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 August 2016
Counting down to our Connected Riding Horse Expo September 17, Salem Oregon Fairgrounds!
A Message From Peggy
As this event draws near, I have noticed that the preparations are more challenging than expected.  I see now, as we are ascending the steepest part of a peak to a new plateau, this event is serving a much bigger purpose than I had first realized.  
     The calling I accepted through my work in Connected Riding is, to me, even more urgent than when I began.  Horses and riders continue to actively seek positive alternatives for how they can work together for better outcomes.  There still remains a lack of consciousness in many parts of the horse world, and there are many people who would like to do the right things for their horses, but lack the tools or the opportunities to do so.
     With gratitude and anticipation I look forward  to spending the day sharing the work and my wonderful team of teachers with you. We are excited to see you, work with our demo horse and rider pairs, and have fun!

"In Connected RidingĀ®, when you want your horse to move forward, you don't squeeze your legs to produce movement. You encourage movement in the horse by awakening his own natural left/right motion of the hind legs."
~Peggy Cummings~
Our Amazing Raffle Item 
$1,000 Value!!
A tailor made, for you and your horse, combination of lessons, coursework, and Connected Riding store goodies! You will select options from time with Peggy Cummings to a lesson or course with one of our teachers. A unique opportunity to improve your Connection in riding, groundwork, or a deepen your understanding of the hows and whys of Connected work.   Metro Oregon, Oregon location.

 Connected Riding Horse  Expo, Demonstrations, Lectures, and Mini Clinics
Our expo planning crew (including our horses) has morphed our September event into an even more jam- packed one-day event for everyone. Everything is on schedule and we're down to the process of transforming the look and feel of this historic Horse Stadium into the "classroom" for The School of Connected Riding. We are delighted with the program, and think you will be too!
     We are excited to introduce the first version of our event program flyer. In this flyer you will find our event schedule and topics, our speaker biographies and some interesting event highlights. You can download the flyer in pdf format 
 or View the it online here and purchase tickets here:

Tickets on Sale Here                                 

Thank you SCR donors!
"Knowing there are many horses and riders seeking help, I ask you to support this event by donating the price of a ticket, a  cash donation, or an in-kind donation to support this non-profit school to move forward to reach many more riding instructors, students, and their horses worldwide.  The time is now; please do what you you can do to be a part of making a difference with us.  My instructors and I, and all of the horses and people we serve, thank you."   ~ Peggy Cummings ~

Thank you to Sally Patton for the donation of a brand new saddle for our horses! This gift makes a huge difference in being able to tack up horses all at once as opposed to having to switch saddles mid-stream. Thank you, Sally! 

Thank you to Dewayne Brown for the generous donation of his time for taking Robbie in training for a month. Dewayne has done a wonderful job riding Robbie out on trails and building Robbie's skills and confidence. Thank you, Dewayne!

Help us a make a  difference
~ Horse care donations for our 3 Legacy Horses, Fancy, Robbie, and Dari. 
~ Stall bedding for our "expo horses" at the Connected Riding Horse Expo.
~ Instructor/Rider helmet headsets for the School.
~ Air miles for our teaching team.
~ Saddle Pads  and coolers for SCR horses with school logo.
~ Funds for the curriculum and program development project, School of Connected Riding program 2017.

Thank you to our special donors for their generous gifts and time.
 No gift to this mission is too small.

If you would like to send a tax deductible donation to SCR, please mail a check to: P.O. Box 1627, Poulsbo, WA 98370 or click the donation button below:
"Not all of us can do great things.  
But, we can do small things with great love."  ~ Mother Teresa 
Request for Silent Auction Items
Dear Friends,
I am writing to you on behalf of the School of Connected Riding. Our September Event is to raise money to help launch the new school and support the entire process of making this dream become a reality. We are hoping to find a suitable items for our silent auction. Sometimes the best thing to do is to simply ask and see if someone might like to step up and donate. 
If you are able to help please contact me at the school address or email - for the raffle items. 
and - for auction items. 
Thank you in advance and best wishes from everyone at the School of Connected Riding!
Yours sincerely,
Judy Good
Fundraising Secretary for School of Connected Riding
SCR Legacy Horses Update
The Legacy Horses were gifted to us last September, and with that a responsibility to be stewards for their care and well-being.  It has been a year now, since we accepted the responsibility for the future of these horses who were sent to us from a person who was at the end of life.  
Robbie has had a month of working with trainer, Dewayne Brown, spending time out on the trails and has become an all around guy. He is bright, sensitive, and a very sweet horse.  Dari is next on the list to spend some "trail time" with Dewayne as Robbie is going to one of our capable CR practitioners for more hands-on work under Peggy's supervision. 
add video clip on the trail
One horse, Isabella (Izzie), has found her forever home with a gifted bodyworker and healer, and is being rehabilitated and living on a wonderful farm in Oregon. 
Another mare, Lily, was not as fortunate.  In June, Lily was released from her suffering because her body so damaged that it could not be repaired and saved.  Lily was the favorite of her owner who had bequeathed her to SCR. The intention was to have Lily serve a teachers and ambassador for Connected Riding.
Lily's story is the story of many-the horses who we see in clinics and lessons around the world every day that are judged as bad actors, disobedient, and horses who "need training". These are horses that have been ridden mechanically with gadgets that create false frames in order to conform to expectations they are unable to meet. They exhibit behaviors and physical symptoms that come from force, which inhibit their natural movement. This was the case with Lily; she had been compressed to the point of breaking. 
Lily's story and the condition of these "gift horses" has fueled our passion and commitment to the mission of our school; improving how horses are ridden and riding is taught. We, as stewards of horses, understand that horses react out of pain and discomfort. We believe it is our responsibility to do our best to be sensitive and aware of the horse's perspective as we ask our horses to work and perform.
Fancy continues enjoying her life with us, getting more body support and time with Peggy. Dari is packing up to visit "Uncle Dewayne for trail time and male bonding.  All of these horses are still a part of the program as they show us more about who they are, what they need, and how they wish to serve.
If you are interested in either sponsoring (full or partial) a school horse please contact us at and we will respond directly to your inquiry.  We appreciate your support and understanding as we navigate this passage of stewardship for these wonderful animals. You may go to the SCR website to see their photos! Fancy, Lily, Robbie, and Dari. 
Horse Of The Month
"Savannah" ~ 10 year old Dutch Warmblood mare.  Savannah and her owner, Sally Patton, are a enjoying the changes they've made in their Connection through CR. Peggy, Sally, and Savannah have been working together for the past two years, and both Savannah and Sally have truly enjoyed adding Connection to their partnership.  Savannah will be a part of our event in September, participating with our riding team.  We are so grateful to horses and riders like Sally who support our mission as they are taking in what Connected Riding has to offer them both! Thank you, Sally and Savannah! 

Thank you FORCO!
Thank you to the folks at Forco!  They are caring for the digestive health of  the horses in our school. FORCO Feed Supplement Digestive Fortifier and  is one of the few pure and all-natural products on the market. The FORCO formula contains only pure fermentation products designed to promote normal microorganism and bacteria population in the digestive tract of the horse.   Thank you, David and Lynette Frank!

Educational Moment
  Defining words is critical to the understanding of the work. ALLOW - "Allowing time for the horse to respond to request from rider; to find its balance in the execution of the movement being asked. Also softening of muscles in riders' body to "allow" movement." 
~Peggy Cummings~

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