speaking audiences. | 1100 Cardenas SE, Albuquerque, NM  87108