New Treatment in Europe & U.S. AND Important Survey by Moleculera
The UK is adopting the PANS Treatment Guidelines and this conference will discuss new paths for healing the under-recognized PANS children across Europe.

Just as in the U.S. improving rates of early diagnosis is paramount. The process has begun!

One of the speakers,Dr. Tim Ubhi, Pediatrician, attended the Columbia University conference and is a great advocate for the children in the UK. PNetwork had an opportunity to meet with him and he is a staunch supporter of our children. Check out his website here.

SECOND Arizona Treatment Center Opens
This is a reprint of an announcement by Kate Flake (Arizona Support Group Leader)

Dear Parents,

May 30th was an historic day here in Phoenix at the Opening Ceremony for the new Banner Children's CPAE clinic to open in Mesa, Arizona being headed up by Dr. Christopher Spiekerman!

 We had a great turnout for the event with many parents and kids present, together with several dignitaries from Banner, and the U of A Medical center. All the speakers expressed their intense interest in, and need for this clinic and their passion shone through. When Dr.Spiekerman stated he is a "scientist who practices medicine" that resonated with so many of the parents who have lived this disease, to have such an advocate on our side who is questioning and is not afraid to challenge the status quo!

Dr. Daines and Dr. Rice also spoke eloquently about their experience with the Tucson CPAE since opening less than two years ago, they are truly trailblazers and have dedicated so much of their time to educating Drs and spreading awareness, outside of their regular practices, and to them we are truly grateful.

We are also so thankful to the leaders at Banner - Laura Robertson and Kathy Bollinger, who is retiring tomorrow and pushed to get this clinic opened prior to her departure, these are the people who opened their minds and hearts to make this clinic a reality!

Representative Heather Carter gave supportive remarks via a video link, she has been instrumental at gaining funding at the legislative level to carry out the needed research into this spectrum of disorders, and we thank her also.

Finally, PACE Foundation President Mr. Paul Ryan, gave closing remarks. He is truly a force of nature (in a good way). He is "THE" Paul Ryan in my mind - not that other fellow in Washington, because there is not a mountain he cannot move!! He is the conductor that made all this fall into place in such a relative short period of time. Paul, on behalf of the Az CPAE Parent Support Group we thank you for never giving up and continuing to push forward with getting help, both clinical and research, for our kids. We can never thank you enough!

(l) Dr. Sydney Rice, Pediatrics
(r) Dr. Michael Daines, Immunology
Dr. Christopher Spiekerman, Pediatrics
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