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8 Ways Your Business Clients' 2020 Taxes Will Change When They File In 2021.

Here are eight ways your business clients' taxes for 2020 (filed in 2021) will differ from their prior-year return:

  1. Adoption Credit Changes
  2. Charitable Deduction Changes
  3. Higher Health Savings Account (HSA) Limits
  4. Higher Income Brackets
  5. Higher Limits For The Saver’s Credit
  6. Increased Contribution Limits For Limited Workplace Retirement Accounts
  7. New Standard Deduction Amounts
  8. Waived Required Minimum Distributions

30% Of Businesses Surveyed Cut Their Employees' Pay During COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • According to a survey by outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, 30% of all employers surveyed reduced the salaries of their workers due to the coronavirus pandemic.

How To Cut Wages At Your Business.*

  • If an employer cuts an employee's pay without telling him/her, it is considered a breach of contract. 
  • Pay cuts are legal as long as they do not discriminate (i.e., based on the employee's race, gender, religion, and/or age).
* Please seek legal assistance to ensure your interpretation and/or decision is legally correct for your location.
10 Reasons For Your Business Client To Switch To A New Payroll Service.

  1. Excessive Time Is Being Spent Running Payroll And Calculating Time Sheets
  2. Lack Of Time Clock Integration
  3. Too Many Manual Processes/Systems To Use
  4. No Employee Self-Service Portal
  5. No Mobile/Tablet App To Use
  6. Overpaying Current Payroll Service
  7. Service Is Just Flat-Out Bad
  8. Too Many Errors
  9. Too Much Paper Is Being Used
  10. The Payroll And Timekeeping Reports Are Limited

Having your business clients use a well-rounded payroll, timekeeping, and HR platform is critical for their business. If your business clients want to learn about our low-cost suite of solutions, have them contact us today.
10% Discount For Your Business Clients.

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