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Week Thirteen- March 29, 2021
Advocacy in Action - Prepping for Omnibus Bills
The legislature is on Easter/Passover break this week. Members are back in district and its a great time to call or meet with them to discuss provisions in bills and the proposed mandates.

The recent MSBA Advocacy in Action tools and events provide you with everything you need to make advocating for issues easier for you. One of the tools needed is to have a list of items, or in this case bills, to help you identify what issues are important to you and/or what mandates you don't want to see implemented. All of the items listed here, plus our presentations are included in the links below.
  • Mandate List
  • Bill Tracker
  • MSBA Platform
  • Advocacy Checklist
  • Letter Templates

The House Education Finance Omnibus bill is expected to be released sometime midweek. We will share in a special edition of the Weekly Advocate.
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