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Paramedic Program Directors--You Achieved a Major Milestone!
We are pleased to announce that in December 2017, the last program director earned a Bachelors degree, officially achieving the milestone that every Paramedic program in the United States has a program director with an earned Bachelors degree or higher.*

One of the requirements for accreditation of Paramedic educational programs is that the program director must possess a Bachelors degree. Because some programs found it difficult to meet this requirement by the 2013 date, the CoAEMSP Board of Directors approved a Bachelors Degree Plan for Program Directors.

The plan provided an extended period of time for the program director of a program seeking Initial Accreditation to obtain his/her Bachelors degree. To be eligible for this plan, the program had to submit its Initial Accreditation Self Study Report (ISSR) and fees to the CoAEMSP for evaluation prior to January 1, 2011. Doing so allowed the program director to demonstrate that qualification by current enrollment and continual satisfactory academic progress (defined as a minimum of 15 semester hours per year) toward a Bachelors degree until successfully completed.

Seven years later it is a reality! Job well done to all of the sponsors of Paramedic programs.

Program Directors’ degrees:

   54%   Bachelors degree
   41%   Masters degree
   5%   Doctorate degree

* There are 13 programs with a Temporary Program Director, whom have not earned a minimum of a Bachelors degree. Temporary Program Director is a temporary replacement of the program director and only applicable to CAAHEP Accredited Programs for a maximum of twelve (12) months.

There are 2 programs with a Program Director whom have not earned a minimum of a Bachelors degree because they were grandfathered into the position when the new qualification went into effect in 2006 and as long as they continue to serve in that role with that sponsor, the individual is exempt.
Limited Access to Staff January 31-February 2; Office Closed February 19
Staff will be attending the CoAEMSP board meeting January 31-February 2, therefore may not be readily accessible during that time, but will respond to requests as quickly as possible. In addition, the office will be closed on Monday, February 19 in observance of Presidents Day. Have a safe holiday!
It's our 40th Anniversary! Send Us Your Photos & Messages!
The Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services (CoAEMSP) is pleased to be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018.

We invite you to send a message that can be shared with the EMS community on our website, in our monthly newsletters, or in other possible methods of communications.

In addition, if you have photos from the past 40 years that relate to the history of the CoAEMSP and accreditation, we encourage you to send them to Jennifer Anderson Warwick at .

We are both excited and humbled to celebrate this important milestone and part of EMS history; we look forward to hearing from you!
By the Numbers
Jo Ellen Caldwell, DPT, NRP, Program Director at Phoenix Fire Department, Phoenix, Ariz., earned the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree conferred in November 2016, from AT Still University.

Kristina Long, MPA, NRP, Program Director at Mohave Community College, Kingman, Ariz., earned the Master of Public Affairs conferred in October 2017, by Park University.

Lisa McGuire, MA, NRP, Program Director at Metropolitan Community College, Kansas City MO, earned the Master of Arts degree conferred on January 5, 2018, by Georgia State University.

Steven Moyers, EdD, NRP, Dean of Education with Grady Health System, Atlanta, Georgia, earned the Doctor of Education degree conferred in December 2017, by the University of Georgia.
New 40th Anniversary Section Added to Website

Check out the new section on our website dedicated to our 40th anniversary. We just added a history of the CoAEMSP, and throughout the year, we will be adding stories, photos, congratulatory messages, and more in this section. We encourage you to share your stories and memories of the years leading up to the CoAEMSP’s official inception, its early years, and those who helped shape the CoAEMSP. Send your recollections, photos, and messages to .

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