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A message from our Founder:
There are some new stirrings happening at Harmony Retreat and Animal Rescue. Keep on the lookout for a more exciting and engaging year!

We are incorporating articles in our newsletters to give you more information on animals, pet care, etc. If you would like to see something specific, please let us know at [email protected]

Our Giving Tuesday Facebook Campaign in December hit a new high, raising a little over $1700. A big thank you to all of our supporters!
We donated a good portion to Hart 2 Heart Animal Rescue to help with their continuing effort to provide good veterinary care. We have donated over $2500 to Hart 2 Heart within the past year. They are constantly looking for fosters and good families to adopt the animals. If you are interested in fostering, please email [email protected]

We recently received a $500 grant from The Blackbaud Giving Fund. Thank you to the anonymous giver! We will be working on more grants and fundraisers this year with some of it geared towards our building campaign and other money going towards financing animal needs: food, Veterinarian care, etc.

As we grow and make our way towards building our sanctuary, we will be expanding our support to other local animal focused non-profits - existing animal sanctuaries and rescues. In this way, we can continue to reach our ultimate goal of building our own sanctuary while actively caring for animals in need. If you have a favorite local rescue or sanctuary in need, email us at [email protected].

Many of us give to multiple charities that we are passionate about and love to support. If you have not yet aligned your giving to a charity we encourage you to consider Harmony Retreat and Animal Rescue. Our vision is big and if you would like to read more about it, check out our website. We would also be happy to discuss our plans with you or anyone you believe would be interested in learning about Harmony! We are passionate about the care of animals and the relationship people have with their beloved animals!

All donations are greatly appreciated and there are many ways to donate. You can donate here on our website . Any questions can be emailed to us at [email protected].

We have moved our web-site hosting to a new site and it is so much faster! We are still adding features to our site, like the new blog postings. Please visit our website and check it out! A special thank you goes out to our board member Eric Dyke, of Willow Computer Services, Inc. in his efforts to move our site and support us in the IT world. Please check out our first blog below!

With gratitude and appreciation for your support,
Judy Dyke
Don’t Bully That Breed!
Hi there! My name is Elizabeth, and I love my pit bull!
That’s right - I said it. I love my pit bull. I am proud to say that I have been the owner, and mom,
of my oversized puppy, Rarrie, for the last four years. We met her when she was just four months old, when she arrived in Pennsylvania from a shelter in South Carolina.
When we arrived at the adoption event, we were there to meet a lab...

Dog Training Tips: Dog Walking
Have you ever gone for a walk with a dog that pulls your arm? Or goes after other dogs or other people? Or stops all the time to sniff? Wouldn’t it be nice to walk with a well-behaved dog?

How do we get the dog (or puppy) to behave? There are many factors to consider in walking your dog. A dog should walk by your side, at the least a few steps behind you. Retractable leashes should not be used for walking and a leash should be 4-6 feet in length. Walking your dog in "loose leash" style is most rewarding.
When leaving the house you should always go out the door first. Make the dog wait for you! If your dog is pulling - stop and have them sit and chill. Take a breath. This will be setting the tone for the walk and showing the dog how you expect them to behave.

The size of the dog does not matter; as most any dog can learn to walk on a leash well. Why not let the dog walk in front? This can lead to aggressive or fearful behavior. The puppy or dog sees that you are not protecting them, therefore they must protect you and themselves. This can lead to barking, pulling and aggression toward anything that approaches.

All training should be consistent and positively reinforced, with treats, pettings, and kindness.

Start your puppy or dog off right and train them to walk on a leash correctly. If you need more information on dog walking or training email us at [email protected].
Composed by Judy Dyke
Below is a collage of some of our past sponsors. Again, we would like to recognize and thank them for supporting us in the last few years. If you support our mission/vision and would like to advertise your business to our supporters, for only $80 we will place a business card sized ad in four newsletters. If you are interested, please email [email protected].
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