Staff Contact: Lynn Caruthers,

We don't like being the bad guys! But it's vital to have accurate and up-to-date personnel information in our database. Everything you need to know about making Personnel Changes (and avoiding those annoying processing fees) can be found on our website here.

Here are some important highlights regarding Key Personnel Changes and Current Key Personnel Updates:

  • The CoAEMSP Personnel Change Form is item #1 in the list of required documentation for a ‘change or addition’ in key personnel. This form MUST contain the office contact information for the new individual. DO NOT use home contact information.

  • Do not combine all information into one file when you are submitting the required documentation for multiple key personnel changes. Each position must be processed independently; therefore, you may combine the required documentation for one position into a single file (i.e. Adding a Lead Instructor – combine all required documents for one person into one file).

  • If a Program Director changes and that person is also the Dean and/or Billing Contact, the program must submit a personnel change form for EACH position the person will hold.

  • CoAEMSP does not accept hand written forms.

  • Contact Changes for Current Personnel Must Be Made with a "Change in Office Contact Information" Form! If your current key personnel of record has a change in contact information (address, email, phone, credential, title), or a change in last name (i.e. marriage or divorce), you must complete a "Change in Office Contact Information" form. This form is the second item listed on the Personnel Changes webpage.

  • Remember! Based on current policy, CoAEMSP must be notified within 30 calendar days of a change in personnel for the following key positions: CEO, Dean, Program Director, Medical Director, Associate or Assistant Medical Director (if applicable), Lead Instructor, or Billing Contact. Failure to notify CoAEMSP within 30 calendar days will result in a $100 fee.

NOTE: The "Personnel Change" form and the "Change in Office Contact Information" form CANNOT can be filled out and submitted from the website. Each form must be SAVED TO YOUR COMPUTER as a blank form, then opened, completed, and saved. The saved form can then be emailed.