Some Of Our Latest Achievements
Juror Research in Nassau County, NY
We recently assisted our client in real time research during jury selection in Nassau County. Our client stated he was "Very comfortable knowing the background of the jury he was going to be talking too" He also felt that he had an advantage when the trial started. By using cutting edge technology to learn behavior patterns and social tendencies, our client had the edge to help him choose who he was going to present his case too. The defendants settled during the trial.

Located Missing Heir in Suffolk County, NY
We recently were retained to find the only living family member of a client who had passed away. Our client had a generous offer to settled his claim, but had no way of finding the relative. We were provided with basic information of the deceased. Using open source Internet techniques and our specialized databases, we were able to make contact and arrange a conference call with our client and the next of kin. We used our access to top rate information and superior phone interview skills to help the client resolve the matter.

Prior Notice Witness in Queens County,NY
Our client was retained on an ORIF fractured ankle, Trip and Fall case in Queens. Their client tripped and fell over a broken sidewalk that was the result of machinery being parked on the sidewalk during a home renovation. We were able to locate the company responsible, their insurance carrier and obtain a sworn notarized statement from a neighbor who had called 311 several times prior to the accident to complain about the sidewalk being broken. We were able to use technology and classic canvassing skills to get great results. Before we were retained, there was no defendant and there was no notice.

Plaintiff Surveillance in Queens/New York County, NY
Our client was retained by a pedestrian who suffered catastrophic injuries when they were struck by a motorized bicycle in NYC. The defendant did not have any kind of insurance, but was delivering food for an unknown restaurant in the area. Using our expert research abilities, we were able to locate the social media profile of the subject, obtain a photo and verify his home address. Our team of investigators then followed him from his home in Queens into Manhattan. Once in Manhattan, our investigators followed the subject on bike to his place of business. We were able to verify his employment and add a significant defendant to this case.

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