July 2023

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The Domino Effect

Brand New Episodes

Domino Effect- Domestic Violence

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Not one, but two brand new episodes of The Domino Effect are available now on Orange TV! Our newest host, Jessica Thomas, sat down with Legal Aid attorney Ritcy Calderon to discuss domestic violence and the services provided by the Legal Aid Society. Jessica was also joined by a special guest, Lisa Alexander, who is the founder and executive director of Stand Up Survivor. Click on the link above to watch the full episode, hear about stories of survival, and learn about resources available to domestic violence survivors here in Orange County, FL.

Due to underemployment or unemployment, a disproportionate number of people struggle to pay for basic essentials like food and housing. The challenges associated with employment from a legal standpoint are discussed in this episode, along with potential solutions. Marc Stanakis, board president of the Jobs Partnership of Florida; Juan Camacho, labor and employment law attorney with Kaufman, Dolowich, and Voluck; and Larri Thatcher, deputy director of the Legal Aid Society, all offer various viewpoints on how to approach these problems and provide resources to better aid those who are having a difficult time finding employment. To view the entire episode, click the link.

Domino Effect— Employment Law

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Beneficial sponsorship opportunities are available. If you're interested in making a difference helping the residents, families, and children of Orange County through The Domino Effect series, while also gaining exposure for your local business or organization, please contact Development Director Donna Haynes at 772-812-5175 or by emailing [email protected].

Legal Aid Staff Spotlight

Meet Jackie Alvarez

"You can't have justice without equity." — Jackie Alvarez

Since childhood, Jackie Alvarez has always felt empathy for others. In her early school day recollections, she recounts numerous instances in which some of her peers lacked basic necessities such as food, new clothing, and educational supplies due to a number of social and economic reasons. Her sense of inadequacy was further heightened later in junior high by a most troubling event. One of Jackie’s classmates, whom she befriended, unfortunately committed suicide. "Maybe a simple conversation could have changed things because you never know what could have happened leading up to that day,” she reflects. While grief counselors were available, the assistance was extremely brief and limited. Jackie expressed that having to experience someone so young take their own life is a traumatizing event that requires much more care than what was offered. Now that she’s older, Jackie’s enduring sense of helplessness for her peers has served as a catalyst for her journey to become an advocate for neglected and abused children.

             As Legal Aid’s newest case coordinator, Jackie admits that the position could be emotionally challenging having to listen to the horrific and traumatizing events some of her clients faced. "It’s difficult to hear stories about sexual assault or abuse from young children; however, I channel those emotions and use them as fuel to work even harder and to do the best within my power to help them,” she added. When Jackie was asked about why she chose to work with the Legal Aid Society, she swiftly responded that it was for the services provided by the organization and that it aligned with her goals as an advocate. "This organization is the perfect example of striving for equity and equality. You have to make things fair for everyone because you can’t have justice without equity,” she added. Jackie further revealed that, as a recent graduate from the University of Central Florida with a BA in Social Work, the position was even more fitting.

             In Jackie’s spare time, she enjoys eating different Asian cuisines, watching movies, and spending quality time with her girlfriend. However, she prefers to focus on her educational pursuit of children’s advocacy and education. When asked about her greatest source of inspiration, she responded, "My girlfriend is the most resilient, motivated, and dedicated person I know, and nothing gets in her way. She is the one who inspires me.” Jackie has demonstrated her passion and dedication through her hard work and consistency, which many can attest to. As a message to others who share the same passions, she encourages them to never stop asking questions, reach out to people, and make connections. The Legal Aid Society is grateful to have such driven and dedicated staff who put their best foot forward, and we welcome Jackie into the family. Because of our staff, the Legal Aid Society of the OCBA can continue to provide resources for members of the Orange County community, and we are proud. For more information about how you can volunteer or donate to support the Legal Aid Society, click this link to our website for more information, or call (407) 841-8310.

Thursday, November 16, 2023, the BOC is back! The Breakfast of Champions Fundraising virtual event provides a platform for our staff, government officials, community partners and our brave former clients to join and share encouraging stories of triumph and perseverance. We invite you to register this year and discover all the ways in which our organization impacts the community.

The Legal Aid Society relies heavily on the generous contributions of its supporters. Your attendance and donations will allow us to continue providing quality legal services to Orange County's residents including low-income families, abused and neglected children, veterans, seniors, and other vulnerable groups.

If you're interested in sponsoring this event and need more information, please contact Donna Haynes 772-812-5175 | [email protected]. We look forward to presenting yet another triumphant event and look forward to seeing you there. Don't forget to register!


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Community Outreach

Here's where you can find us!

Throughout the year, the Legal Aid Society attends multiple events in the community to encourage and educate people about the services we provide to people in need. Make sure you are subscribed to the Monthly Docket to find out about our community outreach events.

On Sunday, August 9th, Legal Aid will be at the Orange County Public Library. If you have any questions about volunteering, interning, or to learn more about the Legal Aid Society, you can meet with someone in person to discuss. Hope to see you there!

The VALOR Clinic Project

Free Legal Help for Orange County Veterans

The Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar Association, Inc., in partnership with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs & the Bob Woodruff Foundation, is providing free legal services to Orange County veterans in need. No appointment is required. Income restrictions may apply. Legal assistance offered includes immigration law, family, housing, consumer law, taxes, & more.

Please view the graphic below for all dates and locations.

Our FREE Tax Clinic is Open

Legal Aid Society Lunchtime Trainings

(VIRTUAL ONLY) August 8, 2023, “Legally Transitioning: The Transgender Name & Gender Marker Change Process in Florida”, Jamos Mobley, Senior Housing & Consumer Attorney

This course will provide a step-by-step walkthrough of the legal process for changing you name and gender marker and obtaining new identification such as driver license and Social Security cards. The course will also provide technology training on a statewide forms preparation website which can prepare court ready name change petitions.

CLE Pending

(VIRTUAL ONLY) August 22, 2023 – “Adoption is Possible. Securing forever families for Florida’s foster youth” Deondra Milton, Embrace Families Adoptions Manager & Coravious L. Cowart, Guardian ad Litem Program

Director of Administrative Services

Attendees will learn the process of how foster youth are adopted through Florida’s Dependency System and best practices when representing those youth.

CLE Pending

If attending in person, please make sure to register with [email protected] OR [email protected].


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