Our Latest Collection of Information We Think is Important
We realize many of you have received your PPP loans and/or the SBA has approved you for the EIDL loan AND you are re-opening your practices. We have been collecting videos we want to share from our ADCPA colleagues and updates for you to review. We hope this eblast helps you navigate through these tricky COVID-19 times.  
Have you received the PPP loan forgiveness application?
If so, please listen to this video (it is almost 1.5 hours). Once again, our Northeast colleagues of the ADCPA are right, current and informative. This information is VERY important and will help you achieve loan forgiveness. There are more answered questions, a simplified method for calculating FTEs, and many unanswered questions that Mark and Jeff discuss in the video.

We have also attached our PPP expense tracker again in case you have not downloaded it yet.

Many of you still have outstanding questions of forgivable expenses, please CLICK HERE for our most commonly asked questions.

What is PPE Costing You?
Attached are the results of a PPE survey completed by Kate Willeford.

Please CLICK HERE to read the full results report & see the graphs.

Recharged & Ready: Post Covid Q&A for you & your patients
We heard Katherine Belt of LionSpeak talk at our Fall 2019 ADCPA meeting in Texas last year (it seems like such a LONG time ago!) and were very impressed with her knowledge and skills. She is an expert in communication and works with dentists and their staff. We are attaching her link to a free guide called “Recharged & Ready: Post COVID Q&A for Dental Offices - 13 Extraordinary Answers for your Patient’s Questions.

Click on the link, fill out the three lines and you will receive the guide by email.

As a reminder from our our April 1st Eblast, titled "Keeping You Safe," there's been an increase in potential scams related to Covid-19. Among these include PPE equipment scams; be cautious of who you order from. Please continue to be vigilant as Cyber-thieves are getting more and more creative 

The only exception to receiving an email from the government is regarding the EIDL loan. 
If you are considering the EIDL loan (not the grant), please listen to this video.
We are attaching this link again because many of you are still being approved for the EIDL loan as we write this Eblast. 

Many of you have been receiving an email from the SBA regarding the loan and how much they will give you. We have heard most of you have been approved for $150,000. 

You will need to consider whether or not you want to accept this loan. This is an important decision and you must understand the parameters of accepting it – the pros and cons (there are many cons!). 

What about my 2020 salary – what should I be paying myself after my 8 weeks are up?

Back in January and February, we sent you the recommended 2020 salaries and withholding. Since 2020 has not shaped up to be the year we all expected, please stay tuned for a salary update from us. We plan to look at your salaries beginning in July. 

We recommend you continue to send in your monthly accounting information for processing. It will be necessary & important to have this information when updating your 2020 tax projections & salary requirements.
Best Covid-19 Yard Contest
Next week we will be announcing our CUAK clients who submitted our favorite yards. We think the winner (or winners) will enjoy the prize. Stay tuned for the announcement! 

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As always, we hope you are staying safe and sane and positive. 
We love and appreciate you!

Every effort is made to provide accurate and complete information in Coleman, Ureda, Alford & Kaucher, PA publications. This information is being provided as a courtesy to our clients and is based on the best of our knowledge at this time. Please understand the COVID-19 situation and related law/bills are ever evolving. The law/bills are being interpreted and adjusted by various agencies on a frequent basis. Thus, we cannot guarantee that this information remains up-to-date.