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New Look, Same Mission
As we continue to connect and conduct business in new and socially distant ways, ASMI utilizes virtual tools to communicate with our key audiences. For example, Executive Director Jeremy Woodrow recently presented to the Alaska Senate Resources and House Finance Committees as well as the Southeast Conference Mid-Session Summit all via Zoom.

You may have also noticed a new look to our monthly marketing email update. This is a result of ASMI’s recently completed brand guide designed to align and strengthen the Alaska Seafood brand across programs and markets.

Whether conducting virtual trade show webinars and product demonstrations, growing ecommerce promotions or creating new high quality video and digital content, the ASMI team is executing our mission to increase the value of Alaska’s seafood resource.
Check out some of our new resources and latest promotions below!
Upcoming Events
Alaska Seafood in the News
ASMI works with writers and editors to share the story of Alaska Seafood.
New Resources
Latest COVID-19 Briefing Available Now
ASMI has partnered with McKinley Research (formerly McDowell Group) to provide information on COVID-19 to keep the industry informed on the pandemic’s economic effects. All of the COVID-19 briefing papers are available here.
New Wild Alaska Pollock Video
ASMI works on producing new photo and video assets for the entire industry to use and share. Check out the first in a series of videos that will release over the next year that center around our Alaska seafood species. Available now on the ASMI YouTube channel.
Wild Alaska Pacific Cod Fact Sheet
New fact sheets for each species are being produced by ASMI; here is the latest.
Revised Video for RFM
Wondering about the latest with the Alaska RFM program? Review this video to get a sense of the program and see its new logo.
New Brochures on Alaska Seafood
ASMI EU has created two new brochures aimed at promoting smoking of several Alaska seafood species for both consumers and industry.
ASMI Produces Brand Guide
To align visuals across programs and strengthen the Alaska Seafood brand, ASMI has created a quick brand guide, and a longer format full brand guide.
ASMI Activities
Presentations & Tradeshows
ASMI participates in events and tradeshows to connect industry and facilitate sales of Alaska seafood around the world.
Trade Reception in Vietnam
ASMI, the Foreign Agricultural Service and U.S. Embassy of Vietnam hosted a trade reception for 50 leading members of Vietnam’s seafood trade. The event has generated a news clip, positive feedback and trade leads from the attendees.

PROMOTED: Alaska pollock, sockeye salmon, sablefish, king crab
REACH: 100K+ views
Consumer Public Relations
ASMI partners with influencers, chefs, registered dietitians, celebrities and the media to highlight the attributes of Alaska seafood to consumers.
Wellness Experts Praise Alaska Seafood
ASMI's "Wild Wellness" consumer campaign partnered with registered dietitians, physicians and nutritionists to share the healthy benefits of Alaska seafood. This winter, wellness social influencers Marisa Moore and Katie Lemons shared new recipes along with why nutritious and sustainable Alaska seafood is an important component of any diet.

Marisa Moore, Registered Dietitian
PROMOTED: Alaska sablefish recipe, new dietary guidelines

Katie Lemons, Nutritionist & PA
PROMOTED: Alaska seafood sustainability, holistic wellness benefits
REACH: 115K+

Sarah Schlichter, Registered Dietitian
PROMOTED: Nutrition for runners, Alaska salmon

RD Influencer Sarah Schlichter
Registered Dietitian and 2019 influencer partner Sarah Schlichter shared an article outlining recommended nutrition supplements and dietary needs for runners. In the story, Sarah highlights the importance of Vitamin D, noting that she tries to get two servings of fish weekly and links to her recipe for the Alaska salmon kale salad she created for our 2019 program.

PROMOTED: Alaska seafood 2x/week
ASMI holds promotions around the world to boost retail sales and grow the Alaska seafood consumer base.
Alaska Seafood promoted by British Vogue during Vogue Food Week
The ASMI campaign consisted of a single page magazine advertorial, a native article on, social media posts across British Vogue platforms and inclusion of Alaska Seafood materials in the Vogue e-newsletter.

Hong Kong Ecommerce Promotion Concludes
The promotion featured Alaska sockeye salmon and Pacific ocean perch. The third in a series of online promotions, it concluded on Jan. 31 with over 60,000 views, generating notable exposure for ASMI and Alaska seafood in the region. The promotion was coupled by social media influencers touting the benefits and sustainability of Alaska seafood. 
Milan Chic N' Quick Restaurant Delivery Promotion
Restaurants prepared a special menu with Alaska seafood that could be delivered to homes over two weekends in January. The menu included smoked wild Alaska salmon, king crab and sablefish.
ASMI partners with various organizations to further amplify our reach.
USDA Kiev Produces Cooking Video
ASMI Eastern Europe’s marketing program partnered with the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Kyiv, Ukraine to produce an Alaska seafood cooking demonstration video, which will be featured on the new Easyfish platform and Alaska Seafood’s social media profiles in the region. ASMI ambassador Chef Volodymyr Yaroslavkiy, co-owner of Lucky restaurant, brand chef of GoodWine stores, and judge of MasterChef Ukraine, was the featured chef alongside U.S. Diplomat Laura Gehrenbeck.
Sysco "Get Hooked on Seafood" Toolkit
Global foodservice distribution company, Sysco, released a “Get Hooked on Seafood” toolkit, which provides tools and resources to help operators provide “the best seafood experience” to their customers. Published just in time for Lent, it includes an Alaska Seafood page that encourages operators to menu Alaska seafood.
Highlights from the Media Library
Alaska Seafood Media Library
Get access to photos, videos, marketing materials, social media campaigns and more in the ASMI Media Library. Assets are available for industry members to use in the promotion and sales of Alaska seafood.

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